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BREAKING: Kash Patel drops NUKE on J6 Commission – Reveals Evidence that will Exonerate Trump

JULY 1, 2022

Kash Patel joins The Benny Show for an EXCLUSIVE Interview on the clown show January 6th Committee hearings and reveals evidence EXONERATING Donald Trump

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  1. Good going to Kash Patel. President Trump 45 has given all he has for the people, he has given all he has for the country, and more, showing his face, standing proud, attacked every single day with one evil thing from the DS-NWO. He is all that stands between us and them, and he knew it when he ran for President. After all he has gone through, wand what he stands for millions of Americans, God and Country, that is why his loyal voters rally around him, during the witch hunts and this current bs. Go Trump 2024! Have the hat already too:)

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