Basics of the #QAnon Phenomenon

The Best Primer or Book, for that matter, written about the Qanon Phenomenon sweeping the World!

New to Q? You will be quite well informed on Q after reading this article @  links posted below (Html & PDF). Enjoy getting RED PILLED as we like to call Awakening from the stupor in which we’ve been hypnotically put. -Laura Mae

How does Q communicate?

I’m assuming that, if you’re reading this, you’ve seen at least a few of Q’s posts – even if you didn’t fully understand what they mean. And that’s fine; for our purposes right now, all you really need is a bare minimum of exposure to Q. (And even if you don’t have that, don’t worry – that’s coming later in the article).

If Q is who he says he is (Military Intelligence – which, for those who don’t know, is an intelligence agency akin to the FBI, or CIA, only not corrupt) this implies he has access to a ton of intel beyond what the average American citizen has.  This intel is of course classified, and therefore subject to all kinds of National Security laws.

However, this does not stop the average person from being able to make connections on their own; connections which mirror what that intel has to say.

This leads to a Socratic style of posting, where Q will often present two (or more) seemingly separate topics, and challenge us to see if we can establish a relationship between the two, to “connect,” as he often says.

This allows him to side-step these laws, and create a sort of crowd-sourced narrative that is, at the very least, closer to the truth than anything being reported by the MSM.


Just a quick preface before we begin. Part of the reason I wrote this was because, well, we’re all expecting the internet to go down at a certain point. This article is designed to be something of a lifeline, and it may just be something you’ll want to print out and share with friends, or those who are new to QAnon and looking for more information. You can get a beautiful PDF of this article for printing, by clicking here:   https://mega.nz/#!Z1xy3a5Q!uVA5CQQNFj_M-XAZ7EJXPtIx7HKgsHTUDlzcJZ9aFN4


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  1. Q is a fictional character in the James Bond films and film novelisations. Q is a job title, unlike M, which is a cypher for the character's name. He is the head of Q Branch, the fictional research and development division of the British Secret Service.  I'm not implying that we are being taken for a ride with the Q Posts.  It would, however, be interesting if the term Q meant we are getting help from overseas.  British Intelligence in particular.

  2. Trumps whole presidency is meant to bring the notion that the government and media are being forced into a state of "transparency" and accountability because people from all demographics in America are waking up to the fact that politics as presented to us is a facade.. So they bring you in a loyal puppet of theirs to seem like he's gonna drain the swamp.. Anyone that they can sick back into the left right paradigm with this play / theater was never really starting to see the big picture anyway.. It's all an act.. If trump went against "deep state" he'd be publicly assassinated by them to install proper fear in the next puppet they appoint .. Better go listen to that last speech JKF did on illuminati before he was killed..

  3. Q is fake too.. More government ploys to give the illusion of accountability.. Tavistock social Engineering.. This is what they do when too many people find out about a thing .. Bring out what we ALREADY found out ourselves as if they are trustworthy and informative all the while controlling the narrative.. Lulling everyone that us gullible enough to believe them right back into a state of complacency until they shut down the grid and engage

  4. Woah there buddy let me get my aluminum foil hat….
    Yea you lost me at off world help.
    Then your saying we have some sort of hive mind learning capabilities?? Dude what are you smokin?

  5. it is now January 2019 and nothing that Q has said has taken place. Q is and was a member of "them" and all this crap was too see who would fall for it. You have only a part of the picture man…dig deeper

  6. Great video, thank you so much bringing clarity to this growing movement. Near the beginning you question as to when the "Alliance" began. Reviewing historical fact, I would think it was when President Eisenhower had to threaten to bring in the 1st Army Division of Colorado to enter Area 51 after his initial request for an inspection had been denied. As we know, following this incident, his farewell speech emphatically stated "beware of the military industrial complex and large corporate entities" (I paraphrase). So, yes, I believe an initiative to formally confront the deep state has existed for many years. But, hey, how does anyone go toe-to-toe with the Builderbergs? Not an easy task.

  7. While looking at your Q board' before you began speaking of it I already see you know nothing about Q and your going to break it down???? sorry I'm out' and saying were all Q is dangerious if you don't know who Q is because it could be a Quntum computer running our country and to say we are all a Quantum Program could lead people to believe there serving a false prophet or is some cases god' many look at Q as the answer to all questions except who what where how & when Q is, Just saying ( It was given a voice to speak ……………………………..

  8. But If the media is saying bad stuff about Trump and it's owned by the deep state…why wouldn't the deep state have enough power to elect any president they want? And also I thought Trump and media is doing this on purpose (fighting pointing fingers) to hide in plain site…

  9. If you've ever studied or had to deal with an individual narcissist, sociopath, etc, you know how hard it is get to the reality. Now picture that on a collective, global scale.

  10. Hi, is there a different link to the Q posts now? The one above says it moved and the 'new' one is being blocked by my browser…

  11. A really well done and well thought out video on the phenomenon. Thanks Jordan for the clarification and basics!! Timely information for me too!!

  12. I tell you I understand, "their symbols will be their downfall"… Crickets. I tell you I know a lot more than rodin about vortex geometry… Crickets. Whats up shill?

  13. What proof do you have that this Satanic Cable exists? I BELIVE BUT WHY DO I? Also your hundredth monkey effect explanation was very weak. Sorry man I just trying to learn too.

  14. It's Dwave quantum computer….Q is DISTRACTION TACTIC…A GOOD ONE…for the people trying desperately seeking to make sense of the shitshow…sorry it's true

  15. Very confused on the point of “Q could be a faker but it doesn’t matter because the information is right.” Where is the information coming from if “Q” is just making it all up to troll people or whatever. Doesn’t really make sense

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