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We NEED 100,000 people to send an email to the military this July 4th weekend!!!

Coming up on Part 2:
So how did we get into this situation in the first place? First let’s start with the basics.

Status Standing and Character
• Status
• Standing
• Character

Law Forms & Jurisdiction
o 10 Commandments
o Constitutional Law
o Common Law
o Judicial Tribunals
o Nature’s Law
o Trust Law
o Equity Law
o Commerce Law
o Maritime
o Admiralty
o Corporate Law
o Political Law
o Statutory Laws
o Bylaws
o Administrative Tribunals

Trust Law – Three Parties
o Executor
o Trustees
o Beneficiaries
• Trust Indenture
• A Trust CANNOT Fail for lack of a Trustee

The Original State Republics were set up as Trusts
• They were each their own sovereign country with their own Trust and their own Constitution (Slide with one triangle)
• They wanted to protect against government overreach and domestic enemies
• They knew they needed to join the union (United States for America) in order to have protection against foreign invasion.
• Formed between 1786 – 1871

In 1871
• The offices of all 35 Republics were vacated and they came back as a CORPORATION
• Slide with 2 Triangles, courts, police, jails, trust indentures, electors vs. voters, second class citizens, congress
• EVERYTHING THE CORPORATION DID they did since they vacated these offices is NULL AND VOID. It’s all predicated on fraud – including our taxes, state statues, bills, executive orders, treaties, new constitutions, our citizenship, birth certificates, STRAWMAN CORPORATIONS and our bonds

But wait, there’s a silver lining…
Abraham Lincoln was a Genius
• He was a bankruptcy attorney and he was brought in to handle the bankruptcy of 1861.
• He signed the Leiber Code which put us into a state of war and gave the government emergency war powers. (Slide showing before/after chain of command)
• Timeline Slide
o 1861 – UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Bankruptcy
o 1863 – He knew the 35 states were about to be abandoned so in 1863 he wrapped them ALL in a Trust called “Our Public Trust” Then he assigned the MILITARY to be the protectors of that trust.
o 1871 – State Offices were vacated – we were abandoned, there hasn’t been a legitimate Congress ever since.
o 1931 – they filed ANOTHER bankruptcy and made the citizens the sureties to their corporate debt without our informed consent
o In 1933 they created the birth certificate corporations and Franklin D Roosevelt declared our STRAWMAN corporations as property of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation.

The Military is the ONLY way
• When Trump took office, he became the president to the corporation and he dissolved the UNITED STATES INC and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation …. Then he swore in as the 19th President of the Republic (He became the Trustee of original Trust) – and as such he has a duty to protect against foreign invasion but he DOES NOT have jurisdiction over the State Trusts. ONLY WE DO. ONLY WE CAN RESTORE OUR ORIGI

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