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Biden War Cost Soars Over $8 Trillion As Dreaded Durham Monday Looms

May 13, 2022

Biden War Cost Soars Over $8 Trillion As Dreaded Durham Monday Looms

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An insightful new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin revealing that due to Western colonial sanctions over the “Special De-Nazification Operation” to liberate Ukraine a number of countries are already encountering the threats of hunger, says he then warned the consequences of these actions will be difficult to reverse and factually stated: “The blame for this entirely and completely rests with the elites of the Western countries who for the sake of preserving their global domination are ready to sacrifice the rest of the world”.

As these godless socialist Western elites prepare to “sacrifice the rest of the world to preserve their global domination”, this report notes, is saw President Putin further revealing: “A good harvest is expected this year…According to experts, the grain harvest can reach 130 million tons, including 87 million tons of wheat…This can become a record wheat harvest in the entire history of Russia”—is a record Russian grain harvest the Western colonial powers seek to deny to the rest of the world that caused Chinese Deputy United Nations Ambassador Dai Bing to declare: “Sanctions will not bring peace but will only accelerate the spillover of the crisis, triggering sweeping food, energy and financial crises across the globe…By continuing to impose sanctions on Moscow it will force children around the world to suffer the bitter consequences”—a declaration swiftly joined by Chairman John Allan of British supermarket giant Tesco grimly revealing: “I was in some Tesco stores on Friday and I was hearing for the first time for many years of customers saying to checkout staff ‘Stop when you get to £40, I don’t want to spend a penny over that’…I think that many of them are struggling to both be able to heat their homes and to feed their families…And I think we’re seeing, you know, real food poverty for the first time in a generation”.

To the actual effect of these Western colonial sanctions against Russia, this report continues, it sees the leftist New York Times reporting today: “Volumes of crude and oil products shipped out of Russian ports, for example, climbed to 25 million metric tons in April, data from the shipping tracker Refinitiv showed, up from around 24 million metric tons in December, January, February and March, and mostly above the levels of the last two years”—then it saw Bloomberg News reporting: “The Russian Ruble has eclipsed 31 major currencies in growth since the start of 2022, becoming the globe’s best-performing currency…The Ruble has strengthened against the US Dollar by more than 11% since the beginning of the year…On the international currency market, the Ruble exchange rate has shown even greater growth of about 12% “.

Standing opposed to Russia’s record grain harvest, increasing oil sales and rising currency value, however, this report details, the war for global domination being led by Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden has wiped out more than $7-trillion from the American stock markets so far this year and has seen more than $1-trillion of crypto currency wealth vanish in the past six months—and is a beyond staggering loss of over $8-trillion that now equals the more than $8-trillion of American wealth lost in waging its failed 20-year wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In doing his Western colonial masters bidding to keep this conflict ongoing, this report notes, this morning it saw Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy ordering his negotiators to stop all talks with Russia, then saw him declaring like the madman he truly is: “I am ready for talks with Putin…But just with him…Without any of his intermediaries…This must be done on terms of a dialogue, instead of ultimatums”—a declaration of madness President Zelenskyy quickly joined by having his parliament officially terminate the main Ukraine opposition party—quickly following this act to extinguish Ukrainian democracy it saw CIA mouthpiece David Ignatius revealing in his leftist Washington Post column: “The world will eventually celebrate a final Ukrainian victory and the expulsion of the last Russian invader…But that could be years, even decades, away…The eventual bill for this war will be immense…A Ukrainian official told me on Wednesday that the eventual cost will exceed $500 billion”—all of which became too much to stomach for top Republican Party lawmaker US Senator Rand Paul, who single-handedly held up $40-billion in additional American aid for Ukraine.

Standing against these Western colonial powers seeking global domination, this report continues, are the facts documented in the just published article “What Does The West Really Think About The Ukrainian Conflict?”, wherein it reveals: “Citizens of 26 out of 27 countries surveyed by the Ipsos International Research Center put “inflation” as their number one concern in an April survey…These include countries that have taken a hard line against Russia (like the US, UK, Canada, and Poland), and those that haven’t condemned Moscow (like India, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia)…Poverty, unemployment, crime, and corruption made up the four most worrying issues behind inflation, with “military conflict between nations” coming in at a distant 11th, between climate change and immigration control”—and in the just published article “Americans Don’t Want War With Russia But Republicans And Democrats Are Forcing It Anyway”, sees it further revealing: “Since the conflict in Ukraine and Russia began, high-profile elites have demanded that the United States back Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky with finances, food, weaponry, and even the threat of war against Vladimir Putin, but this is out of step with the will of the people…A majority of Americans do not want the U.S. to go to war with Russia over Ukraine…Recent polling from The Washington Post and ABC News suggests that 72 percent of U.S. adults “oppose the United States taking direct military action against Russian forces”…So far, neither Biden nor the Republicans or Democrats in Congress have laid out a peace plan or spending limits for Ukraine…Instead, they’ve used reckless rhetoric to escalate U.S. involvement and explicitly signaled their intent to take down a nuclear power against voters’ desires”.

As part of what these Western colonial powers are doing to entice their citizens into war, this report details, is keeping them from knowing the truth, as best exampled today by former French Army soldier Adrian Bocquet, who spent several weeks in Ukraine delivering medical equipment and supplies, and just horrifyingly revealed: “The only crimes I saw during the days I was there were perpetrated by Ukrainian forces…I saw Russian soldiers who were taken prisoner, bound and badly beaten…They were brought to a detention area in groups of three or four in minibuses…Every soldier exiting the minibus received a bullet from a Kalashnikov rifle in the knee…Those who admitted that they were officers got shot in the head…When I returned to France, I was extremely shocked by what the people who were invited on the TV shows were saying…A chasm exists between what I see and hear on TV and what I saw on the spot…For me it’s abominable”—and is an abomination also noted by famed British independent journalist Caitlin Johnstone, who, in her just published warning article “Everyone’s Anti-War Until The Propaganda Starts”, factually states:

Opposing violence means standing up against the most sophisticated information machine that has ever existed.

Our entire civilization is shaped by domestic propaganda, but the only time you ever hear that word in mainstream discourse is when it’s used to discuss the comparatively almost nonexistent influence of Russian propaganda on our society.

All the mainstream alarm ringing about Russian propaganda gives the impression that it comprises close to 100 percent of the total propaganda that westerners consume, when in reality it’s a tiny fraction of one percent of the total propaganda that westerners consume. Instead, almost all of it comes from western sources.

Propaganda is the single most overlooked and underappreciated aspect of our society. It has far more influence over how the public thinks, acts and votes than any of our official mechanisms for doing so, yet it’s barely discussed, it isn’t taught in schools, and even the best political ideologies barely touch on it relative to their other areas of focus.

All the fretting about Russian propaganda from establishment narrative managers comes so close to giving away their secret: that they know it’s possible to manipulate the way the public thinks, acts and votes using media.  They just don’t admit that they’re the ones who are doing this.

It’s actually the weirdest thing in the world that there’s something that has been directly affecting our minds our entire lives, and which directly affects the way our entire society is organized, but we don’t talk about it constantly.  It should be at the front and center of our attention.

But of course that’s the whole idea.  Propaganda only works on those who don’t know they’re being propagandized.  The US-centralized empire’s ability to hide its propaganda machine is a foundational element of its brilliance.

As to who controls this vast and demonic Western colonial “propaganda machine”, this report notes, was revealed this past fortnight in the bombshell book “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future” written by New York Times investigative reporters Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns, about which its observed: “The book asks the vitally important (and disturbing) question: can American democracy, as we know it, ever work again?”—in the Wall Street Journal review of this book it says: “It is deeply reported, with sourcing from both parties and criticisms of both, which is refreshing…It captures the insularity of Washington and the closed-off nature of the conversations that consume it”—and in the just published London Guardian article “This Will Not Pass Review: Trump-Biden Blockbuster Is Dire Reading For Democrats”, it portrays “a Democratic party led by Joe Biden as, in equal measure, inept and out of touch”, and reveals that Biden is so delusional he answers calls saying: “This is President Roosevelt”.

In knowing the truth that this vast and demonic “propaganda machine” is controlled by the socialist Democrats, this report continues, last week it caused America’s most watched newsman Fox News host Tucker Carlson to warn that “the Ukraine war is the inevitable end stage of Russiagate”, and saw him factually stating:

Here’s a happy memory.  By breakfast, really even brunch, on Election Day 2016, virtually nobody in Washington, D.C. thought Donald Trump could win, and they didn’t think that because the entire press corps had been telling them for months that Trump had, as they always put it, literally no chance—not even as an abstract, theoretical matter.

This wasn’t actually a race. In fact, come November 8th, you’ll remember this. Donald Trump was going to be drowned by a towering blue tsunami and swept away forever, along with the rest of the Republican Party — the collaborators, anyway—and polling numbers seemed to confirm that this was going to happen and so, by the way, did the private betting markets.  At least one of those markets had set the spread at 80-20 for Hillary Clinton that morning.

In the end, of course, they were not only wrong, they were hilariously wrong.  By midnight, Trump had won and a lot of highly educated, extremely well credentialed people suddenly looked ridiculous.  Hillary Clinton herself was so shocked by the results that night that she refused to give a concession speech. She went to bed hoping it was just a dream.

Now, you probably remember all of that very well, but it was what happened next in the days between the election and Thanksgiving that it turns out in a lot of ways was much more important.

What happened during that period set the course for where we are right now.  Where we are right now is speeding toward one of the great disasters in our history.

So, the leaders of the Democratic Party couldn’t, in effect, handle the outcome of the 2016 election.  They snapped under the strain of it, under the crushed expectation.

But rather than look inward and assess their own role in the disaster —”What did we do wrong? Why did voters reject us?” and other questions that emotionally mature adults might have asked — Democratic leaders instead immediately set out to find somebody else to blame for the election results.  And soon they settled on Russia.

If you wanted to save Ukraine, its people, its infrastructure, its nation, you would push for a settlement now.  You would have done it two months ago, but they’re not doing that.  They’ve rejected it out of hand.

So that’s not their goal, saving Ukraine, saving human lives.  No, that’s not their goal.  Instead, the war in Ukraine is designed to cause regime change in Moscow.

They want to topple the Russian government.  That would be payback for the 2016 election.

Also knowing the truth that this vast and demonic “propaganda machine” controlled by the socialist Democrats is attempting to ignite total war with Russia in order to cover up for their 2016 election crimes against President Donald Trump, this report concludes, is feared United States federal prosecutor Special Counsel John Durham, about whom it was reported yesterday: “GPS Fusion, the research firm Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign hired to dig up dirt on Donald Trump’s supposed ties to Russia, must turn over nearly two dozen emails to special counsel John Durham, a federal judge ruled Thursday”—and is a ruling whose significance is documented in the just published Wall Street Journal article “John Durham Goes To Court”, wherein it reveals:

Special Counsel John Durham steps into court Monday with the first trial of his probe into Democrats’ Russia-collusion hoax.

That’s a formality. Mr. Durham has already won.  The Washington press corps knows it got played—and how.

Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann stands accused of lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation by claiming the dirt on Donald Trump he fed to the FBI wasn’t delivered on behalf of “any client.” Mr. Sussmann was in the pay of the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee and worked extensively with outside players and the media to produce the collusion narrative as well as documents that stoked FBI probes of Mr. Trump’s 2016 campaign, according to Durham filings. Mr. Sussmann has pleaded not guilty.

Commentators spent last week warring over whether Judge Christopher Cooper’s rulings on the use of evidence would help or hinder Mr. Durham’s case.  It doesn’t much matter. Mr. Durham has already accomplished his far bigger goal with this narrow indictment. He’s put every sleazy collusion player in the hot seat, with ramifications beyond the courtroom.

From the day the special counsel released the 27-page Sussmann indictment in September (and the follow-on charges against dossier contributor Igor Danchenko), it’s been clear he had ambitions that went far beyond a conviction for lying.  Each of his filings follows the same, deliberate strategy—lengthy briefs and long exhibits full of names, emails and documents, all of which connect the dots and expose the web that enabled this hoax, and the lies that kept it hidden.

Democratic superlawyer Marc Elias isn’t charged, but he also no longer heads the elite political-law practice at Perkins Coie. The firm last August announced Mr. Elias, who’d been there 28 years, was leaving to start his own small practice.  A few weeks later, the Sussmann indictment laid bare the role Mr. Elias, a longtime DNC and Clinton lawyer, played in ginning up and distributing the bogus Trump-Russia claims.

Christopher Steele, author of the infamous dossier, once lauded by the press as an international superspy, is now a man in search of a reputation.  His dossier’s “intelligence,” Mr. Durham’s documents show, came primarily from a Brookings Institution employee, Mr. Danchenko, who was recycling salacious chatter from a Clinton associate. Whatever work Mr. Steele may find in future, it won’t include assisting the FBI or any other respectable agency.

Mrs. Clinton won’t be in the courtroom, but the campaign’s claims it was in the dark about the Perkins Coie and Fusion work are in ashes. Mr. Durham’s evidence shows top Clinton aides—including campaign manager Robby Mook—were apprised of allegations and helped circulate them. Also among the circulators was current national security adviser Jake Sullivan, who faces calls to resign given his role.

The narrow prosecution of the little-known Mr. Sussmann has allowed for a focus on the bigger story.

Stay tuned for a flood of more information coming out of a trial that on its face is about one lawyer, but in reality is the continuing tale of one of the dirtiest tricks in modern U.S. history.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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