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Breaking! 25 States Apply to BRICS; Silicon Valley VS Chiefs SuperBowl Special AND THE USDEBTCLOCK!!



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  1. So glad your website is up again. We couldn’t access it for several days saying the website was disabled. Love your website……you received a badge of honor if they attacked you.

    1. TY! I am glad it’s back up too! I didn’t know what to do with myself, since THIS is all I do these days; share posts like a Madwoman!! I am placing ALL of the blame THIS time on Tucker Carlson/Putin Interview! The site went down just as I pressed PUBLISH! Again, my Daughter/Webmaster was told it was due to a Sudden Surge in Traffic which caused our Server to fill up? My Spidey Sense calls BS, but what can we do but to tolerate this for a short while longer. These evil Censurers are soon History! God Bless! Laura Mae

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