Introducing our new custom printed 20oz tumblers, expertly crafted and beautifully designed to add a touch of personalization to your daily routine. Our tumblers are made with premium quality materials and feature stunning dye sublimation prints that are created in-house using the latest technology. With their generous 20oz capacity, these tumblers are perfect for keeping your favorite beverages at just the right temperature throughout the day.

MUST HAVE PRINT READY DESIGN: Please ensure that you have a print-ready design file before placing your order. If you need assistance with preparing your design, we also offer a custom design service for an additional fee.

FREE MOCKUP ONCE PAYMENT IS MADE: Once your payment has been processed, please email your artwork to Our team will then create a free mockup of your personalized tumbler design and send it to you for approval.

Create a unique tumbler that reflects your style or makes for an exceptional gift. Experience the unmatched combination of style, functionality, and personalization with our custom printed 20oz tumblers.

Personalized 20oz Tumblers with Vibrant Dye Sublimation Prints

TrustTheQ Webmaster and URGrafix Family Needs Your Help!


Hello Friends. This is Jessica’s Mom, Laura Mae, reaching out to her many Loving, Empathetic Friends who have the means to assist in getting the family through this period of unwelcomed crisis with support for this family of 7 (2 Adults and 6 Children, Ages 3 Months to 14 Years Old), as she was in a Terrible Automobile Accident yesterday, June 28, 2023, on her way back home from Grocery Shopping!
Some Guy pulled out in front of her trying to make a Left-hand turn onto the roadway due to being impatient, and didn’t wait to ensure it was safe for him to do so. Thank God he didn’t try to get out of the Responsibility for the repurcussions a Guilty Party assumes. It sounds like once the ball starts rolling, everything hopefully will go like clockwork and they will eventually be made whole. But until then, she needs your loving support! She cannot do any of the things this family has grown to expect of her. She can’t move her arms, she needs help to feed and hold the Baby, and that’s a very hard act to follow when she’s a Nursing Mother!
Her Beautiful Audi was totalled (least of their worries as they were both insured), the 3 Month Old was unharmed in her Car Seat (Carrie Underwood’s song, Jesus Take The Wheel immediately came to mind, Thank You Jesus!), while Jess and her 11 year old son got smacked pretty bad by the Air Bags, bruising her body with many Hematomas and some major Ear Drum damage to her son.
She is our EVERYTHING in this family! She is the Shopper, Nurturer, Bread Winner of the Household, Errand Runner, Cleaner Upper, Owie Fixer, and the Epitome of the Work at Home Business Owner who does not have the typical Sick Leave and Vacation Pay Benefits one gets when working for a large Business. She has no Plan B…You are it, if God wills it, which I am Positive He will. He has protected this family through all the Joys, Successes, Trials and Tribulations that they have experienced, but this is a first setting up a GoFundMe Account, at least for us.
Business was just starting to take off again for this small Company with this new NFT Community she was just getting involved with as an important Team Member, providing her Smarts and Design Knowledge to the Project, and more.
Please help this family provide for these children and to keep a roof over our heads during this stressful time in our lives. Anything you can do to assist this Family during their time of need would be greatly appreciated!
God Bless you all and Thank You in advance for your help.
Laura Trimm
Jessica’s Mom

URGrafix: Your One-Stop Shop for Patriotic Design and Printing Services

URGrafix: Your One-Stop Shop for Patriotic Design and Printing Services

Are you a proud American Patriot looking for ways to show your support for President Trump and our Great Nation or Conservative Cause? Look no further! URGrafix is here to provide you with Top-Notch Design and Printing Services that will make your Voices heard.

In this article, we will explore the different ways URGrafix can help you create the Perfect Banners and Signs for your Rallies, Peaceful Events, and more.

Banners That Make a Bold Statement: Custom-Made for You

At URGrafix, we understand the importance of expressing your Support for the Conservative Values and Principles you hold dear. That’s why we Specialize in creating Custom-Made Banners that will make a Strong Statement at your next Rally or Event.

Our Expert Designers will work with you to craft the Perfect Banner that captures your Patriotism and Passion for the Conservative Cause!

From incorporating the Iconic USA Flag, (or your Country’s Flag), or even your favorite Quotes from President Trump, the MAGA Movement, or Q Anons (for Example, and more), your One-of-a-Kind Banner will be Tailor-Made to your Specific Specifications, in time to meet your Busy Schedules!

NO Pre-made Designs here – our Team is Dedicated to bringing your Unique Vision to Life, ensuring that Your Banner stands out and Effectively Communicates your Message.

Let URGrafix help you to Create a Memorable Banner that Proudly Showcases your Unwavering Support for President Trump and our Great Nation, or yours.

Signs That Stand Out

URGrafix is also your Go-To Source for Eye-Catching Signs that will leave a lasting Impression on everyone who sees them.

Our Team of Highly Skilled Designers is well-versed in creating Visually Stunning Signs that effectively communicate your desired Message.

Whether you need Banners, Yard Signs, Rally Signs, Trade Show Items, or even Vehicle Decals, URGrafix has you covered.

Our Signs are made from Durable Materials that can withstand various Weather Conditions, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for future Events.

Quality Printing Services You Can Trust

At URGrafix, we pride ourselves in offering Exceptional Printing Services that meet the Highest Standards of Quality.

Our State-of-the-Art Equipment and Expert Technicians guarantee crisp, vibrant Colors and sharp Images that will make your Banners and Signs stand out, Guaranteed to reach your Target Audience and Demographic!

We offer a range of Printing Options, specifically tailored to suit your Needs, from small-scale Digital Printing, to large-format Printing for Maximum Exposure and Impact. Plus, with our Fast and Efficient Turnaround Times, you can rest assured that your Order will be Ready in time for your next Big Event.

Let URGrafix Help You Show Your Support

No matter what type of Design or Printing Services you require, URGrafix is here to help you make a Bold Statement in support of President Trump and our beloved Country, or yours!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly Team Today, and let’s start working together to create the Perfect Banners and Signs that will Proudly Showcase your Patriotism.


Facebook: @urgrafixdotcom

Instagram: @urgrafix


Thank You and God Bless! WWG1WGA! – Laura Mae and the URGrafix Team!

A Quick Thank You from TrustTheQ, Laura Mae, and URGrafix

A Quick Thank You from TrustTheQ, Laura Mae, and URGrafix

We (Jess, Joe, and Me, Laura Mae) would like to Thank all Patriots for your kind Donations, Purchases, and all those just visiting and exploring the information I feel the need to share with YOU and the Truther Community here on TrustTheQ!

I have a difficult time asking for Donations, so when I receive a Donation via that obscure Donation Button at the bottom of my Home Page, we are so very grateful and humbled.

My Daughter, Webmaster and Excellent Graphics Designer, just updated their Website, so I would like to inform those of you Humanity Loving Patriots, who may have upcoming Graphics needs of any shape and size, to please give an opportunity to be of service.

Most of their current clients are from the CBD (Medical) Cannabis Community, but Jessica and Joe are very quick and efficient and are expanding their clientele to provide services to all Communities!

So please consider giving URGrafix an opportunity to be of service for your Organization’s Custom Graphics needs!

THANK YOU, from the bottom, middle, and top of my Heart for your Patronage! It is very much appreciated! WWG1WGA! – Laura Mae

And, To Deep State Supporters and Businesses, PLEASE Disregard this Notice! Thank You!

New Q Merch Available!

New Q Merch is available!

Check out our new Q merch now available in our shop! Sport the logo on a number of items including t-shirts, pullover hoodies, even the dreaded face mask!

Use coupon code “TRUMPSARA” and get FREE Shipping on orders over $10 anywhere in the USA. Thank you for your support fellow patriots! admin