[3.22] Q Brief: Epstein & Chandler / "QAnon" on Fox&Friends / Media Q Attacks (Mainstream & "Alt")


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Website used to read Q’s drops –
“QAnon” Tweet on Fox & Friends –
Politico’s Q piece –
My “Calm Before The Storm” video –
OANN’s first piece on Q –

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  1. What people dont realize, or continue to forgot, this is a MILITARY intelligence operation, which is absolutely, mentally foreign to civilians. This is why there is so much confusion.

  2. Jordan, the video synch with audio started out in synch then towards the middle and end it's off bad again. Sending you positives vibes for help with the bad stuff you have been having happening bud.

  3. I used to follow Anti-School. He was so excited about Q until he got his ass beaten up by someone. Then he did a 180. I wish I had saved the video he did where his face was visibly beaten, and he was talking so slow, and the vid was just "off" from his usual energetic manner. But he was visibly beaten and another lady even commented about her concern of the fact that he was obviously bruised in the face. That's when he started bashing Q.

  4. If we don't see arrests and they cover it up we as Americans should show up in Washington and demand for their arrests as this cannot go unannounced. Transparency is the only way for people to heal

  5. Q said to support Dershowitz who was one of Epstein's lawyers, this Q Anon thing is absolute bullshit and you're a piece of shit for promoting it.

  6. Crazy stuff going on indeed. Prayers for you and your family. Sad to hear that you lost a family member. — Just a quick heads-up. The audio and video became unsynced at mark 10:00.

  7. I had my car die with no apparent reason when I had a "visitor" and when I posted something that compromised their position… This is cuz they have EMP weapons… The proof is that I had serviced the car a month before the sudden death of the battery…

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