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Biden Wants “Dr. Fauci Day” National Holiday

Biden Wants “Dr. Fauci Day” National Holiday


Joseph Biden, the so-called president of the United States, is deliberating whether to memorialize Dr. Anthony Fauci by creating a new federal holiday—Dr. Fauci Day, which would pay tribute to the Deep State Doctor on December 13, the day the first Covid-19 vaccination was administered in the United States.

Two administration sources speaking under condition of anonymity told RRN that Biden wanted to venerate Dr. Fauci as early as February, but the idea stalled due to pushback from key Republican lawmakers who said federal holidays are meant to immortalize important dates and persons whose preeminent contributions to society warrant such an honor.

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) argued that Fauci’s oscillating messages on Covid-19 prevention resulted in tens of thousands of preventable deaths.

“Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. He’s a man who made incalculable contributions to mankind. Independence Day celebrates our nation’s liberation from British rule—well worth a national holiday. What has he [Fauci] done? Killed people. He should be in prison, not be celebrated,” Jordan said of Fauci.

But Biden has since mustered considerable Democratic support in favor of Dr. Fauci Day.

Biden, our sources said, personally asked Michigan Rep. Debbie Stebenow (D) to author a bill calling for a federal holiday in Fauci’s namesake. Sixty—and growing—Democratic legislators have already pledged their support, and several Democratic governors, though they have no authority over such actions, have said Fauci’s recognition is long overdue. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer called Fauci “an American hero”; Governor Cuomo said “Fauci’s accomplishments must not be forgotten”; and Oregon Governor Kate Brown said Dr. Fauci’s accomplishments were the most transformative in human history.

The bill, once authored, would have to gain sponsorship, then House and Senate approval before being passed into law. Considering that Democrats have unconstitutionally seized control of the legislature, that outcome seems likely.

It’s unclear how the citizenry will react to the Fauci bill, as a sharp rift divides how Democrats and Republicans view Fauci’s “accomplishments.” Republicans overwhelmingly hate him, whereas Democrats overwhelmingly love him and extol his virtues as godlike.

“The Democrats and the mainstream media adore Dr. Fauci,” our source said. “Once this bill goes on record, hits the House floor, it will probably move fast.”

In the unlikely event the bill does not gain legislative traction, Biden has not ruled out using executive action to guarantee Fauci a spot in the annals of history, our source added.

“Biden might stroke his pen on an executive order if he has to,” our source said.


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