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4.15.23: An INFORMED public holds all the keys. Information WARFARE! WWIII! PRAY!

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4.15.23: An INFORMED public holds all the keys. Information WARFARE! WWIII! PRAY!

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Todd Callendar explains how the entire government is a FRAUD and more https://clouthub.com/v/6b6b9c4c-61dc-43a4-8609-2676ba6f532f

This is where we’re at in 2023…. More to come! Anyone listening? https://t.me/gracevb/10945

Agenda47: Liberating America from Biden’s Regulatory Onslaught https://t.me/Tironianae/171736

Trump intro in NRA https://t.me/Tironianae/171724

NEW – FDA Commissioner Robert Califf Says ‘Misinformation’ Is To Blame for Lowering U.S. Life Expectancy https://t.me/chiefnerd/7328

Around the year 2000 this started – this is not a gun problem this is a mental health problem this is a social problem this is a cultural problem this is a spiritual problem https://t.me/realKarliBonne/165358

Long Convid doesn’t exist just like Convid doesn’t. “The experts” even admit it now. You won’t believe what they’re saying it really is. https://t.me/agentsoftruth/22943


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