Predictions: End Times

History repeats itself mainly because most people are ignorant about history. Get educated – the reality you knew could turn out to be false. 

By Yulian UTS /  June 2021 / CIG News

We live in the age of transition towards the Cosmic Ideal in accordance with God’s original plan. We are experiencing the purifying wind of the Energy of Ascension. All that is left off from the old Satanic world is to be cleansed, both inside of us and in society. This is the age of Cosmic Resurrection.

So, how that works? All the wrong energies that we have stored in our life will have to manifest in order to be healed. It is through manifestation that we discover that such energy is still connected to us. We can only remove it when it shows.

If you had anger or anxieties, now they will manifest as never before. If you are afraid, now it comes as a panic attack. If you have old energy stored within you, now it will present itself. They come to say that there is still something to be cleaned up.

These changes may cause us to exit from our comfort zone so that we can enter the new flow of energies in accordance with this age of CIG. Nothing will ever be the same. Learning the truth about the Moon will be the smallest shock (video). So much is to be revealed. Everything follows the providential direction of cleansing this world, and towards the fulfillment of God’s will.

Politics and Society will also Change: No Way Back

This is part of how the deep state is revealed. They are pushed into the light and forced to reveal their true nature. Uncomfortable, but this is a battle between good and evil. A shift of consciousness. 
“Something really big is happening now. The senior members of the Cabal are falling. Gates is now out of the system. Now it’s Fauci’s turn… followed by Boris Johnson,” sources say. VIDEO: Are you ready? The show is about to begin!
Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell claims Donald Trump can “simply be reinstated” to fill out President Joe Biden’s term. (1)
Wake up: Trump is still the president. Military is in control, not the fake Biden (just an actor). This is sting operation to catch all corruption in the political and legal system. Think Military Tribunals (2). No escape. The legal battle is simply to show and expose. Don’t expect Cabal governed legal system to solve the problems. Trust God! All will be exposed, including the Cabal’s depopulation scheme!

Vaccines make you more susceptible to disease & death 

Trump rushed the vaccine to be accepted quickly so that it can be an experimental vaccine and thus we will have the choice to not accept it. When you learn how dangerous it is, you’ll understand why that’s important.

A team of more than 1,000 lawyers and more than 10,000 medical experts have launched legal proceedings against the CDC, the WHO and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity. They have full military and agency support. [3]

The most prestigious medical journal published a study showing that COVID-19- The “vaccine” is only 0.84% effective… ie. at less than one percent! Yet we all know about the proven and very real RISKS of stroke, blood clots, heart attacks, and death from this vaccine. “Only the stupidest people would accept it,” an article wrote.

A terrifying study reveals that nanoparticles with the mRNA vaccine spread throughout the body: the brain, heart, liver, ovaries, testicles and more! [4]

These are real bio-weapons. They are targeting the God gene in your DNA and your frontal lobe of your brain, to manipulate your behavior. A mother testified, how her teenage son, who was a Christian, “after the shot, he could no longer feel God. He felt un absence of God and she never saw him like that, in depressions…”
The Slavery System of the Cabal is at its End
No more conspiracy theory! Time to bring the whole corrupt system down! 

“All civilian governments in the world are suspected of involvement in genocide,” according to MI6, the CIA and other intelligence agencies”

“The world’s military and intelligence agencies have come to the conclusion that Western civilian governments have been kidnapped by a satanic cult and must be abolished, according to Fulford’s report.

ALL Governments in the WORLD are being removed by MILITARY. Оn Friday, it was revealed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been removed. Even Rothschild’s propaganda agencies such as the AP reported his removal. [5]

US Department of Justice 15 page document was published that Rothschild was executed on 1 June 2015. [6]  “UK & French Khazarian Rothschild’s “DID” control UK Royals, ISRAEL, CIA etc.”

Many governments are now being replaced with doubles or actors, as is the case with Biden. They show us many clues about that. A video came out of Kamala Harris Boarding Non-Existent Airplane. It becomes more and more obvious that Biden’s entire political regime is phony, the article says.

But this is all part of a big cleaning operation that started in 2012, when just after “Las Vegas” failed Assassination Attempt on King Salman & POTUS in 2017.  (35 Saudi Prince’s including [DOPEY Bin Talal]  + 2/300 officials were arrested. + Plus Bombing of 13 Families in Venice. And executing Rothschilds and Soros. So, have in mind how big this operation is.

These purges will pave the way for the complete reconstruction of institutions, including the UN and the BIS, sources said. “Once Governments are removed. Will be elected people governments that are 10% the size of what they are currently. China is also going to a Republican Government.” North Korea too.
It’s Not About the Presidency

Sidney Powell told a crowd, ”Trump will be reinstated and a new Inauguration Day will be set!” Trump would serve the remaining 3 years of this term… if Trump is not reinstated by the end of 2021, our country might never recover. Video

Note: WHAT WILL HAPPEN is another matter. KEEP IN MIND this is a Sting operation. Not the presidency, but catching the bad guys is the most important. People will be shocked to find out that after this cleaning operation is over more than 2.5 million will be gone from the face of the earth.  (7)

You’ll never understand what we are fighting and why this inhumane evil exists until you understand Satanism and its many agendas. Every lie will be revealed. How is the ideology of Eugenics interwoven with abortions, organ and human trafficking, cannibalism, Transgender, and these inhuman experiments?


Breaking: 150+ MISSING CHILDREN found in NORTH CAROLINA Operation. MSM Silent!


These same Cabal Bankgsters, who are behind all that, have planned and sponsored Nazism, Communism, Humanism, and the destruction of the family and morality. Read their Khazarian history of practicing satanism.


This Khazarian mafia is planning for a long term, which makes things very difficult for normal people to understand.

For example, 100 years ago Rudolf Steiner wrote the following: “In the future, we will remove the soul with drugs. There will be a vaccine under the pretext of a “health perspective.”” This Cabal is planning hundreds of years ahead. You can see a video of Bill Gates talking of his vaccines being able to attack the human gene connected with spirituality. Video





“For the past 15 months military special operation forces… have been executing arrests of prominent active and retired politicians.”





“Since 2016… 740 investigators have failed over 500 thousand indictments… (on) treason, human and child trafficking, murder…” (7)

Let me shortly uncover to you some providential laws. We should all realize by now that history is a struggle between good and evil. A war between God and Satan. Since Satan took control over humanity after the sexual fall with Lucifer of the first human ancestors, it was the satanic side that always led the providence. Meaning, before God could realize a feudalistic society, Satan ruled the world through Feudalism. When Monarchy came, Monarchic sovereignties on Satan’s side were the first to expand their empires over the face of the earth. But when God came about to erect a monarchy on his side, Satan abolished the Monarchy himself, moving to atheism, materialism, and the free sex culture of today’s democracy.


“Their network of blackmail and compromise explains why a process of truth and reconciliation is needed for people who have been inadvertently involved in this cult.”


Mel K explains the ruling bloodlines and their schemes. The French ruling bloodline financed the French revolution and transited to a more global means of control. As the major of all 12 ruling bloodlines, they took over railroads in the US. They succeeded to take over the Federal Reserve and gradually absorbed all other banks under themselves. They sponsored Nazism and the Communist revolution and controlled all Communist regimes. Gradually they took over all major industries and consolidated everything under 100 corporations. They ruled from behind though Zionist face puppets like Rockefeller, Kinsey, Soros, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg and so on. No wonder society was moving gradually away from family values and against all Christian values. The main secret they always kept secret by any means, is that these bloodlines were all Lucifer worshipers. But as Q often says, their symbology will be their downfall. (See video)

All industries that affect every aspect of your everyday life were compromised:

Hollywood – Compromised.
Music Industry – Compromised.
Banking – Compromised.
Media – Compromised.
Social Media – Compromised.
Pharmaceutical – Compromised.
Government – Compromised.
Technology – Compromised.
Education Sys – Compromised.
Agricultural – Compromised.

There is one clear prediction the Divine Principle makes. This Satanic sovereignty can never reach the world control they strive for. The reason is, Lucifer overtook God’s children at the Growth stage, so he has no power whatsoever over the Completion stage.
Only the Messiah, coming back as the True Parents of humanity, can open this Completion stage, which is based on the Culture of True Families and True Love. Once this spiritual condition was set by Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the house of cards started falling physically.

“Federal Reserve merged with the  Treasury after the Mini Stock Collapse – March to May last year. That was POTUS, VLAD & KING SALMAN to take out the Rockefellers Oil control. The Rockefeller Tree is getting cut down and removed.  There is a 1 yr deal in place for the FEDERAL RESERVE to remain in that merger then they go bye bye.” Lincoln’s descendant 

This got my attention
Since the spiritual victory was accomplished by the year 2012, the satanic side has no power to manipulate the future after this point. Their spiritualists see that. They have no hope, so they were desperate and started the pandemic. The military, however, is determined to hunt them and put an end to their satanic governance. Arrests started 5 years ago with Trump winning the elections.

“There are currently tens of thousands of prisoners in the multi-level underground prisons near Thule, Greenland, and the US military space base; all transferred from Gitmo. The Special Operations Forces and the Marines are the only ones used to make arrests of Kabbalah and their servants.” Fulford

The whole world has to learn; The Messiah, the expected Second Coming of Christ, was born in the east (Orient), as the Bible predicted. His name is “God’s Word” (in Korean “Moon”) as the book of Revelations says. And “he will unite religions against the Red (Communism),” as Nostradamus saw in his visions. He is the Peacemaker, predicted by Vanga, who opens the way for the Unified world of Peace.

Theosophical Symbols

“We couldn’t get a unified world because the Cabal wanted us divided, so they can control us.”

While the military can clean up the way, no military power can create a culture of true families. Only because of God’s power, Reverend Sun Myung Moon could educate millions of families. Through the marriage Blessing, they are separated from Satan’s lineage and restored into God’s original lineage. On that foundation, Lucifer and all the satanic forces have no more power. God is now in control.

“In Feb/March 2019 Royal Powers were Stripped. In November 2019 – Royal Assets were seized by U.S.  – This includes Commonwealth etc. POTUS is controlling it all.” Lincoln’s Descendant

Meaning, all satanic powers on earth are being stripped off of power.  This is inevitable ripple effect of that spiritual victory. Internal and external are more connected than you can imagine. A lot of people didn’t grasp the magnitude of the conflict we are right in at the moment.
The Tribunals are already ongoing. Hear this Military Tribunal Witness & Sex Trafficking Survivor talk about the Pervert Joe Biden.  As I explained at the start of this article, their hidden crimes are coming out for everyone to see. That’s not happening without the active intervention of the good spirit world.
In the spirit world, Rev. Moon has the support of all the saints and sages, and all the religious founders, all the consciences people. Billions of absolutely good spirits are now mobilized to assist in cleansing the earth.

What Will Happen

There is plenty of money and plenty of new technology to make everyone in the world thriving. 

The Transfer of wealth for the new GOLDEN AGE we are entering will be done a few ways. When the Stock Market Crash occurs, all of the seized Assets/Money from over 600+ Thousand Indictments will be used for humanity.

We are going to Tesla & Metals instead of Oil & Gas. Hence why the Oil fields are being bombed. With the GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET, we will be returning to 1950’s Prices.

Trump signed the release of these 6000 secret patents. Among them, technologies for the recovery of the human body called “med-beds”. All hospital equipment will become obsolete. It uses healing energy that interacts directly (on a quantum level) with your etheric body. The physical mind becomes free of the low spiritual influence. The original mind opens.

This Universal Plasma Energy is an unlimited and wireless source of electricity. Think abundance of free energy and resources. Think fast travel, incredible speed of flying, super fast and secure internet (7500 times as fast as we have). Think end of poverty, end of the borders, end of all wars and suffering.

Centered on the Heavenly True Parents we will have true peace, true love, based on true families living in the Culture of Heart. We will all become One Global Family Under God.
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