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A Quick Thank You from TrustTheQ, Laura Mae, and URGrafix

A Quick Thank You from TrustTheQ, Laura Mae, and URGrafix

We (Jess, Joe, and Me, Laura Mae) would like to Thank all Patriots for your kind Donations, Purchases, and all those just visiting and exploring the information I feel the need to share with YOU and the Truther Community here on TrustTheQ!

I have a difficult time asking for Donations, so when I receive a Donation via that obscure Donation Button at the bottom of my Home Page, we are so very grateful and humbled.

My Daughter, Webmaster and Excellent Graphics Designer, just updated their Website, so I would like to inform those of you Humanity Loving Patriots, who may have upcoming Graphics needs of any shape and size, to please give an opportunity to be of service.

Most of their current clients are from the CBD (Medical) Cannabis Community, but Jessica and Joe are very quick and efficient and are expanding their clientele to provide services to all Communities!

So please consider giving URGrafix an opportunity to be of service for your Organization’s Custom Graphics needs!

THANK YOU, from the bottom, middle, and top of my Heart for your Patronage! It is very much appreciated! WWG1WGA! – Laura Mae

And, To Deep State Supporters and Businesses, PLEASE Disregard this Notice! Thank You!

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