10.3.2019 The Beginning of the QAnon Justice Phase

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  1. Also, anyone saying but..but.. he was in the military. Even the other soldiers where wondering how he got in. He was also given a special job in the military. WITH DADDYS HELP.
    HUNTER BIDEN IS A COKE HEAD Discharged from the military for getting caught high or with coke.
    So that would be a dishonorable discharge right, how was hunter biden realised from the military?. He would never be allowed to have a military or government job.

  2. Great job sir! Thank you brother, I Love your style.
    Why is no one talking about Schiff's eye's…jonesing adrenachrome much? This stuff is crazy how overt they are, they think we're more brainwashed than we are!

  3. Rudi was singing his own tune so very much and talking way too much. Remember that Rudi was involved in 9/11. He knew it was an inside job. have we forgotten already?

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