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Juan O’Savin “We’re in great shape, we’re well protected” & Ann Vandersteel


Rumble —

Some notes:
• To get where we want to go to, there are certain check points you need to go through, from a legal perspective.
• Those check points include, if you can’t get to justice in the Justice Department, and you can’t get to a straight answer/an honest answer in the political arena, in certain political forums, both State and National, what’s left?
• And what is the procedure you would have to go to, if an attack, if you will, is not imminent in seconds? There has to be a sign up/a coordination, there has to be a discussion that happens at other levels, at signing off. And so that process is not instantaneous. And I would also add that certain facilities have remained locked down since last spring.
• We’re in great shape. We’re well protected. We’ve got 5 x Carrier Task Forces, 3 on the west coast and 2 on the east coast, which is 100 ships each, so we’ve literally got our Navy on both coasts. We’ve got troops coming up from South America, bringing all the guard troops back to Texas to take care of problems down there. There’s physical threats that may be greater in some areas re who gets to hold the football, etc.
• Donald J Trump will be President by April Fools Day.
• There may be a dual Presidency. This process is far from over.
• This is Casino Royale. I always said, it would look like a near death experience.
• Trust the process. Trump put his whole family on the line.
• This is not the moment to go off half-cock.
• This is not just about the USA – well if it’s not removal, it’s at least about exposing the deep state trash around the world. Even now, look at all the de-platforming, which is why I put out the 107 Daily platform, for the Twitter/Gab/Facebook stuff and then YouTube stuff inside that. I sat on this for a year. The only reason I pulled it out was because the attack has been so intense.
• You’ve got to have a place to communicate. The 1st Amendment is the most important because if you don’t have a place to communicate and talk and work things through together to find out what is right, you don’t have the basis for conversation to know you have a problem with your 2nd Amendment. The 1st Amendment is about having an honest conversation between citizens. So ours is a free speech platform. That doesn’t mean you can go in there and be an ass and drive people out of conversations, etc. There are moderators. But we have platforms where people can have open honest conversations.
• This is not about creating another monarchy or the new Camelot, this is about getting back to the classic American mindset which is the government works for the people and not the other way around.

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