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A Brief But Important Message to Russia by Ann von Reitz

A Brief But Important Message to Russia

By Anna Von Reitz

We, the actual American Government, are now in Session.

We, the actual American Government, are in possession of the 1858 American and
Russian Alliance, which we have never broken.

We are also in possession of the paperwork ceding Alaska to Us, and the receipts for our
gold to pay for the transfer.

Although the deal was made by our British Federal Subcontractors “for” us, using our
gold, and done in our names, it was and is a valid contract.

The investments and growth in population in Alaska would never have been undertaken

As our American Government is now in Session you must deal directly with us
regarding any issues affecting our land and soil.

You can also bring any economic issues that you have with our Subcontractors to us for
resolution as the actual Parties of Interest.

We do not sanction Russia for taking action in Ukraine, for example.

We are aware of the misdeeds of NATO.

As you know all nuclear arsenals including ours and your own have been rendered
ineffective, so we fail to see what is gained by making threats.

All the false claims about “We own Alaska!” are inappropriate, and so are the threats.

Our countries have been at peace since 1858 and Russia has often acted as our Ally and
Friend. We expect to keep that peace and friendship intact.

We are not threatening Russia. A self-interested commercial corporation based out of
Washington, DC, is threatening Russia.

Being that it is what it is, and that it has no delegated authority related to land and soil
issues, and no ability to actually declare war, we suggest that you immediately
designate a team of negotiators to speak directly about these matters, and we all act as
rational people to promote the peace and create prosperity for everyone concerned.

We are ultimately responsible for the debts of these corporations and have authority to
direct their activities and enforce their limitations with respect to our delegated powers.

So if you have a problem with them, which you obviously do, you should be talking to

From: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
The United States of America — our unincorporated Federation of States.

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