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Body Doubles Meet At United Nations

Body Doubles Meet At United Nations


Body doubles of criminals Joseph R. Biden and Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the U.N. Assembly in New York this week, with Biden accusing Putin of “brutal aggression” and Zelenskyy evoking the specter of a nuclear war, rehashing a fictitious narrative painting Putin as an autocratic megalomaniac eager to conquer the world by any means necessary.

Sources at U.S. Army Cyber Command, Fort Gordon, and Russia’s Federal Security Service, the FSB, told Real Raw News that neither the real Biden nor the genuine Zelenskyy attended the assembly and that the entities posing as them were masked imposters or, less likely, clones. Although both sources believe that Zelenskyy is alive and living in seclusion amid a harem of underage children at his guarded compound in Kyiv, their intel on Biden differs sharply.

FSB Agent Andrei Zakharov said Joseph Biden is dead and that Barack Hussein Obama had ordered his execution in March 2013. They cited a Ministry of Defense debrief—RRN viewed a heavily redacted translation—purportedly authored by a Russian double agent who worked in the West Wing from January 2010 to April 2014. The 32-page document asserts that Biden absentmindedly entered the Oval Office while Obama was on his knees performing oral sex on Michelle, real name Michael Robinson, a transvestite with a phallus.

Upon seeing a smirking Biden—whose own closet held innumerable skeletons—the Obamas came unglued, threatening to kill Biden if he revealed what he saw or mentioned Michelle’s true gender to anyone, anywhere. And Biden, seemingly enthralled with Ungodly performance, said the Obamas needn’t fret because he, too, had participated in aberrant acts of wanton lust. A gossipy Biden had either forgotten or disregarded the threat and hinted he discovered something extraordinary about Barack and Michelle to a few West Wing staffers. The vague rumors eventually got back to the Obamas, who decided Biden had to be dealt with before he blabbed to the wrong people. The debrief further claims that the Obamas approached Jill Biden, saying her husband posed a grave threat to national security and had to be “replaced,” and that she, Jill, said she understood, though the document doesn’t say whether Jill knew Michelle was a man.

By that time, though, Michelle Obama’s real name and gender were hardly a secret; stories of Michelle sporting male genitalia had been appearing in the alternative press. But the Obama media machine either ignored those tales or labeled them conspiracies proliferated by enemy propagandists.

“See, with Biden it was much different. If he told your mainstream media, even accidentally, it might be a big problem for Obama. He was homosexual and Michael or Michelle, whichever, was a man—this was Obama’s secret shame, and he’d do anything to protect it—even kill his vice president. He was ashamed of his gayness but couldn’t control his dark urges. We don’t tolerate homosexuality in Russia like you do in your United States,” Zakharov said.

Obama, he added, had Biden murdered in March 2013, and replaced him with a body double.

Unlike sources at ARCYBER, which cites names like actor Arthur Roberts, the FSB doesn’t know, or won’t speculate, who is currently playing POTUS. In fact, Putin had no interest in the fake Bidens until the regime began funneling billions of dollars and U.S. weapons into the greedy hands of Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Moreover, Putin reportedly was amused that a hundred million or more gullible people believed Biden had won the 2020 presidential election and was living in the White House and zooming around on Air Force One.

“When United States money went to the dog Zelenskyy, we started to look at this Biden. We know it’s not real Biden because Biden is dead. Your Deep State stupidly used a lefthanded double. Biden was righthanded. We observe many doubles. Some taller, some shorter than Biden. Yes, with age comes bone density loss, but an old man does not get shorter and then taller in two months. Our people watched the U.N. videos this week; we know it’s not Biden,” Zakharov said.

Asked whether the FSB had considered clones, CGI, and Deep Fake tech, Zakharov added, “Yes, they are real and very convincing. Right now this is an actor and not a clone or computer deception.”

He and the debrief also mentioned that Biden had learned of Obama’s true heritage and fraudulent birth certificate—a second reason for eliminating him.

Admittedly, the salacious tale of Barack and Michelle doing the dirty in the Oval Office sounds fantastical and contrived—and Clintonesque—but the FSB stands by it. If true, it wasn’t the first time Obama whacked someone for exposing Michelle’s gender. Following Biden’s alleged murder, talk show host Joan Rivers exclaimed on air that “Michelle Obama is a man!” She wouldn’t live long. On September 4, 2014, Rivers “stopped breathing” while undergoing a minor throat procedure at an outpatient clinic in Yorkville, Manhattan.

Rivers and Obama aside, ARCYBER said that although it has yet to see definitive, credible proof of Biden’s demise, it believes the authentic Biden hasn’t made a public appearance since shortly after he stole the 2020 presidential election.

“We know he was hospitalized for a stroke in June 2021. He vanished, but there was no release paperwork. We’d like more proof than a questionable Russian dossier. If he is dead, we might never know, not if his body’s been destroyed. We can’t trust DNA, either. It can be cloned. He could be dead, or he could be in his basement,” our ARCYBER source said.

Like the FSB, ARCYBER dissected Biden and Zelenskyy’s appearance at the U.N. and deduced, based on facial and gait recognition software, as well as trained observation, that both were imposters, either clones or accomplished actors wearing facial prostheses.

“We look at things a casual observer misses: the length of an earlobe, dental bite occlusion, the length, depth, and number of wrinkles. Unusual language. A lot goes into this. The real question is, did the Zelenskyy imposter know he was talking to a Biden imposter, and vice versa?” he said.

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