[7.11] Seth Rich Conference / HIV Vaccine / Monsanto Lawsuit / QAnon

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Today’s Links:
Liz Crokin Twitter –
AIDS & MYCOPLASMA: The crime beyond belief –
Monsanto ‘bullied scientists’ and hid weedkiller cancer risk, lawyer tells court –
REX Q Twitter Thread –
Activists Sully Second Anniversary of Seth Rich Murder with Batsh*t Crazy Press Conference –
Woman found dead in trash compactor of swanky NYC apartment building –
Nun who worked in home run by Mother Teresa’s order charged with baby trafficking –
ISIS ‘capital’ captured in Afghanistan, over 160 fighters killed by US, Afghan troops –
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  1. Lois H. 3 years ago

    Love the shorter videos!

  2. Ruby Burton 3 years ago

    That meme is truer than you may know.

  3. João Miguel 3 years ago

    Yeah I prefer shorter videos than longer. Thank you Jordan, to destroy my illusion! Mandela, Mother's Theresa are false Idols created by the Elite.

  4. Michael Menezes 3 years ago

    Yo man don’t know if you’ve heard of fully sourced but you gotta check out his channel, you guys gotta connect. He’s got vids on q , Hollywood. Pizzagate you guys would complement each other’s research for sure


  5. Dan Friedman 3 years ago

    That press conference was so ridiculous it discredited the whole conspiracy industry. So obviously it was part of a conspiracy to discredit the whole conspiracy industry.

  6. Rocky Pandelli 3 years ago

    Yeah no false idols including you.

  7. slings and eros 3 years ago

    Nutro is advertising their dog food free of GMOs and we still have GMO crap in our food. Why did Vladimir Putin ban all GMOs? Pretty sad for the U.S. that Russia is becoming the world's supplier of non GMO wheat.

  8. noel busselot 3 years ago

    you can take an excepmle to X22 report , with the average time something about 20 to 25 minuts for one topic , financial or gep- political and some breaking messages!!

  9. What is going on with the comments. All of the videos I have watched today from
    Jordan and others have hundreds and hundreds of comments. Far more then I normally see. It’s very strange.

  10. Suzie Ford 3 years ago

    Meme's, screw them if they can't take a joke! Lol Great video Jordan!!

  11. John Boy 3 years ago

    I wish you went back to the white board, loved it!

  12. denton3102 3 years ago

    dude i guess today's indictments and revelation knocked the wind out of the seth rich conspiracy. time to wake the fuk up

  13. They have totally destroyed Aussie Farmers too, resulting in many suicides every week….for last few years!

  14. John Hollis 3 years ago

    tfw means that feeling when

  15. Barbara Stirling 3 years ago

    In a world where every truth video is a MUST WATCH, I find the only, true must watch videos to be produced here.

    Thanks x1000 for bringing clear, comprehensive content to the most important issues of our time.

  16. John Wayne 3 years ago

    They can not cure the common cold. Why would I trust the con artist to produce any vaccine. I would bet 99.9% of the viruses are engineered by the pharmaceutical companies. Monsanto should just rename themselves to Eugenics Worldwide just another group of criminals.

  17. John Wayne 3 years ago

    The Seth Rich Conference is total BS. Why would Russia want to harm's Seth Rich. It reeks of George Soros propaganda to demonize Russia. The Democrats are desperate to keep the Russia BS alive. They have to have an excuse ready for losing the midterms. The Democrats can't even figure out how they lost a rigged election. Maybe the people are sick of their communist agenda to destroy America.

  18. 15:55 Speaking of that Infowars isn't going anywhere. It's all theater.

  19. tashmoobabe 3 years ago

    Dude. "AIDS" doesn't exist. It's just a bunch of people dying of what they should be dying of, given their malnutrition, tropical diseases, horrible living conditions as the West rips off their resources, lifestyle factors in the West, and so on. Stop.

  20. Samantha H 3 years ago

    Check out “Dr Mary’s Monkey”. Book about bio- warfare, Lee Harvey Oswald, Cuba, vaccines.

  21. Sakura3475 3 years ago

    I like the idea of shorter videos and going a bit in depth on a particular subject.

  22. Spiraltiger Woman 3 years ago

    HAHahaha. Yeah. Watch your fucking language!

  23. Lady Jenavi 3 years ago

    I liked the window background you once had…kinda nice to focus on something nice when you're showing us yucky stuff.

  24. bobbie o 3 years ago

    Just so you know… no matter what format you use to inform us ( not blowing smoke) is always very well done.

  25. PeepTheZenith 3 years ago

    Jordan my dude, 21:21 , listen to your own advice about trump and Q. I realize your ego has a lot invested, as you've developed a brand around Q, but please don't be blinded by Trump and Q's "save us all" rhetoric. The change starts with us, don't look to these icons to save us. Save yourself.

  26. Ingrid Burmeister 3 years ago

    Thanks ✨ I’d rather prefer shorter videos too ✨

  27. Frac Life 3 years ago

    See told u he would disappear again he comes out says the same shit do more videos and then a couple videos and he is gone again very very unreliable on every level it’s time to move on man this isn’t for you u cannot invest the time and we can’t trust to continually get news updates and reports from you ur on vacation every other week! Good reporting just extremely unreliable

  28. Tina Marie 3 years ago

    Just started listening to you. You seem like an intelligent, well researched guy, the cussing really dumbs it down though. That said, I wish you the best in all your endeavors to continue exposing the deceptions and heinous crimes against humanity. I’ll check out some of your other videos. I do appreciate all you are doing!!! Stay safe!

  29. PsychoGecko89 3 years ago

    I don't suggest anyone join the Destroying the Illusion facebook group… the admins ban people for asking questions. They are easily outraged by opinions, and ideas that are not quite their own, nor will they even try to persuade you with information, or common dialogue. I have been a subscriber to DTI since before 5k subs, and i fully support Jordan Sather. Its absolutely ridiculous that they are supposedly open minded, yet they act just like the liberals who are easily upset by someone else opinion. Rant over.

  30. Caroline Thomas 3 years ago

    Do you believe that Q is John Kennedy Jr.?

  31. Viviana Morrison 3 years ago

    Big Pharma has done more to kill people of all ages than the Plague!!
    I’m so happy to hear someone speak out against Vaccines. But AIDS?? My God! I had to stop and ponder if you were being sarcastic!
    When our daughter was in the first year of her life, we avoided Pediatrician visits at all cost. When I couldn’t put it off any longer, she gave her ALL the Vaccines at once. The baby wasn’t sleeping at all. Constantly fussing and seemed somewhat warm to touch. After 2 sleepless nights for us both, I needed to use the bathroom. I asked my husband to hold her until I returned. He was shirtless so I just laid her on his chest. She was lethargic. When I came back to bed the first thing I noticed a swelling through her “soft spot”! I picked her up and saw the perfect red outline on his body!! I ran to get a thermometer! 107*F! She was just moaning softly and nothing else. Called Pediatrician and 911 immediately! The diagnosis? Possible Meningitis!! Didn’t ring true. The ultimate Diagnosis? MERCURY POISONING!! In the 80’s the solution that Vaccines were blended with was Mercury!! I NEVER saw that Pediatrician again for fear of what I might do to her!!

  32. Todd jones 3 years ago

    door and a pair of filing cabinets makes one helluva desk.. just sayin.

  33. David North 3 years ago

    FYI: Jerome Corsi is pronounced Cor-see (Italian) but we like how you say Cors-eye 😉 so keep saying it that way if it pleases you

  34. Auttie B 3 years ago

    Gates foundation = vaccines = population control

  35. SOS DD 3 years ago

    This Witness Luke is trying to throw a sucided party for himself…Seth Rich managed to get sucided from a shot to the back of the head…

  36. Armored Welder 3 years ago

    WWG1WGA! https://youtu.be/szvA3oTWxv0

  37. Susan Mclean 3 years ago

    Jordan, PLEASE, PLEASE listen yourself to the SR news conf. There is important info here. See The Still Report: Why Seth Rich was killed #2313 – This includes both some coverage and commentary on the news conference.
    **The witness was polygraphed 2x before his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee and Devin Nunes.

    **Devin Nunes has this information. It was delivered to his Committee by America First Media Group.

    **There were 3 men who were involved in the Seth Rich murder. An ATF agent, A DEA agent, and a 3rd man who was an ex-agent and friend. Witness gives a detailed account.

    Here is the full testimony: https://youtu.be/YFMcUEKrnFk

    Here is Matt Couch's Response: https://twitter.com/RealMattCouch/status/1016754931200548864

    I found the entire proceeding entirely realistic and plausible. Of course the witness fears for his life. My sources were Katie's Citizens Investigative Report. THIS IS IMPORTANT INFO THAT IS OF COURSE no one wants to print.

    These killers are talented and have done other dirty tricks that make this look "small".
    I Recall nothing about Russian conspiracy. oRRdered by …

  38. Chicksue 3 years ago

    Tesla was a revolutionary so there is no surprise he was shut out. We would all be living with free lighting and heat (just two examples), which we know is bad for money-making businesses.

  39. Gregory Tong 3 years ago

    Do more fake Q

  40. Vicki Takacs 3 years ago

    It is funny.

  41. Vicki Takacs 3 years ago

    Every person in America now has Glyphosates in their urine. Look at the many countries that have banned Monsanto. But Trump has now lifted ban on Monsanto in all wildlife refuges.

  42. They created a hoax

  43. Vickie Fellegy 3 years ago

    I agree..we know they are poisoning people, these companies need to ceast NOW. Not another life!! Too hard to prove good cures and healthy alternatives while these companies along with 5g technology have no safety net to keep us safe. AMERICA FIRST!

  44. Vickie Fellegy 3 years ago

    Yes, Jordan, I specifically remember hearing you speak the truth on the term "Conspiracy"..

  45. hicks727 3 years ago


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