ABOUT US – TrustTheQ


This Website was first created by URGRAFIX (at my request, I’m FAM, lol) in 2018, shortly after Q started posting on 8chan. It received no TLC at that time and was only Auto-fed from sites on the Web that were discussing all things “Q”. My daughter had also created a TrustTheQ Facebook Page where I would share the daily Q Posts, UNTIL FB decided that was no longer allowed and they shut down my page and started CENSORING, SHADOW BANNING, AND SUSPENDING MY ACCOUNT for weeks at a time for sharing anything that went against the Establishment allowed Group Think Narrative on my Personal FB Page. It got really bad around September/October 2020, just before the 2020 November 3 Election, where President Trump was to achieve a LANDSLIDE VICTORY, which he did. 

We all knew he would WIN, and so did they! 

So now I enjoy digging and diving and strictly sharing my daily news Treasures on my TrustTheQ Page with you like-minded Patriots! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts! Jess and Joe (URGRAFIX) told me that if I put my time and energy and some LOVE and focussed attention on this website, more would follow. Boy, were they right!