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Breaking News! Trump CNN Presidential Town Hall Meeting LIVE (REPLAY)!!

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  1. Her saying the Election wasn’t Rigged makes me want to slap the piss out of her!

    1. HAHA! My thoughts on the TRUMP Town Hall DEAL he made with CNN was like this: “Look, your Ratings are in the Tank since 2016 and our Country is going to Hell, so I propose You appear UnBiased by putting on a REPUBLICAN Town Hall and Get your Most Agressive Trump Hating Host and she can do whatever she wants to me and I’ll gladly take it on the Chin to get my Policies out to the Public. Let’s do this! (and they agreed.) What have you got to Lose?”…We all switched the Channel after the TH was over while CNN LOST more of their Viewers, if they had any left. He wrote the Script and Directed the whole Staged Production! He shook her hand at the end of it and told her quietly “GOOD JOB!” LOL. God Bless! LM

  2. she knows it all, doesn’t she? The CNN gang is so vile. I can’t listen to them.

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