Case File 109-The QAnon Conspiracy


In the later part of 2017 internet message boards, blogs, and Youtube began to populate with theories and interpretations of cryptic posts that had begun to appear on anonymous web forum, known as 4chan, posted by a user designated only as “Q”. The posts were sparsely worded and usually contained military and government terminology that seemed to support claims that the posting entity possessed a security clearance designated Q-level which allows a person access to information at the top levels of national security. Soon a movement began to coalesce around the posts that followed. At times the posts were interpreted as prescient as events on the global stage, that involved persons of note from politicians to Hollywood actors, were referenced or sometimes even seemingly predicted. Perhaps unavoidably, the community of followers of the mysterious “Q” have formulated countless interpretations, connections, and allegations against what is termed the “deep state”. The vast network of interconnected high profile politicians, business magnates, and media outlets that are said to have the power to shape the very reality in which we live. This case file join the Theorists as they try to go down the rabbit hole and get stuck in…The Qanon Conspiracy

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