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Biden Soils Nappies After Watching Christians Obliterate Socialists In European Elections

June 21, 2021

Biden Soils Nappies After Watching Christians Obliterate Socialists In European Elections

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A riveting new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting French President Emmanuel Macron having thanked Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden last week, during the G-7 Summit, for his being “part of the club who is very willing to cooperate”, says that after yesterday’s national election in France, it most likely will see Biden awakening this morning in a soiled nappy like a confused, scared and terrified baby—specifically because Macron’s socialist party garnered only 10.9 % of the vote in Sunday’s regional elections—regional elections that are critical to notice as they are seen as a barometer for next year’s national elections, which are only 10 months away—and saw this election being marred by a record-low turnout that French rightist leader Marine Le Pen called “a civic disaster”.

While reviewing the results of this French election, this transcript shows Security Council Members agreeing that this record-low turnout is a logical consequence of socialists manipulating the pandemic to the extent that their voters are terrified of even seeing their own shadows—that can’t be said about Christian peoples, who live in fear of nothing and pay no attention to socialist propaganda—which made it no surprise to see the conservative Les Républicains Party amazingly surging to a first-round lead in the French elections—specifically because this party maintains a Gaullist tradition including Christian democracy—which is a political ideology that emerged in 19th Century Europe under the influence of Catholic social teaching, as well as neo-Calvinism, and was conceived as a combination of modern democratic ideas and traditional Christian values and Christian ethics.

This transcript also sees Security Council Members noting how Biden blindly walked into the “Swiss Trap” laid out by President Putin by him agreeing to hold their summit last week in Geneva-Switzerland—a Switzerland that ignited the Christian neo-Calvinism reformation, and whose banking secrecy is rooted in Calvinism—today sees Calvinism experiencing an historic resurgence among young people—and exactly as President Putin planned when he laid this trap, when the spotlight was turned on Switzerland because of this summit, the Swiss people were fully exposed to Biden and his demonic socialist forces—after which they went to the polls in a national referendum last week and shocked socialists to their very core by soundly rejecting insane new climate change laws—a sound rejection remarkable to notice, as explained in the article “Swiss Reject Climate Change With Zoomers And Millennials Leading The Way”, that notes to the terror of socialists the world over: “The climate change referendum in Switzerland just went down in flames led by 18-34 year old voters”.

Next this transcript shows Security Council Members noting how socialist forces in Sweden have completely ignored their Christian peoples, especially those Swedes noticing the historic revival of Calvinism—an ignorance of Christians that saw the Swedish National Museum going insane last week when they bowed to socialist ideology and slapped warnings on classic 19th Century art portraying them as patriarchal, reactionary, and borderline dangerous due to alleged features of racism, sexism, and nationalism—and whose predictable consequence of was seen yesterday, which was when the entire socialist Swedish government was toppled for the first time in history—and was an historic event that saw socialist Prime Minister Stefan Löfven losing a no-confidence vote in parliament after a total of 181 lawmakers voted to oust him.

Most interestingly this transcript shows Security Council Members discussing the document “Have The Great Reset Technocrats Really Thought This Through?” just published by the esteemed Strategic Culture Foundation think tank, wherein it warns: “The only thing left to destroy in a world populated by elites alone, are other elites…It would seem that the desire to dominate others does not simply come to an end on its own”—a warning made astonishing because it was echoed a few hours later by the leftist Washington Post in their just published article “Can Biden Save The Democrats From Themselves?”, wherein it fearfully observes: “The reality is that Biden may be the only thing standing between his party’s activists and a looming catastrophe…Condemning the United States as a force for repression didn’t work for Democrats in the Nixon or Reagan eras, and it won’t work as a reaction to the Trump moment, either. Left unchecked, it would almost certainly lead Democrats to ruin in next year’s elections”.

Security Council Members in this transcript next note with alarm that these warnings were joined by President Dr. Elliot Stern of Saddleback College proclaiming to her elite California students this weekend that “Critical Race Theory is the new Communism”—a true fact being kept from the American people by the leftist mainstream propaganda media about this demonic plot to socialist indoctrinate school children—best exampled today by the leftist Washington Post publishing a hit piece on conservative activist Christopher Rufo over his exposure of Critical Race Theory socialist indoctrination—after which Rufo fired back exposing every lie told by the Washington Post, to include his showing the Critical Race Theory documents that say “all white people are racist” and “abolish the white race”.

As to how deadly this Critical Race Theory socialist indoctrination has become, this transcript sees Security Council Members expressing horror over what happened this weekend in America—where, in Flint-Michigana black radical was killed after she opened fire on white police officers, while in Chicago-Illinois, it saw a black mob drag a white Hispanic couple from their car and gun them down in cold blood on the street in broad daylight killing the husband and critically wounding the wife—horrific violence coming just days after police captured a black terrorist who went on a two-day shooting spree targeting white males in Alabama and Georgia because white people had “wronged me my entire life—all of which is being ignored by the leftist propaganda media because it doesn’t fit their ‘all white people are racist’ narrative—but when a driver plowed his vehicle into a LGBT parade in Florida on Saturday, it saw leftist propaganda newscasts flooding the airwaves with Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis screaming that the crash at the Wilton Manors Stonewall Pride Parade was a terrorist attack on the LGBTQ community—but a few hours later, it then saw the leftist propaganda media going completely silent about this incident when it was discovered that the driver was a gay man who was part of the parade and whose foot got stuck on the accelerator.

Equally as ominous occurring in America, this transcript sees Security Council Members noting with alarm that ordinary Americans are starting to break under the unrelenting pressure of the vile socialist attacks aimed against them—with this being best exampled last week when in Georgia, where a young white man gunned down a socialist cashier who told him to wear a mask, and in South Carolina, where, two weeks ago, still unknown assassins took the law into their own hands to kill an elite socialist rich kid awaiting trial for killing a young woman while driving his boat drunk, along with his mother—a revenge killing that’s now prompted the Attorney General of South Carolina to reopen the case of why this elite rich kid was being treated so leniently—though in reality, no investigation is needed, as everyone in America knows elite rich kids are never charged for their crimes and punished—and as further evidenced this week when Biden ordered the release from federal prison of Reality Winner for her “exemplary behavior, and who was in prison because she leaked highly-classified documents in a bid to harm President Donald Trump.

This transcript concludes with Security Council Members noting the warning issued last week by Republican Party leader US Senator Ron Johnson, who warned the “unequal application of justice” that sees Trump supporters being beaten and starved in solitary confinement, while Antifa and BLM terrorists are never charged for any crime, is being noticed and isn’t going to end well—a truthful fact known by the powerful Catholic Bishops in America, who in siding with President Trump against these demonic socialists caused a terrified leftist New York Times to rush out their warning article “In Rift With Biden, a Dramatic Show of Force by a Conservative Catholic Movement”—sees these Catholic Bishops being joined in this war against Biden by North Korean defector Yeonmi Park, who while watching these insane American socialists exclaimed: “Even North Korea isn’t this nuts!”—in a move to explode the heads of these socialists even more saw the St. Louis couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey showing off their newly purchased AR-15 assault rifle yesterday just 48-hours after they surrendered their old guns and pled guilty to the trumped up misdemeanor charges for protecting their home against a socialist mob—and to end this week that saw America going completely bat shit crazy, it saw President Trump remaining hopeful in his post to the American people, that said: “Happy Father’s Day to all, including the Radical Left, RINOs [Republican-in-name-only], and other Losers of the world…Hopefully, eventually, everyone will come together!”   [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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