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Barbara O’Neill – DNA and the True Cause of Disease


I believe that there’s only one thing that has the ability to heal us and that is the body itself so the human body has

an inbuilt ability to heal itself well if that is true why are so many people

sick because if people think they’re very they’re very sick I was shown

yesterday that a huge big Hospital has just been built on the island of Bermuda

do you think that’ll fix everything no no it actually doesn’t and I know that

every doctor and every nurse in that Hospital loves these meetings because if

everyone adhered to the principles you’re learning here this week less

people will have to go to that hospital is that right and we can actually keep that hospital for people who are in

accidents and break their legs and half chop their arms off and etc etc etc there is a place for surgery there is a

place for medicine but really most people go should go through their whole

life never having a medicine or ever he’d been having to go there right and

who wants to go there hurts doesn’t it hurts when he gets sick it Ezrin you you

break something now the human body’s designed to heal itself so then the

million-dollar question is why are so many people sick and that’s what I’d like to address in this meeting tonight

I’d like to look at the two main theories for the cause of disease in

medicine today I’d like to look at those two theories and I’d like to assess those theories and I’d like to have a

look at their true role in the running of the human body the working of the

human body the healing of the human body because to know how the human body heals

we need to know something about how it works is that right that’s right and to

know how it works we’ve got to go to the CBD you know where the central business district of the human body is the inside

workings of the cell do you know that Darwin’s theory rested

on what would happen when they found out about the inside workings of the cell

and we know about the inside workings of the cell and you know the inside

workings of the cell disproved Darwin’s theory in fact it was 1953 it made

headlines in the newspaper the headlines in the newspaper stated that the secret

of life had been discovered you see two scientists Watson and Crick’s have been

able to unravel the DNA what’s the DNA the DNA is the genetic code that is inside the nucleus of every

cell in the body except the red blood cell you see the blood is the carrier of

nutrients to the CBD it’s the carrier of oxygen to the CBD

it’s the carrier of water to the CBD it’s the carry away of waste from the

CBD and it’s the bone marrow that makes your red blood cells now every other

cell has the ability to remake itself and it remakes itself according to the

pattern or the formula that’s inside that DNA and the reason why the headline

said secret of life had been discovered because they thought when they understood the DNA then they would know

the cause of disease and then they’d be able to heal all diseases at 64 years

ago if we healed all diseases are we any closer I’d like to suggest that we’re no

closer especially when the hospitals are getting bigger yeah so something else

arose when Watson and Crick’s had been able to unravel a DNA you see that DNA

they’re able to pull out and I’m sure we’ve all seen pictures of it 23 chromosomes from our mother 23

chromosomes from our father lot of information in this DNA in fact one

writer said that if you put all the information on that DNA and put it into paperback books and

stack them up on top of each other they’d go to the moon and back quite a few times I can hardly get my mind

around that one all curled up in the DNA

incredible in some 130 not in the Sun says I will praise you for I fearfully

and wonderfully made marvelous are thy work and that my soul knoweth right well

and that summers oh what I’ve just told you I hope I’m doing everything right

here you know what the problem was for the evolutionists when Watson and

Crick’s had been able to unravel a DNA this is the question they could not answer and they still cannot answer

who put the information in the DNA they put it there none other it could be none

other than a Creator God that created God put that information there and that

Creator God made our bodies with the ability to heal itself so dude genes cause disease do they you

know there’s another field of research today called epigenetics and that’s the effect of our lifestyle on our genes

my mother died at 51 a brought arthritis now my genes have a strong

tendency towards rheumatoid arthritis but you’ll notice that I’m not 51 I’m

actually 64 and if you probably noticed I’m not in a wheelchair and I’m not dead

you see genetics loads the gun lifestyle pulls the trigger praise God because we

are all born with a loaded gun well I’m going to show you is how you can switch

the trigger on and how you can switch the trigger off amen so let’s have a

look at this DNA we need to know a little bit about this DNA the outside

strands are made up of polysaccharides polysaccharides means many sugars and

everything we eat is made out of many sugars the pumpkin soup we just ate you

call it squash we call it pumpkin the the cornbread all made up of many sugars

and the outside strand is made up of those many sugars the inside strands has

made up of amino acids and amino acids is a break down from the protein that we eat so in our soup tonight there was a

bit of protein probably a little bit in everything in the cornbread and in the vegetables that are in them soup and

minerals and the highest mineral food is vegetables and I noticed there are a few

little dark green bits in that soup celery celery leaf Hippocrates said let

food be our medicine and medicine be our food and he didn’t even know about what I’ve just shown you there see he’s 400

years BC but the very food we eat is actually what our DNA is made up of and

when I look in some supermarket trolleys I think how will their D&I ever be made

do you know that’s one of the reasons one of the reasons why we’re sick is

because people do not realize that what they’re eating is actually what they’re

going to live and move tomorrow and what a pity that McDonald’s ever came to your

Island or your Kentucky Fried er its McDonald’s here yet forgive me

forgive me because you know the quickest way to the to the pearly gates is

through the golden archways

so hopefully the bermudez will band together to try and stop that one so the

DNA is made up of the food that we eat and we’re constantly being remade we’ve got new eye cells every one to two days

that’s why if you get something in your eye you got to get it out quick or the eye cells will grow over it and by the

way you are distracted am i right when you get something in your eye you cannot

rest what’s the body saying to you get it out get it out and get it out creep

the next quickest cells to be made at the cells that line the gastrointestinal

tract so the lining of your gastrointestinal tract basically looks like that the new

cells are made down here I think it’s tomorrow night I’m gonna take you on a journey through your gastrointestinal

tract it’s an interesting journey we’re going to start at the mouth and we’re going to end up route down the other end

and most people don’t realize what happens in there but there’s an old

proverb proverb 14 verse 6 that states knowledge is easy to him that understands when you understand that

journey you begin to understand knowledge now of how to treat it and want to put in there you’ve got a new

skin every month where does the old skin go isn’t that why we wash our wash our

bodies and wash our clothes and wash our sheets because you’re constantly giving off those dead cells we’ve got new bones

every three months you’ve got a new liver under your right rib about every

every month every six weeks sorry six weeks for your liver one month for your

skin and three months for your bones in fact it has been said that about takes

about two years and we’ve got a new body Isis I used to say to people look after

this body it’s the only one you’ve got you can’t get a new one well you actually can

if you give it the right conditions you see the human body was designed to heal

itself and it wasn’t designed to deteriorate that as as quick as it is

mm-hmm sometimes I have ladies sitting in front of men I think 80 I guess and then I

find out their age 64 mind you when I was 20 I thought 40 was really old when

I was 40 I thought 60 was really old now that I’m 60 I’m hesitant to say 80 is

really a whole the human body will deteriorate but people are deteriorating

far too young far too young and you will find out why what I’d like to show you

now is how a new cell is made because we’re constantly being remade according to the pattern according to the formula

but before I go there nothing I do will change the fact that I have white skin

that I have brown hair that I have blue eyes and that I’m five foot two and a

half nothing will change that high-heeled shoes might make me look a little bit higher but nothing will

change that and because nothing can change the color of our skin our hair our eyes our height

it seems like a tiny little step to say nothing will change the fact that my mother died of rheumatoid arthritis at

51 and so will I can you see why they’ve done what seems like a tiny little step

and if I had six foot long legs I could do a huge step for you but it’s actually

a giant step can you see why they’re blaming genes but when people blame

genes they actually take away all responsibility for what’s happening in them can you see that’s why I like it’s

another popular theory let’s have a look at how the new cell is made let’s make a

new gastrointestinal tract cell and the grass gastrointestinal tract cell is

remade every three to five days DNA even though it can be stretched out it cannot

leave and so a photocopies made it truly is the CBD do you know there are little

motors in there there a little conveyor belts its astonishment medicine is finding out now about the

inside working of the cell so the I Rene’s the photocopy of the DNA it comes

down to another section of the cell called ribosome now ribosome is the little factory where the new cell is

made what’s fascinating is all the information on how to make a whole new

body is inside every cell but we don’t want every other information we only

want the gastrointestinal tract information so everything else is switched off and the information we need

or want is switched on the new cell starts to be made I’m going to explain

it like the building of a brick wall so the first brick goes down and it’s

Tyra’s own you see we’re built up you’ve probably heard this of amino acids Tyra’s own the next one is same Athan

own the next one is phenol n lean the

next one is lysine can you see what’s happening here different cells I mean

different amino acids re have different shapes and each amino acid fits into the

next one just like the pieces of a jigsaw and every three to five days up

pops a new gastrointestinal tract cell well what about an irritable bowel

syndrome cell what about a Crohn’s disease cell colitis gastritis these are

all cells that are inflamed in the gastrointestinal tract if the cells line

in the gastrointestinal tract are remade every three to five days how come

someone doesn’t heal of these conditions in let’s be generous two weeks is that a

reasonable question I’d like to suggest it’s very reasonable and we should ever

be private into investigators investigating why these things are so so

let’s have a look at how a new irritable bowel syndrome cell is made the first brick goes maybe Tyra zone is present but we

immediately come across a problem there’s a piece of information missing

what’s going to go there now I heard of a lady that used to make a beautiful

cake and everyone wanted the recipe but she’d leave one ingredient out so no one

could make her a cake I think it’s a bit silly myself you should make a cake and

it’s gone isn’t it someone made some beautiful cornbread out there and I think there’s any left but you see my point if there’s a piece

of information missing it’s not gonna work the body’s not quite sure what to

do now and so there’s a rogue cell roaming around and this rogue cell is a breakdown from chemicals it’s a

breakdown from genetically modified foods it’s a breakdown from heavy metals and the body doesn’t know it it doesn’t

know what to do and so it’s roaming around ah it seems a spot and in it goes

now the next one comes along maybe that’s fennel and lean where does it fit

can you see that it hasn’t got a spot to go into and we’ve just discovered another problem the person’s mineral

deficient minerals are the glue that glues it all together and just when the

body’s wondering what to do now ah there’s another piece of information missing and here we have another rogue

cell coming along and it’s just gonna poke itself anywhere at once and every three to five days out comes a new

irritable bowel syndrome cell can you

see that I’ve just tipped the iceberg so to speak of all the things that might cause the problem aren’t there enzymes

constantly going up and down healing any glitches oh yes but if the person’s not

supplying the nutrients to make the enzymes can you see not even they will be there what I’d like to do now is I’d

like to have a look at really the question that’s probably on all of your minds which is what causes the damage

what’s causing those pieces of information to be missing question mark

do you know Rudyard Kipling wrote a whole poem on why he said I have six

trusty serving men they taught me all I know their names are what why when where how and who do you have your sixth

trustee serving men do you take them everywhere you go and if someone gets

impatient with your wires you politely excuse yourself and you leave and you

find someone who always be very gracious

what causes the damage 92% of DNA damage the research is showing today is caused

by a mineral deficiency how could we be mineral deficient I know in Australia

Aussies only ever used to eat the white heart of the iceberg lettuce now we eat

greens jamie oliver’s famous australian cook whose if i see a few knots i think

he he brought greens into aussie kitchens he even chops up food and doesn’t wear

gloves have you noticed and you bought a lot of fresh food into the kitchens in

Australia too now we eat kale weird rocket we coriander I know in America

they call it cilantro I know in Bermuda you’re a bit of a mix between the English and the Americans aren’t you in

America some of the words I say they’ve never heard of so I have to do a bit of an adjustment it’s like I was telling

someone the spelling of the rebound and me duck in EE D and they wrote a w-4 did

so mineral deficiency how could we be mineral deficient where are eating more

greens well now we have to look at the way they’re grown and in Australia today

a lot of farmers they just grow for money yeah for dollars the cheapest is

super phosphate and super phosphate in the soil locks up the minerals so the

plant doesn’t get them it knocks back the microbes that are designed to get the nutrients out of the soil and into

the plant so now the plants deficient and so all the bugs eat the plant what

what plant do all the bugs eat the weak one that’s a good illustration of what

human beings get sick so the bugs hit the plant and then the farmer comes

along and sprays the plant and then it’s picked too early and then it’s stored too long I don’t know if there’s

anything left in that in that food there’s a very interesting book called

the calcium lie by dr. Robert Thompson and he shows in his book he has the

figures that in Australia I know the figures that 50 years ago they had 50%

more minerals in the soil than they have today so if the sores are deficient the

plants are deficient the human being that eats the plant is deficient that’s

right that’s right but dr. Robert Thompson says the clearest indication ever created God and

I’m on the island of Bermuda I can just point out wherever I go and you’ll see

see he says seawater is the clearest indicator of a Creator God because that

seawater is exact same mineral balance and proportion as he’s found in the

bones in the blood in the tissue muscles the fluid that ourselves living so you

know what the cheaper salt is go down to the cleanest looking beach and just get

bottles of seawater cook with it the teaspoon of salt is equal to one cup of

seawater now I hear you’re water is even saltier so you’d have to

play with that a little bit so like the cornbread that was made so there’s a teaspoon of salt in there you

just put a cup of sea water in you see that if it’s half a cup if it’s half a

teaspoon of salt then you would just put a cup of sea water and a cup of plain

water or half a cup of sea you anyway you get it how is is that so that was

one of the cheapest and easiest ways to increase your mineral content in your

body you start putting a little bit of that water out there the good news is you don’t have to drink seawater aren’t

you glad even just to take a little sip before every glass of water that’s easy

real easy so no wonder there’s so much

mineral deficiency when we realize that the soil that our plants are growing in

is so deficient there’s more there are some stimulants that people are taking

that are leaching the minerals out of the body so this is sugar and I’m not

referring to the sugar cane I’m referring to the pure crystallized acid that’s been extracted from the sugarcane

plant it’s a nasty substance in fact it is said that it leaves our body better

dressed them when it went in what does it leave our body dress with our minerals caffeine be mutants addicted to

caffeine as much as Australians and Americans I’m in the airport and I’m

early in the airport I had an early morning flight on what day did I come

here Sunday and there’s only two shops that have got 20 people lined up what are they Starbucks cafe and they’re even

allowed to bring them on the plane now they all send they’ve got I just had a look I’d say 2 out of every 3 people

people say do you drink coffee Barbara I say no I just watch the people suffer day one of our health retreats and more

people suffer from caffeine withdrawals than any other withdrawal we have had people come off meth amphetamines heroin

methadone alcohol tobacco no one suffers like the coffee drinker now they’ll

recover quicker than the others but the short-term suffering is the most extreme I was in India a month ago and I was

talking about the dangers of caffeine and one young mother said I’m going to stop because they love their chai tea

you know their choc chai tea everywhere she didn’t have her chai tea and within

one hour she had a terrible headache she saw have to function so I had half a cup of chai tea I said there was a good

choice what does she do every day little less little less can you see that little

less little less and then you can get off it without the pain and suffering

caffeine disrupts the neurotransmitters in the brain so you can have a couple

both having having coffee maybe in chocolate maybe coke they can give birth to a baby that has a tendency to else

purges hyperactivity autism all because

of the parents caffeine habits which are causing a disruption in the neurotransmitters which influences the

way their neurotransmitters are made now this is before they can see there’s a

few writers that are claiming that parents are the genetic engineers of their children that’s a bit scary isn’t

it now if you if you’re feeling a little bit concerned right now because of your

past habits the good news is as soon as you give your body the right conditions it turns around it’s a very forgiving

piece of machinery I think we’d all agree with that so caffeine not only disrupts the

neurotransmitters causing an effect on genes it also leeches calcium and magnesium

out of the body so people that drink caffeine will be mineral deficient in

calcium and magnesium two very important minerals sugar not only leeches minerals

but it also causes a disruption in the DNA we had a we I’ll give you a story to

illustrate we had a nine year old girl to our program she’s type 1 diabetic and she came with her mother

do you know within 2 days on the third day she had no ensuring that day very

quickly the body starts to respond but when we’re consulting I said to I was

asking her questions and then I consulted with the mother and the little girl said to the mother mom tell her and

the mother looked a little embarrassed and she said mom tell her and the mother

looked a little embarrassed again and then the little girl said she it’s a bag of lollies a day so do you call it la

nice or candies how can I say to that

woman that it’s quite possibly that habit that caused her Chuck child’s diabetes oh because she can’t change

what’s happened but you know what she can change tomorrow yes tomorrow her

little girl will recover mm-hmm and I always say to people especially women

you are not allowed to beat yourself up over this one and there’s a lovely verse

in the Bible at some one of many lovely verses but it’s acts 17 verse 30 where

it says God winks at our ignorant and so should we okay but just to give you an

illustration that people are not only sick through ignorance they’re actually

giving defective DNA’s to their children because of their ignorance and really

they cannot be accountable if they don’t know and unfortunately the big dollars

have a monopoly on advertising hmm does

it say on your bottle of coffee it can disrupt the neurotransmitters in your

brain so you give a defective DNA to your children does it tell you that and is it 10 not yet

does it tell you one the sugar packet that this will cause diabetes does it tell you that no no that’s why we we

have to be our own doctors we have to investigate it for ourselves so we’re

looking at what causes a mineral imbalance in the in the body again the

mineral deficiency of plants and these things that are leaching another stimulant is alcohol children are being

born today with fetal alcohol syndrome two parents that have two drinks a week and there are some doctors that tell

people to have a little red wine at night but hasn’t that got antioxidants

in it well roundups 99% water so we gonna drink that alcohol is a deadly poison in

it kills brain cells and it certainly interferes with the DNA tobacco in

Australia I don’t know whether it’s so in Bermuda but there are some very graphic photographs on the packets do

you have that the packets of cigarettes none of you probably know because you don’t smoke in fact a friend of Mines a

naturopath and he said to a guy that came to him he was a smoker so you prepared to get lung cancer

and the guy said what do you mean and my friend said haven’t you read the packet

well they don’t do that but do you know what’s even more serious is that it’s

affecting the DNA of the child now a lady is a smoker

it really isn’t gonna make a huge difference for her to stop smoking as soon as she’s pregnant

because her years of smoking before that have already affected the DNA hmmm no

I’m glad she stopped smoking when she’s pregnant some damage has already been

done but you know if that child is brought up right and never smokes then that weakened DNA never been need be

manifest that’s the good news in fact when you read the Bible you read about

an incredible merciful forgiving God well he gave us a very merciful

forgiving body – yeah so what also causes damage in in the DNA is

genetically modified foods a genetically modified food is the result of the DNA

of two different species been spliced together for instance the DNA of an

Atlantic salmon and the DNA of a tomato hoping they’ll get a tomato that grows

in the snow but actually it doesn’t and there’s this huge gray area tomatoes are

grown that have five centers there’s all this strange thing happening they’re playing with something that they have no

knowledge of and when a person eats genetically modified food it has the

ability to alter our DNA genetically modified foods can cause cancer

because what’s cancer mutated cells what causes mutated cells genetically

modified foods if you put genetically modified foods into into the met and put

President Putin Russia’s president do you know he’s just passed a law well

about a year ago that any Russian who grows genetically modified food or sells

it is to be considered a terrorist Wow you you have a look at his whole spin

you know what he says we Russians look at the west over vaccinated Odom

medicated you hear that overfed sitting in front of boxers every night and he

said we see it’s weakening the West and is it absolutely how can you be sure

you’re not eating genetically modified foods because I know in Australia and America Monsanto is so big they win

every court case so you don’t have to write it on the packet when your best to choose organic because if an organic

farmer uses genetically modified seed they lose their organic status so that’s

one of the safest ways to go also electromagnetic field access we are

electrical people there’s a spa lack of electricity in every cell in the body we had a guide to our program and

he said I cannot come into your health center if you’ve got Wi-Fi in fact we

had to put him in a separate little house where there was no Wi-Fi at all he said you would do big business if you

had a electromagnetic field free health retreat I said well actually we wouldn’t

because half of our guests are businesspeople they need to have contact

at home they need to pay staff midweek but we encourage everyone to well where

we have Wi-Fi it gets shut off at night so you spend a third of your life in that bedroom and so it should be shut

down at night so I was interested to see why this guy reacted so badly when he

came into a room that had Wi-Fi so I put the detective hat on and I begin to

investigate and I find out that he had a root canal filling do you know root canal filling is a dead tooth and I have

heard some horror stories of root and health fillings because there’s no nerve

in there to tell you there’s anything wrong and because it’s dead the body tries to

remove it so a little infection can come behind it he had a root canal filling that went

band behind it and it started to hurt so instead of listening do you know when

something hurts it’s your body going excuse me can you do something so he put

a painkiller took a painkiller do you know what a painkiller does stops the

knot but what’s still happening it’s still having an effect there so he just

took painkillers and then it really started to hurt unbeknownst to him the

tooth next door was starting to break down as well and then the whole side of

his head swelled up you know it starts with a little bit of a knock then the sledgehammer comes in bang you’ve got to

listen to that one day so he went and had them had the teeth out but do you

know I’ll draw you his body here’s his body so he’s got these bad

root canals that that’s poisoning his body and then to save the day had to

take an antibiotic which killed off all his good bacteria but did kill the bad bacteria and something else happened is

they put Wi-Fi on his house here’s another another excess and about that

time in Hades he’s had his you ute we call a utility a ute and he hadn’t

closed it up properly and they had a lot of rain so it went all moldy so that’s that’s a real toxic poison and then he

cleaned it with bleach that’s real toxic and and he was a smoker 4,000 chemicals

in one cigarette so if he came into a room with Wi-Fi can you see one more

drops coming into his body and he’s starting to get overflow so I can be in

a room with Wi-Fi and I don’t have an apparent reaction why is that because

maybe my chemical or environmental poison load is only about down here

that’s what chemical sensitivity is it’s just total overload I said mate the best

thing you can do is stop smoking well he didn’t like that it was much easy to blame the Wi-Fi and the cigarettes yeah

so what can he do he can come to a health retreat he can stop smoking he

had he has to get into a house that had no Wi-Fi at all and little by little he

can get that level down can you see that so be very careful of your elec

electronic field exposure you know there’s supposed to be something like

80,000 research papers out there that have been done showing the dangers of it but you don’t hear much about it do you

a lot of money in iPhones and iPads yeah and some of the research shows that when

young girls put the iPad on their lap or the laptop computer on their lap what’s

it called laptop computer for the lab well they’re finding that it’s affecting

the development of their eggs there’s a girl 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 and then they’re

30 now 40% miscarriage in those girls we had a young guy do our program young

guy about 38 and he had testicular cancer he used to drive his little sports car with his laptop on his lap

all the time and the iPhone how many people put their iPhone in their back

pocket or their front pocket and you know some girls are putting it in their bras you can even buy a sports bra now

with a pocket there yeah so men get your man bag you’ve heard of man Bank so men

can have shoulder bags so it’s try not to have it on or near

your body and also don’t don’t have anything in your room while you’re

sleeping so if you’ve got a television in your room it must be off at the power point put your computers in the next

room if you’re going to charge it must be unless you’ve got a big room and you can put it way over in the far corner

the good news is 20 minutes distance from your device can reduce your

exposure by three quarters that’s pretty good isn’t it in Australia the Australian Health Department and and I

sorry 20 inches thank you if you don’t say 20 minutes get it right 20 inches

the Australian Health Department now the Australian Health Department are very much influenced by media very much

influenced by big industry but it must be bad for them to say that there is no

safe exposure for a child under the age of 2 to electromagnetic devices under

the age of 2 now I was in the I’ve been in the airport a lot lady and here’s a mother with a baby in the pram baby

looked about 10 months old and mother’s busy on her phone and rocking the pram hoping to put the baby to sleep or keep

the baby quite so she can still do her Facebook and you know the hand of the pram there was a iPad on there

you can actually get them to clip under the pram so the babies watch huh I’ve

never seen such a thing mm-hmm and you know what I used to do to

my babies I had slings now I strapped to my chest you know happy babies but I’m so much in

the airport and I see them they’re trying to get that baby is sleeping Agathon do you know it’s a highly

addictive thing Facebook and the game’s highly addictive they’re considering

their more addictive than drugs today so

that brings us to chemicals chemicals

can damage the DNA so be very careful of

what you’re cleaning your house with go back to what grandmother did white vinegar white vinegar is getting the

scum off the bathroom and sodium bicarbonate you live in a very moist

environment you put bleach on mold you create one of the most toxic mixtures on the planet and what bleach will do is

kill mold and feed fungus and fungus is the next crop of mold mm-hmm

but white vinegar will kill it and won’t kill you sodium bicarbonate if you want something

really potent mix the sodium bicarbonate the vinegar together it’s fun it gets all fizzy and then scrath scrub into

that so very important that you make sure your houses are high dry airy and

if you see any taint of anything like that use your white vinegar and your sodium bicarbonate so get the chemicals

out of your home’s out of your toothpaste out of your shampoo how do your food but the biggest chemical

company in the world I know it’s the biggest camping chemical company in the world because this company the

pharmaceutical company makes more profits than anything billions every

year and you know the Bible talks about this it talks about it in Revelation 18 verse

23 and it’s talking about Babylon going down and it says her merchants were the

great men of the earth who were the great men of the earth or wealthy men her merchants were the great men of the

earth which deceived all nations how many by her sorceries but you know what

the conversion is from the from the Greek pharmakeia do you have pharmacies

here what a pharmacy sell you know the

Bible these so with pharmakeia magic potions see drugs never cure disease

they just changed the form and location of a disease now in a crisis a drug can

save a life absolutely but I’m not talking about the crisis I’m talking

about every day little bits and pieces that happen to us that can be actually

recovered quite simply and the

thalidomide tragedy is a reminder to us of what drugs can do to the DNA to the

unborn child yeah you’re familiar with the thalidomide tragedy mothers were

given thalidomide in about the 50s for morning sickness and the babies were

born without arms and it took a while

for them to connect

also mold now fungus can overtake

creatures David Attenborough has a show where the ants grow mold or fungus in

little underground and the ants take the waste or the dust coming off from the

mold rolled it into little balls and it’s their food they stir it in their caves david attenborough notice that the

ant will never tend the fungus for more than half an hour so they have this

shift work you know the proverb says consider the ant thou sluggard will

consider the ant with this one if the ant tends the fungus too long the fungus

overtakes the end it happens in trees lichen they they reproduce themselves

through the tree what about humans let’s have a look at what mold is it’s a

microorganism it’s one of millions

probably different microorganisms now as the name implies Micro means microscopic

organism means it’s a living thing they’re everywhere they’re in the air

we’re breathing they be on every surface area they’re on our skin man you know ears our nose our mouths in fact there

are ten times more microorganisms in the human body than cells and the largest

amount is found in our gastrointestinal tract does that mean we’re more plant

than animal actually fungus bacteria and

yeasts and molds are actually a classification of their own they’re neither plant nor animal but they’re

everywhere they’re all through our body and they do an important role of building up the body but whenever cell

damage happens these microorganisms have the ability to change roles now this

ability to change roles is something

that makes them quite amazing and yet quite danger so let’s have a look at how they do it

in a helpful way so whatever cell damage happens these microorganisms now evolved

into a cleanup team or one microbiologist said to them we call them

garbage collectors that’s what we call them as pathologists that’s what they do

they collect the garbage and their name is bacteria that’s what bacteria is

that’s what it does it’s just there to clean up the mess Florence Nightingale

very famous nurse you’ve heard of Florence Nightingale she was in the 1850s and what she did in the 1850s she

was asked to go to Scutari now Scutari is the port where the wounded were being

taken from the Crimean War so this is about 1854 so here’s Crimea the British and the and

the French were fighting Russians he is the Black Sea the wounded were put

in boats and sailed down to Scutari and Scutari is the port where the hospital

was now a journalist named rut Russell he went from England to report on the

war and he was shocked at what he saw when he came back he wrote headlines in

the newspapers the headline said did we raise our young men to die to write in

this hospital you see 50% of the men that actually got to the hospital died in the hospital

there’s a strong young men in their 20s 30 so very quickly the British

government sent Florence Nightingale and 35 nurses to Scutari to see what they could do Florence was shocked it was

just filthy there was raw sewage in the corridors see this was ex-army Turkish

barracks actually wasn’t built for a hospital she found a man that was still

in his battle clothes two weeks after he’d been admitted the doctors were not washing their hands between operations

Etha da well I’m bloody all NE I may as well go to the next one factor the

doctors hated her because she made them wash their hands she immediately telegrammed the British government and

she said we need a sanitary commission we need a group of people to come here and assess this situation so the

sanitary commission come they came and this is what they found

that this is where the hospital was built in a swamp they found a dead horse

this is a dead horse in case you don’t know a dead horse a dead dog

this was in the water that they were drinking this was in the water that they

were cleaning the wounds with now within

six months of the sanitary commission making their findings known and very quickly things started to happen and

inside the hospital Florence and her nurses were working hard Florence was

the daughter of a very wealthy Englishman that’s why she brushed shoulders with the politicians that’s

why for a woman in that time she had a bit of power and she asked her father

for a shipload of clean mattresses clean linen clean bandages etc etc etc within

six months of Florence being there and the sanitary commission making or acting

on their findings the death rate went from from fifty percent to two percent now 18 months later

Florence went back to London and she was about to get off the boat and she looked

out and she saw a welcoming party there was Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

hailing her as a heroine well she didn’t like that she changed her name to Mary

Smith went down the back gangplank and went home they said to her later why did

you do that she said I am NOT a heroine she said all I did was increase hygiene

sanitation and nutrition got that hygiene that’s personal hygiene

sanitation that’s the home that’s the

house keeping it clean and nutrition you cannot heal without nourishment as you

can see from your DNA in fact you know what their food was big pots of water

with bits of rotten meat in it you cannot here without nourishment that’s like asking my sons who were

builders carpenters tyler’s to build us an extension but we don’t supply any building materials hmm the body can heal

itself if you give it the right building materials now I want to show you another

graph that you will never see in any newspaper you will never see this graph

here one side of the graph we’ve got all the childhood diseases mumps measles

rubella whooping cough tetanus polio did you hear that polio all 80 to 90% wiped

out then the vaccines were introduced polio aren’t we told that vaccine

stopped polio did you know that there was no polio in London no polio until

they started putting arsenic and lead in paint and putting DDT spraying with DDT

if you have a look at the graphs here’s that here’s the arsenic and the lead in

the paint and here’s the DDT and his polio got that no polio till when they

realized what was happening so they stopped the LA arsenic and the leading paints and they stopped spraying with

DDT and guess what happened to polio and there it is there before the vaccine now

we’re not told that how are we but we’ve

got another graph now it’s attention deficit syndrome hyperactivity

Asperger’s autism epilepsy children are not dying of infectious

diseases anymore because of what Florence Nightingale did did you know that in the 1850s all the

sewage from London went into the Thames and the people in London drank that water

no wonder the Black Plague happened no wonder there was so much disease that’s

why it is it is elementary that we understand these microbes they’re just

opportunist organisms you know what Florence did she just cleaned up that Hospital so that there

was nothing for them to eat you see that let’s go back to the kookaburra

you heard of the kookaburra it’s a bird that we have in Australia and there’s a

song called laugh kookaburra laugh kookaburra gay your life must because it’s cool that’s what it sounds like my

children don’t allow me to do that if there are there so let’s say the

kookaburra dies in the bush what happens to the kookaburra doesn’t stay there doesn’t starts to break down and the

bacteria cleans it up and it’s not long after that that we’ve got another stage it’s the yeast and the fungus and as it

does its work the environment changes and then the mold and then it’s not long

after the mold stage that the matter is brought back to dust the yeast and

fungus stage we can call them the exterminators that’s what they do

they’re busy on the rainforest floor and then the Undertaker’s is the nickname

you can give to the mold that’s what what our Undertaker’s do they take away dead things till eventually matter is

brought back to dust what I have drawn for you here is the carbon cycle or you

could call it the cycle of life you see nothing is created and nothing

is destroyed it just changes form and what does the preacher say at the funeral ashes to ashes dust to dust

what’s he referring to his referring to what’s going to happen in the coffin now

there’s a very well he should be famous he’s a six times professor his name is

Antoine bourgeois a Frenchman who was a contemporary at the time of Louis

Pasteur Louis Pasteur was a chemist Antoine bull Sean six times professor

and Tuan Beauchamp he knew this he knew that germs don’t

cause disease they’re the result of unhealthful conditions but Louis Pasteur

got popularity because he came up with the theory everyone loved oh you poor

thing it’s not new it’s the germ the germ has made you sick take this poison

to kill the germ and you will be well but Antoine bull Sean

he said diseases are born in us and of us oh that’s not very nice can you see

why it’s not a popular theory in fact when Florence Nightingale read of Louis

Pasteur’s theory she said this is the theory of a man of a very unstable mind and she said in anyone who believes that

is equally unstable germs don’t cause disease there the results now can you

imagine if if Florence Nightingale went into that hospital with bag loads of

drugs and just killed killed killed everything by giving everyone lots of

drug stick without a fix the problem see if you don’t turn if you don’t take that dead horse out of the water supply it’s

just common sense and you know there’s been a death and no one attended the funeral because no one knew he died it

was the death of common sense hmm we need some common sense it’s got to clean

up the place that’s why she said I’m not a heroin I just cleaned up the place how come Florence knew and the doctors

didn’t she read her Bible have you ever

read of the cleanliness rules that God gave Moses for the children of Israel in

the desert for 40 years if they wanted to go to the bathroom we say toilet but

in American that’s a rude word but your English rule a bit so toilets acceptable they had to dig a hole and then bury it

so that no one had ever knew they’d been there and if someone died that they had

to take the dead person out of the camp and buried in a deep hole and the men that carried the dead person out of the

camp they could not go back in the camp for three days they had to wash all their clothes wash their body you know

the record is there was no disease for 40 years in that camp

so those doctors should have been reading their Bibles then the sewage wouldn’t have been going into the Thames

yeah and then there wouldn’t have been the sickness that has been there we say

in Australia they’re barking up the wrong tree do you have that same the

microbes have been shot but as you can see by my illustrations here the microbes are an integral part of life on

planet Earth and if it wasn’t for that carbon cycle there’d be so much rubbish on the planet we wouldn’t be on a walk

on the planet we need to understand their role we need to work with them and

if they are out of control in the body we need to be asking why are they out of

control we’ve got to get away from this kill mentality and twine well Sean got a

dead cat he wrapped it in an airtight container came back four months later

opened his container what was in his container now one lady said a dead cat

dust dust airtight container dust what bought cat back to dusk

because when the kookaburra dies in the bush the dung beetles come up the worms come off the blowfly lays its maggots the

dingo has a nibble the crow has a nibble but in an airtight container there was

nothing to help with the breakdown the microorganisms that were an integral

part of living running cat took their suit of clothes off so to speak put their rubber gloves and apron on and

became the cleanup team as the environment changed the Undertaker’s

well first of all the exterminators then the Undertaker’s still eventually these microbes have brought matter back to

dust with great excitement Antoine will Shaun took the dust put it under the

microscope it was alive with microorganisms they’d done their job do

you know there’s a basic law of science that states nothing’s created and nothing’s destroyed it just changes form

this is why we have compost bins is that right because when we have compost bins

it’s full of vegetable matter that’s getting broken down and by the way what breaks it down the microbes that were

responsible for the development of the Apple then the ripening of the Apple and

then the rotting of the Apple you see they just change rounds compared to the

environment and now I dig up my compost bin and I put it into the soil

here’s my plant here it’s roots so I put

my compost in what am i putting into my garden microbes now they play another role now those

microbes are responsible for the final breakdown of the minerals in the soil

and the heavy metals those microbes are responsible for the absorption of the

minerals out of the soyal and into the plant they are responsible for protecting the plant

against any harmful pathogens that might be in the soil and they are also

responsible for nourishment of the plant that’s why organically grown fruits and

vegetables have a far higher nutrient content because of the microbes in the soil now I want to take it somewhere you

may never have taken it before inside the human body when we were in our

mother’s utero our gut was sterile no microbes and when we were born we

were literally shared with our mothers microorganisms so that first breath of

air remember what’s right next to the birth canal the anus do you know 2040 years ago doctors

nurses always gave mothers enemas because they don’t want anything coming

out of their going anywhere near the baby and thank one professor here’s an

obstetrician he said I always thought God made a mistake but he said I now

know it’s a perfect design because when that birth canal stretch is open so does

the anus and what’s the air like coming out of there laden with the mothers

microbes and when that baby’s skin hits the air the baby goes

what it was and the baby swallows and those microbes come down and they form a

thick coating over the lining of the gut and the mother’s milk doesn’t come in

for three days she has a thick yellow creamy thing milky substance called

colostrum and that is rich with the mother’s microbes and that’s also

contributing to that do you know that of a dairy farmer if his if he has a cow

with a baby calf and the cow dies in childbirth if he can’t get that calf

onto another cow that’s just had a baby he knows that that calf will never be

strong and possibly die because he knows that calf needs those first few days of

colostrum so what should we be making sure new mothers know something about

feeding them yeah feeding that baby and you know the sucking reflex is the

strongest in the first hour of life so that baby should be put straight on to

that breast and then in some people per se but there’s no milk for three days or

but there’s something richer and more important than that milk and do you know that those microbes are basically

setting up our immune system those

microbes are now in the gut responsible for the final breakdown of our food

those microbes are responsible for the absorption of our food through and into

the blood those microbes are our border protection they protect our blood

against any harmful pathogens that might happen to be in the gut and they nourish

those little cells that line the gastrointestinal tract you’ll never

think about your microbes the same again

such an important part of the running of

the human body now I quoted Hippocrates a little

earlier where I said Hippocrates stated that food should be our medicine and

medicine be our food well he said something else he said all disease begins in the gut

you see when those microbes that line our gut are broken down we’ve now lost

proper absorption we’ve now lost the

breakdown we’ve now lost our protection we’ve now lost the nourishment to the

cells that line our gut let me show you something else that’s

actually causing so many problems and that is a very popular drunk call

antibiotic you’ve heard of it oh they even have it in Bermuda do you know

Florence Nightingale I love her story because she was about 80 years before they discovered antibiotics and look at

the results she got mm-hmm what is an antibiotic let’s let’s break the word

down against life now anything that has

the ability to kill a small organism has the potential to kill a large and what are we where the large 1% of doctors

today acclaiming that antibiotics are causing more problems than they ever cured I’d like to address that but let’s

first of all have a look at where antibiotics however they were discovered Alexander Fleming 1929 he’s growing bacteria in

flasks in his laboratory he comes in one morning and they’re all dead and he knew

Newton’s third law of motion to every action there’s an equal and an opposite reaction so he began to investigate

nothing in the laboratory could have done it and then he noticed near his flasks

there was an open window and there was sun’s rays coming in at that moment and

it was heavy with a dust and he noticed it was coming in on landing on his

bacteria so he investigated more and he looked out and the next window on the

next story was open with the big plate of fruit in on the bench there and a moldy orange on the plate of fruit do

you remember the story from school days that moldy orange was giving off a dust and that dust came down settled on his

bacteria and killed it now that dust coming out of the mold has it’s pouring

but also he is a highly toxic gas designed to kill off anything that would compete with the molds food sauce it’s

as if the mold says this is my orange and no one else is going to get it I’m gonna give off a toxic gas so Alexander

Fleming called the mold Penicillium

Alexander Fleming called the mold waste now the mold waste is more toxic than

the mold and he called the mold waste penicillin acid that is the penicillin

that we know today now penicillin has saved the lives of

we’re probably looking at millions today granted but we’ve got another problem

has arisen that’s the overuse of the antibiotics and the inability of the

physician to ask why are they there I

have a few friends who are physicians and they say to me sometimes people come

in and say I’ve got a bad cough can you give me an antibiotic and my friend says

you don’t need an antibiotic you need to stop smoking you need to have some

vitamin C and some garlic and go to bed early and they get up and go huh and

they go to the next doctor who’ll give it to them uh-huh but the good news is

my friend who’s a physician you can’t even get into so obviously there are a lot of people

who are looking at alternative things today but I’m very thankful to antibiotics because it was an experience

I had with antibiotics that got me on the natural path you see my first daughter when she was 16 months old she

got an earache I was a nurse I was trying to be a bit of him back to nature hippie lifestyle but I didn’t know what

to do when a child got sick and everyone said to me don’t play with her ears

she’ll go deaf so I went to the doctor because of this yeah and I didn’t know

what to do and no one I knew or knew what to do so I gave her the antibody I

didn’t want to go to her to go deaf within 24 hours she was feeling better

she finished her course an earache came back what do you do six weeks later four

courses of antibiotics later and what’s the definition of insanity I’m so

frustrated I don’t know what to do so the doctor is writing the fifth script

of antibiotics and I said to him I’ve just got one question will my daughter be on antibiotics for the rest of her

life am i coming to that conclusion I’m thinking where’s this gonna end will I

be doing this five years later is there anything to indicate that anything’s

changed here he was challenged by my question and so he gave me a referral to

an ear nose and throat specialist the ear nose and throat specialist looked in Emma’s ears looked in her mouth said huh

the Charles teething give her these drops to keep the eustachian tubes clean

that was two years lady next child he’s 80 months

he gets an earache I don’t tell anyone hmm

so then I’m not gonna get pressured and

I go to the old lady next door I’m 25 she’s 85 I said what did your mother do when you were a little girl

she said her mum would steam up an onion on the ear onion and put it on the ear

well I ran home staying up an onion wrapped it in a cloth put it on my son’s ear he was breastfed so he fell asleep I

could do anything to him when he was feeding fell asleep and I laid him I put

a thick towel there fold it over a few times and laid him on the onion and he slept for two hours what does that tell

you he’s okay he woke up happy

he remained happy he’s still happy

he’s 40 now and he has not ever had an antibiotic how many 40 or else can say that no not

many not many and both he’s still alive – is it any wonder that I went into

natural medicine most people should go through their whole life never having

one but most people don’t know what to do with little things I read a newspaper

article about a hundred people who got the flu fifty took antibiotics fifty

didn’t all got better got then they all

got better one lady she was next guest she said I went on an antibiotic a few months ago I said why well I got a cold

there was two weeks later I was still coughing I said you you will you will you noticed you had a cold get a cough

you’ll call for a couple of weeks don’t worry about it how long this is the junk gonna get out the human body will heal

itself there’s a little tiny two letter word here if you give it the right

conditions we should be making our decisions on fact and when we make our

decision on fact then we have faith faith in an amazing body with an ability

to heal itself I’m not against anybody’s they certainly

can save lives but most people should never have them one lady rang me up she said Barbara my first little boy was

vaccinated always sick I kept I gave him an Ebonics every time he got a cough or

a cold he’s five now he’s always sick she I’ve got an eight month ten month

old baby I haven’t vaccinated he’s strong but he’s got a cold he’s got

green coming out of his nose pulling his ears and he’s got a cough and I’ve got a script for an antibiotic I don’t want to

give it to him what can I do I’ve heard that you raised eight children without drugs and by the

way they’re still alive and Michael and I have 18 grandchildren

and they’re all still she said what can I do

I said slice up some onion fog Alex ice like up garlic finely wrap it in a cloth

and bind it to the bottom of his feet you don’t put the garlic straight on the

soles of the feet or you will blister the skin and the biggest problem with that is you can’t put onion garlic on

again until it heals you can smell it on their breath within a couple of minutes

you see the biggest pause in the whole of your body are on the soles of your feet and make sure you open the window

how often are all the windows shut those lungs need that fresh air I said get him outside make sure he’s

warm put a hat on him I I find it difficult when I see a baby with nothing

on their feet especially in this cold air conditioning you must keep their extremities warm she

said all right now what else I said this should be enough she said that’s a one I

said Jim make sure the baby Annie has breast milk until the baby’s healed

what should I do I said well make sure you weight well make sure you drinking lots of water I guess you could up your

vitamin C she was a little disappointed that there was not a whole list of

things to do well I got a phone call three days later and when I answer that

she just said Wow she said my baby

recovered my baby recovered quicker then my son used to recover on the drugs it’s

so simple it’s so very simple and what the natural remedies do they also bring

relief so the onion again is very good

for the ear have a look at this word mold the medical term for mold is mica

toxin what’s a toxin it’s a poison they were so excited about the discovery of

antibiotics that they tested hundreds of different mold wastes and 90% of them

were so deadly they killed the rats they were tested on in other words penicillin

isn’t deadly enough to kill you outright but if you keep it up guess what they

have tested now and documented approximately 1.5 million different

moles yeasts and funguses now my biggest critic is my husband if I can pass

Michael I can pass anyone so he takes me to task if he thinks something doesn’t

add up because he said Barbara if you’re not accurate you’re gonna lose them in he said you’ll lose me I said we’ll

check me out one point five to five million he thought one minion was a bit

over the top and every mold waste has a

different effect on a different body part for instance in 1921 Japan passed the

rice act that put stringent rules on the stirring of cooked rice because there

was an epidemic all through Asia of cardiac beriberi and they traced it to the mold on cooked rice now it’s molding

before you even see it that’s why you go to Asia you’ll never eat day-old rice

because the rice Act said the rice must be caught daily cardiac beriberi was

wiped out so that type of mold that was growing on the on the rice the mold

waste directly affected the heart there’s a book called the China Study by

dr. Colin Campbell and in his book he shows that the mold F Aspergillus giving

off the mold wastes aflatoxin was causing the liver cancer so they’re ill astray

to show that different mold wastes affect different body parts so when I

say 1% of doctors today acclaiming that antibiotics are causing more problems

than they ever cured what am i referring to I’m actually referring to the fungal

or mold linked with disease we have

quite a few books in our library at home and one book is called cancer is a fungus and it’s by an Italian oncologist

named dr. Tulio Simoncini and he’s been having remarkable results

with cancer a 90% success rate by injecting sodium bicarbonate straight

into cancers so does he have a Nobel Prize and now he’s lost all his

credentials and it’s illegal for him to to even test it now the fungal link with

disease is a very real one especially when you realize that different mold wastes affect different body parts now

if you put there’s a documentary can look up on YouTube

it’s called moldy and that is such an eye-opener these people were so sick and

it was traced to mold in their house so mold and it’s and it’s linked with

disease is very big why doesn’t medicine acknowledge it well then they would have to acknowledge that

there are antibiotics all there statin drugs their contraceptive pill quarters

owns are all contributing to the MOL

presence in the human body so that is

that is very real and my book self healed by design unfortunately I can only bring one box with me but you can

get it off Amazon it’s called self heal by design and my book is a thorough

explanation of this brief talk I’m giving tonight I have about 3000 dollars

worth of books in my health center all showing the fungal link with disease

there by scientists professor from all over the world and I bought

those books because they’re my reference material so in my book I act like a journalist where I just pull this all

together because I found it’s very difficult to get information on this and I wanted to write a book that was short

six-inch you could just about read it in a day where I look at the history of fungus with disease I look at what the

Bible says you know and the Bible says if your house is mouldy you got to do you got to destroy it you got to take it

to an unclean place out of the city now in Australia we call it the tip do you have a tip in Bermuda where you put all

the rubbish I look at the history of it and then I give programs of how to

conquer it in the body now how can fungus or mold get into the body it can

get in through the skin so never touch if you’ve got a moldy orange in your

fruit bowl never touch it so what do you do get some tongs cover yourself cover

you because you can breathe it in to take it out so it can get through your

skin it can you can breathe it in that’s why in Bermuda you have to be very

careful I see some beautiful white roofs and I was told that every two years is

it that you you clean the roof and I’m one of the reasons is that to keep them

beautiful and white and I’ll have lots of beautiful photos to take back to my family but also your rain water comes

off there is that right can you see if you’ve got a moldy roof what’s what sort of what’s happening to your rainwater so

that’s it’s very important you you be mindful of that living in this moist

environment so you can breathe it in you can inhale it and you can also get in

through your mouth the drinking water I was talking about or on the food or taking in antibiotics

so there are several ways that it can come in breathing it in ingestion

through the mouth through the skin and also sexually it can be transmitted you know that all

sexually transmitted diseases have a fungal base AIDS has a fungal base if

you look at a medical dictionary under my Co my Co you’ll have pages and pages

of that but the million-dollar question is how do we get it out number one

starboard what’s its favorite food sure sugar and

yeast as well and you’ve also got to make sure there’s nothing in your house

you’ve got to make sure the fans are on you know air conditioning dehumidifiers

whatever it takes to keep it to keep the air in your house clean check your

fridges check your air conditioning units check your water no cuz wherever you’ve got water sitting

mold will grow where there’s damp where it’s dark where there’s no Sun and no

fresh air one of the beauties of Bermuda too is you’ve got this lovely sea breeze

from every angle haven’t you and that fresh air keeps it will keep it dry so

you’ve got to starve it so if someone comes to me with a yeast problem how

will they know the tongues of would guide the tongue should be pink from the tip to the back that’s probably the most

the first thing everyone does after this meeting let’s go and look at the tanks well they start looking at each other

right away now if you can scrape off that white it’s waste but if you can’t

scrape it off their little fungal bugs fungal buds at the back of your tongue

so number one starboard then in my book I have programs for that basically

you’ve got to stop all sugars and even fruits just granny smith apples

grapefruit even the berries they’re quite low so lots of vegetables no

peanuts unless I’m starving and there’s nothing else to it I don’t eat peanuts

but really we’re not starving are we you see peanut is peanut is a legume

that grows in the ground that’s why it’s so prone it’s so prone to mold growth so

you’ve got to turn off the tap kill we do we do have to get away from the kill

mentality but there are herbs that will kill fungus and won’t kill you praise God and in Psalm 104 verse 14 the Bible

says God gave herbes for the service of man I love that they come in to serve you drugs come in and say get out of my

way I’ve got a job to do whether you need it or not whereas herbs serve so these herbs will

kill fungus and will not kill you garlic’s a good one olive leaf extract

here’s another one they’re all listed in my book also grapefruit seed extract if

you ever eaten a grapefruit and bitten into a seed you’ll think the grapefruits sweet when you bite that seed it’s very

bitter strong volatile oils in there that are antifungal in fact if you can

get the grapefruit seed extract and put a drop on a fungus toenail it’ll it’ll wipe that one out also Portillo ko Pau

d’arco is a South American herb that’s got strong antifungal properties there

are there are also some really good essential oils like oregano essential

oil thyme essential oil clove essential oil what I suggest and I advise this in

my book is the person alternate now do you remember what these microbes do they just adapt and adjust they just adapt

and adjust and that’s why it’s a good idea to do two weeks on this herb two weeks on this herb two weeks on that hip

what’s golden staph it is a bacteria that’s just adapted and adjusted so

hardly anything kills it now but there is a herb that will goldenseal will kill

golden staph now remember when someone’s got an

outgrowth of that there needs to be a knocking back of it and then of bringing back into balance because the fact is

every single one of us have gold and staff it’s only when it’s out of control and why would it be out of control well

the third point is bring back the balance plug the gastrointestinal tract

with the good guys there’s your probiotics antibiotic means

against life probiotic means for life so there your lactobacillus acidophilus

bifidus bacterium healthy bacterias

friendly bacteria they’re called good good flora when we look at the gut

tomorrow night will be taking a journey through the gut the fourth point is

alkalis alkalis the gut the most

alkalizing foods are your vegetables and of the vegetable kingdom the most alkalizing of all the vegetable kingdom

is greens we should be having dark green

leafy vegetables every day you can even buy chlorophyll drops so even putting a

little bit of chlorophyll into your water now misty mountain health retreat

we have a few programs that we do to help people conquer cancer you can have

fungus in your body and not have cancer but if it’s not dealt with it certainly can develop that way so I’ll give you

the story of a lady named Elizabeth cot she came to us I think it’s four years

ago now and she had breast no she didn’t have breast cancer she had three tumors in her abdomen and the doctor said you

got to have chemo immediately this is serious they’re fast-growing this lady was in her late 50s at the

time she saw one of my lectures on conquering cancer and she decided not to

go with the chemo but to come to our retreat and so when she came to our

retreat I put her on a program where with cancer we stop all fruit all sweets very little

carbohydrates what do they eat lots of vegetables legumes nuts and seeds every

meal we gave her the herbs alternating every couple of weeks we gave her the

probiotics we blended wild greens and with water and she drank a liter of that

every day and we wrapped her in what we call sodium bicarbonate wraps now dr. Tulio

Simoncini he injects the sodium

bicarbonate straight into the cancer well I’m not a doctor and I am don’t have the ability to make a porta cap and

put it straight in and so what we do I got this recipe off a Canadian doctor

named dr. Emma fields and she grilled me for two hours before she gave it to me I

wasn’t asking her for it but she just wanted to know if I knew my stuff and

praise be to God I must have convinced her than I did and she gave me the recipe and it’s two kilos of sodium

bicarb with five litres of very hot water and some lemon and what we do is we dip a towel in we wring it out and we

wrap the torso and then cover that then we wrap the left leg and cover that then

we wrap the right leg and cover that then that both arms and so the whole body from the neck down every surface

area is touched by these hot and sodium bicarbonate infused house and then we

wrap the whole body in several blankets and shower curtains and they stand like that for one hour so can you see what

we’re doing we’re making it impossible for these microbes to live these these fungi so we starve it with the dye we

give the herbs we bring back the balance with the probiotic and the greens are

alkalizing from the inside so you can’t drink sodium bicarbonate all you’ll do is neutralize your stomach acid but the

greens they go into the tissues to alkalize can you see that

now if someone had stomach cancer they could drink sodium bicarb just before they went to bed but not near their meal

because you want you hydrochloric acid to break your food down so he wrapped

her in the wrap she was with us for two weeks and we did five wraps a week there’s a few years ago now since then

we also have a hyperbaric chamber and a hyperbaric chamber floods oxygen into

the body and cancer cannot live in the presence of oxygen in my book I quote dr. Otto Warburg he got a Nobel Prize in

1931 for showing that cancer cells hate oxygen and they consume 15 times the

glucose of any other cell that’s why if you can greatly reduce the suite and

oxygenate the body you’re making an environment where cancer finds it almost

difficult to survive this lady went home and she continued religiously the diet

she said to me I’m polish I was the dessert maker at church and I

used to make pavlovas and she said I made a pavlova about this big 20 cups of

white sugar think of that next time someone offers you a slice of pavlova

huge amount of sugar she said I believe because she said I’ve been a vegetarian

for 20 years she said I believe I was feeding my cancer with sugar and of

course cancer loves that stuff so she stuck to the program she went back to

the doctor three months later do you remember what he said to her at first you got to do something straightaway she

went to the doctor he tested he looked at her he said I’ll come and see me in six months hmm she went back a year

later he said one of your tumors is gone all her levels were normal she was on

several medications high blood pressure diabetes she was on sleep apnea machine all of that’s gone now she said I’ve

lost 10 kilos in weight so that would be what 20 pound she said I feel better now and she’s in

her 60s now she said then when I was in my 40s another year later another tumor

went now it’s four years later now she said when she goes to the doctor her

oncologist is there her specialist there her doctors there and they’re just looking at her they come they can’t

believe what’s happening to her she said that she’d been given about six months to live well it’s four years later now

one tumor is still there but you know sometimes they just stay there but they

don’t do anything dr. Nicholas Gonzalez American doctor who was having huge

success with treating cancer unfortunately he’s passed now a few question marks to about his passing but

I read an interview of him and and the interviewer said tell me of your success rate he said well it’s like this he said

if a diabetic does everything right they can control their diabetes he said it’s the same with cancer if they do

everything right it can be controlled he said some of my patients the two mr.

Lanz ten years later is not doing anything some of my patients the tumors gone he said I can never predict what an

amazing body we live in the human body can heal itself if you give it the right

conditions so simple such simple conditions so when we get people come to

us now who want help to conquer cancer they might alternate the hyperbaric

chamber and the rapp they might do things like that or some people they’ll have a rap and a

hyperbaric chamber every day it basically you know I leave it to the person to what they’re able to do but

but Henry’s law states that under pressure more gas goes into liquid well

that’s the hyperbaric chamber and the gases oxygen and the liquid of course is blood

and so when you go into the hyperbaric chamber basically you’re flooded with oxygen and that goes to every cell and

remember cancer cannot live in the presence of it the hyperbaric chamber was developed for divers with bends

you’ve probably heard that because them because the air is 79% nitrogen and 20%

oxygen so when they come up too quickly the nitrogen goes into little balls and

when they put them in the hyperbaric chamber it just converts that hydrogen back to a gas and they just expel it and

then they discovered that people with wounds that weren’t healing if they went into the hyperbaric chamber they were

healed purely because of the oxygen so as I go through the lectures I’ll actually be going inside the cell again

and showing you exactly the effect of oxygen but I’d like to leave you with another story before we end and this is

the story of a man who came to earth with prostate cancer and he was 56 he

was not really interested in coming to our health retreat but his mother no not

his mother his wife his wife and his sister were ultra keen sorry his wife

and his daughter his daughters in her 30s his wife also early 50s so every

time we were talking every time I said well if you’re interested we can do the

Raps and he went ah I suppose so and his wife and his daughter was saying yeah

yeah he’ll do it he’ll do it you’ll do it now this was everything we did he was just oh I suppose so and now again yeah

you’ll do it you’ll do it so going home I said well are you interested in doing the program

continuing it because I always ask that because a man convinced against his will

will be of the same opinion still it’s got to be in agreeance and he was just

and his wife and his daughter yeah yeah he’ll do it he’ll do it so when they went home he did everything purely

because his wife and his daughter were making everything and he did it he went

back to the doctor three months later and they found no cancer now he’s


but what a blessing to be interested now and we we have a body that can do it and

the stories that I give you are all illustrations of recovery from serious

illnesses because the right conditions were given so when someone says to me I

have this sort of cancer what can you do

and you know what I say I can teach you the conditions the body requires for

healing I can heal no one no herb can heal you no treatment can hear you the

body alone can heal when it’s given the right conditions so because I make no

claims we make no claims we’re not accountable can you see that but I am

accountable for God if I lock up this information and don’t make it available to you so if someone says what can you

do for this condition I say to the people it depends on many things it depends on how advanced the condition is

it depends on the age of the person the seriousness of it how willing and able

the person is to do it can you see that we had a 33 year old doctor of

chiropractic do our program beautiful young woman and she had advanced breast cancer it was like a big

rock on her chest and the skin was breaking down and I said to her husband

how how did it get to this this was incredibly advanced and it’s rare that

you see a turnaround from that and he said well she just didn’t do anything

about it and finally can you see she’s come to us in the last five minutes just

about do you know we could not really do anything for her she couldn’t lie down

for the Raps she couldn’t I ended up going to the local doctor and getting a

script filled out for her heavy painkillers that’s that’s all we could do

and unfortunately she passed only a month later can you see how and it was

very advanced see when we first get that knock that’s when we’ve got listen the

body says now do something now so this is what I say when people come to me I

say well we’ve seen turnarounds we’ve seen a lot of turnarounds and sometimes

we’ve seen three months go to six years praise God and sometimes we’ve seen the last days

made more comfortable so whatever the result those three options are all

pluses aren’t they because when you have a look when people say I’m on chemotherapy for palliative care I say

palliative care what sort of palliative care makes your hair fall out gives you

constant diarrhea takes away the feelings from your feet and your hands I wouldn’t call that very effective

palliative care would you but most people are sick through ignorance and I

believe the only hope of better things on planet earth is the education of people in the right principles so I

trust that I have inspired you to show great respect for this amazing human

body that we live in and to look after us

so shall we bow our heads to close father in heaven thank you thank you

thank you for this incredible body thank you for the knowledge on how to treat it

I pray for every head bowed here father that you will give each one of us wisdom

inspiration and motivation to begin implementing what we need to do so that

we can enjoy our bodies a little better and even be better prepared to work for

the master is our prayer in Jesus name Amen

yeah all right good evening everyone before you run out just a quick update um the rest of the week I’m pretty sure

you want to know what she’s going to talk about for the rest of the week just up on the screen you’ll see the different titles can everybody see past

the word alright so up on the board you see a journey through the gut tomorrow so then talk about the gastro areas oh –

a diabetes so if you know someone with diabetes can have some information on that there are say the heart high blood

pressure different topics like that on Friday hormones how hormonal imbalances

can causes problems now on Sabbath Saturday there will be two services one

at 9:30 which would be talking about the frontal lobe diseases of the mind depression diff different topics like

that and then at 11:30 rewiring the brain how you can actually change the

way you think and change a lot of different aspects of your body now before you go just a quick update

tomorrow we’re starting promptly at 6:30 there’s a light supper between 5:30 to

6:15 at 6:30 we will be started know some of you were here for the first update if you have any questions there’s

a question box on the outside if you have some paper now you can leave it but starting tomorrow they’ll be handing out

papers that you can actually write down any questions that you may have and what she would do is she would answer the

questions in the very beginning so hopefully you’ll be there as you go out you’ll see some coalporters that in

books umber media and coalporters lastly there’s live streaming if you can’t make it throughout the week if you go to

www.hsn DHL RG you can share that with others that you want to see they can watch this

online live and you can even catch it you could download it and re-watch it alright so as you’re dismissed

feel free to leave a donation just to offset some costs have a blessed evening invite a friend see tomorrow God willing

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