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A Brief Message to Prinz Friedrich von Hohenzollern and the German People By Anna Von Reitz

A Brief Message to Prinz Friedrich von Hohenzollern and the
German People
By Anna Von Reitz

We have discovered a very large gold deposit belonging to the Kingdoms of
Prussia and Russia.

It was secretly seized upon and managed as “Abandoned Assets” after the
massacre of the last Tsar and his family. Tsar Nicholas was holding the Prussian
gold in trust for Kaiser Wilhelm II during the First World War. This gold and the
slavering after it is most likely the reason not only for the Tsar’s murder, but the
entire Russian Revolution.

We have sent information out to the German people and to Prinz Friedrich telling
them what is necessary to reclaim their gold. Thus far all we’ve gotten back are
some ravings from someone who sends dozens of videos on various topics, but
doesn’t explain anything in plain spoken words, German or English.

We aren’t here to play guessing games. We are hoping to get this gold deployed
to help the people of Germany and Poland and other nations that once formed the
Kingdom of Prussia. Pure and simple — it is their gold and we want to see it
returned for their benefit.

Anyone having good contacts in the former Prussian kingdom is urged to spread
the word and start working on the necessary declarations of political status and
organizational activities to set up an unincorporated structure competent to
manage the funding and work with the Blue Dot bank system.

If nobody gets on the land and gets organized to receive the funding, I will claim it
as a viable heir of Freiherr zum und vom Stein and set it aside in a special
Fiduciary Account held in The Global Family Bank
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