ANGEL EYES Pt8 – Qanon Trump JfK Jr

End game strategy – King Rook Castle. Genius. Pray Patriots! Peace!

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  1. Sr. 3 years ago

    Wow!! Amazing facts!!

  2. Marie Schmidt 3 years ago

    So many good videos ruined because of loud background music clearly to loud…

  3. Southern Mom 3 years ago

    I love that guy.. very informative..thx can't wait for the next one

  4. I know someone that Leon panetta tortured

  5. Father in Jesus Name send your Holy angels and magistrates to protect this channel so they can expose satan ans the children of disobedience to the world, give your lives to Jesus the TRUE Messiah before its too late

  6. Maggi Rae 3 years ago

    May you be safe in your travels and all brought to light-if that be the Plan we trust.

  7. Filippa Sepich 3 years ago

    I speak, read and write Italian as well as French and I can tell you for sure that GESU in Italian means JESUS and the "J" in Italian is "G" and not for freemasonry. I know this church and I can tell you with certainty that it is not a freemason church. SORRY ! But, you better be careful what you are FED? This man is for sure very smart and knowledgeable – BUT, HE DOES NOT KNOW EVERYTHING. F. J

  8. Filippa Sepich 3 years ago

    Also, the loud music in the background does not apply for this type of topics-SORRY! once again, but I am also an expert on many subjects of this kind and I can tell you that while this man is so smart and knows much – He does not know it all and he is mis-informing many unfortunately. SORRY GUYS ! F. J

  9. MJs Smile 3 years ago

    Anu is the "flat earther" goddess

  10. Jeannie Kinney 3 years ago

    These video series you put out are very interesting and educational. Thank you!

  11. Jackie Benge lee 3 years ago

    Thank u

  12. Jackie Benge lee 3 years ago

    This show so much that was i thinking the side of me that baf has die

  13. Jackie Benge lee 3 years ago

    There is two side of me

  14. light warrior 3 years ago

    '' symbolism will be their downfall '' Q the great awakening

  15. Patriot 1943 3 years ago

    Let us pray for God to bless us with His knowledge that we all need to truly understand His Will. Peace

  16. Sr. 3 years ago

    Patriot 1943 I really enjoy watching all the content you put out!!.. It is what I have been searching for in a channel!!.. If Trump is the one to bring down the deep state and all the rogue government officials that committed treason, human traffickers, pedophiles etc… Then he would have to be God sent..!! I'm just on the fence when it comes to him still.. I want to stand in Faith with you and everyone else who believes, but I have followed him off and on for years. There was a lot of things that didn't say he was or is a true believer. I know it's not my place to judge anyone's relationship with God!! The sword says a man with knowledge and wisdom that doesn't use it is a fool.. so my question is how do we actually know that he's going to do all this greatness to the wicked/evil ? Where's the actual proof? Not the hearsay, oppionions of what people think the Q post mean, who Q is, and all the other stuff people are saying??? Not trying to be a troll or a Debbie Downer!!.. just searching for facts/proof. Thanks for understanding where I'm coming from and may the Good Lord bless you and your family!!!!

  17. Thank you!

  18. Ernesto Duenas 3 years ago

    Real smart. So who would this man be to know so much about freemasonry. And the music is in place to make him look honest and speaking truth. But it doesnt mean anything what he is exposing. The truth is in the bible. A person doesnt find the light of truth in images or statues. It comes through a person and their intentions. Everything spoken against those who live by thr pricibles of God are the lost and miss lead. People are revealed by their actions

  19. Angie Patterson 3 years ago

    Truly, TRULY, ONLY our Lord Jesus is in whom ALONE can we TRUST

  20. debra knight 3 years ago

    NOTICE… ALBERT PIKE said that the multitude will be disillusioned with CHRISTIANITY… not with Islam..not with..not with Buddhism… just Christianity…AND WHAT IS… THE PURE DOCTRINE OF LUCIFER…?? that we will forsake the Christ and embrace the Anti Christ

  21. debra knight 3 years ago


  22. The Catholic Church has rotten fruit! Child sex abuse! Homosexuality! Worship of Mary! Abuse of Nuns! They preach taking a vow of poverty and secretly have many riches! They make the Pope God! Call him Holy Father and he is NOT!

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