Biden Quoted on Molesting Children, QAnon Book to Bestseller in 10 categories!

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  1. dude sessions basically slapped his hand away, but the real gold is in the look on his face
    that basically said 'gtf away from my grandaughter you fucking perv!!'

    cannot wait for the silent assassin to pull his trigger…

  2. To be fair, Joe Biden was speaking to people below the screen. NO! I'm not arguing for him just saying the optics were horrible and the close up did not show the actual scene as it was. Now, we need someone to ask Joe on the record, when did he stop molesting children? How many has he molested? Blessings friends :o)

  3. The mind boggler is that the parents of these children who are getting felt up by Biden are obviously uncomfortable and incredulously laughing nervously as if to say "oh…there he goes again creepy Joe molesting the kids"… How many decent parents out there wouldn't step in in a heart beat to save your kids from losing their dignity!?!

  4. Hillary will be the Dem nominee… TRUMP, Republican leaders and even the Republican citizens (as myself) need to NOT take this lightly. She and many helping her has prepared for this for the last 3 years… She will not be the same Hillary and she will be full of bad surprises..

  5. trump started the red flag laws! Ivanka is running around trying to get states to start red flag laws, trump said he wouldn't touch 2nd amendment and he lied!

  6. They are saying the crowd was on that side too with the back ground picture but they didn't show that part of the video i watched it on the Black Conservative Patriot the title 11-4-2019 name of video NOT GOOD! FOX NEWS & DAILY WIRE PUSHING FAKE NEWS!/THE BRILLIANCE OF GAETZ./NUNES UPDATE ON DOSSIER. time line around 3:40 in the video. Just want you to realize that the news sometimes is off I believed it too until I saw this I watched this on 2 or 3 different video's Thanks Dustin for all the hard work you do to help get the truth to us much appreciated!

  7. Joe Biden was not talking to a screen there was people in between the stage and that big movie screen behind him. he was just looking back at them

  8. When your book came out I Purchased 5 copies and gave them to sound asleep family members.
    I’m not sure if they read them or not but with things ramping up, I have no doubt that they’ve at least skim through pages
    We have to meet people where they are in this battle
    I know when they’re ready they’ll come ask a question or two
    It’s a terrific time to be alive
    Much love
    ~Dr Tammy

  9. Sessions cranddauhhter at a meeting biden walked over to sessions and tried to put his hands on sessions granddaughter and her swipe his hand away. TERRIBLE. THAT BIDEN. DIRTY MAN

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