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Beware “Nationals” — Are Not State Nationals

Beware “Nationals” — Are Not State Nationals

By Anna Von Reitz

There is a reason that we call our people “State Nationals” and don’t just call them

It’s because Americans are Nationals of their nation-states, therefore, State Nationals —- while
the Federales, both Territorial (military) and Municipal (civil service) personnel are not acting
in the capacity of State Nationals and so, call themselves “Federal Citizens” or “United States
Nationals” or just “Nationals”.

They, the military and civil service, are all acting as “Federal citizenry” of one type or another,
so when push comes to shove, they call themselves “United States Nationals” or simply
“Nationals” when they are off-duty, in the reserves, retired in a Federal State of State, or
otherwise inactive.

This has been a cause of confusion in several States and has resulted in attempted takeover of
our Assemblies by people just calling themselves “Nationals” but actually belonging in District
or Municipal Assemblies and having no business attending ours.

The Coordinators need to be aware of this ruse and semantic deceit and our Assemblies need to
recognize these people and redirect them to join their own District (for military personnel and
dependents) or Municipal (for federal civil service and dependents) Assemblies.

We don’t need or want these people causing trouble and clogging up our State Assembly
operations. Remember that they may have been born in our States, but they are not operating
as Americans while adopting U.S. Citizen (Territorial) or “citizen of the United States”
(Municipal) political status.

They are working for foreign Municipal Corporations which require them to adopt foreign
political statuses. This results in them having their own separate foreign “District Assembly”

This is another semantic deceit and source of confusion — so make the distinction clear in your
minds. State Nationals are part of the nation-state Government and belong in State
Assemblies. People calling themselves “Nationals” are Federal citizenry — either military or
Federal Civil Service, and belong in their separate District or Municipal Assemblies.
State Assembly Coordinators, Chairmen, and other Assembly Officers are hereby alerted to the
problem and called upon to examine the words and actions of the people attending our
Assemblies. A clear distinction and line must be drawn and the integrity of the various
“Assemblies” — State, District, and Municipal District Assemblies must be maintained.

Remember— State Assemblies are for State Nationals and State Citizens. District Assemblies
are for the military and their dependents.

Municipal Assemblies are for civil service members and their dependents.

If anyone is confused as to which political status they belong in, simply ask them questions and
help them determine where they are and where they want to be.

Some people, especially active-duty military and federal civil service (like Postal Clerks) have
no choice. Their jobs require them to be in and stay in foreign political status and act as
members of the District or Municipal Assemblies while they are federally employed.

Many of these people have the choice of returning to State National or State Citizen status after
they retire or move on to private sector jobs, and are therefore eligible to join State Assemblies,
but don’t realize the difference.

Once they realize the difference, many of these “returning” Americans will want to join their
State Assembly, but they may have a hard time rearranging their habits of thinking and doing
things — and we all have to be aware of this as we go forward.

We have all been deeply indoctrinated by the Public School system and the Tele-i-vision to
function in a Corporatist Government environment. This takes time to overcome and diligence
on our parts to recognize the signs of this behavior in ourselves and in others.

It’s also our responsibility to sort out who belongs where in the various assembly options.
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