Socialist Western Colonial Powers Warned “Put A Stop To This Madness Now!”

June 3, 2023

Socialist Western Colonial Powers Warned “Put A Stop To This Madness Now!”

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An informative new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin sent condolences to Indian President Droupadi Murmu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi following a horrific crash involving three trains in Odisha last evening, in which almost 300 people were killed in what was the country’s worst rail disaster in decades, says shortly after, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov announced to the world: “Russia, as well as the United States, will preserve the notifications on launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine-launched ballistic missiles under the 1988 agreement, which will make it possible to avoid dangerous escalations”.

As these events unfolded, this report notes, IranSaudi Arabia, and the UAE attended the BRICS Alliance meeting in South Africa, as the bloc mulls expansion—Saudi Arabia announced at the meeting that its trade with BRICS Alliance nations topped $160 billion in 2022, and it was revealed Argentina is one step away from joining the New Development Bank of the BRICS group of major emerging economies—External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar of India declared: “BRICS is no longer an alternative, it is an established feature of the global landscape…The message of reform that BRICS embodies must permeate the world of multilateralism…BRICS is not only an expression of multipolarity but of the many and diverse ways of meeting international challenges”—and as to why the world is rapidly moving into the BRICS Alliance, historian and China expert James Bradley most accurately observed: “China is building bridges while America builds military bases”.


In response to the declining socialist Western colonial powers waging war in their corrupt puppet state Ukraine in a failing bid to maintain global hegemony, this report continues, President Putin ordered a partial mobilization, about which the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced yesterday: “The call-up amid the Ukraine conflict has swelled the army’s ranks by 300,000 personnel, creating up to 280 new units”—an announcement joined this morning by the MoD reporting that Russian military forces over the past 24 hours killed over 360 Ukrainian soldiers while obliterating tens-of-millions of dollars more worth of Western weapons, and revealed: “In total, the Russian Armed Forces have destroyed 431 Ukrainian warplanes, 235 combat helicopters, 4,436 unmanned aerial vehicles, 424 surface-to-air missile systems, 9,356 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 1,108 multiple rocket launchers, 4,971 field artillery guns and mortars and 10,598 special military motor vehicles since the beginning of the special military operation”.

In a just released Wall Street Journal interview, this report details, former comedian turned puppet leader Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said he was now ready to launch a long-awaited counteroffensive but tempered a forecast of success with a warning: “It could take some time and come at a heavy cost”—a warning that followed the news: “America’s top military officer says training for Ukrainian forces on advanced U.S. Abrams tanks has started, but  those weapons crucial over the long term in trying to expel Russia from occupied territory will not be ready in time for Kyiv’s imminent counteroffensive”—and in the just published leftist Washington Post article “Europe Is Committed to Rearming. Why It’s Not Simple”, sees it revealing: “Governments across Europe have committed to significantly increasing military spending to prepare themselves for the kind of prolonged, high-intensity conflict being fought by Ukraine…The results, however, have been uneven, raising the questions of whether and when Europe will be ready for future security challenges…Whether governments will be able to pay for ambitious defense upgrades is an open question. The calls for more spending come at a time of rapid inflation and high demand for public sector wage increases as well the subsidies and investment needed to meet targets for addressing climate change”.

While socialist Western colonial weapon makers gleefully rake in their bloodshed profits, this report notes, it was just revealed: “Only 42% of Britain’s military personnel are satisfied with their service…The UK military’s morale continues to fall, with servicemen disgruntled over poor housing and low wages, a new survey conducted by the country’s Ministry of Defence shows”—is a plummeting morale that caused antiwar populist forces in Spain to wipeout their socialist leaders in last week’s election—and today it’s reported: “Alternative for Germany rejects claims that it is linked to extremists, but head of domestic intelligence has warned of ‘astonishing parallels’ with the 1920s and 1930s…Prominent figures in Germany’s political mainstream are raising the alarm after a new poll showed support for the country’s leading far-right party at a record high…The latest release from the DeutschlandTrend survey, which is conducted monthly by infratest dimap for public broadcaster ARD, clocks voter support for Alternative for Germany (Alternative für Deutschland, AfD) at 18%, putting it on a par with Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democrats”.


Among those understanding the grave implications of world renowned Professor Emeritus Yakov Rabkin of history at the Université de Montréal warning: “Just as the Soviets justified their jamming of Western radio broadcasts with the need to protect against “ideological sabotage”, NATO and its member states have created many institutions in recent years to protect citizens from, so-called, “Russian disinformation””, this report continues, is European Parliament member Clare Daly, who in knowing the truth that so-called “Russian disinformation” is nothing more than the excuse used to stifle all debate and censor facts, declared to her fellow lawmakers: “We need to put a stop to this madness now!”.

The “madness” railed against by European Parliament member Daly, this report details, was put on full display this week when British police detained and electronically strip searched Grayzone journalist Kit Klarenberg because he factually reports on matters relating to Russia and Ukraine—but is truthful reporting standing in stark opposition to the leftist New York Times revealing: “Ukraine has become a testing ground for state-of-the-art weapons and information systems, and new ways to use them, that Western political officials and military commanders predict could shape warfare for generations to come”—and is truthful reporting standing in stark contrast to the leftist Washington Post gleefully proclaiming: “Vanquishing Russia in Ukraine will produce a Russian “defeat dividend”, allowing the United States to redeploy resources from Europe to the Pacific theater to counter China…A Ukrainian victory will also create conditions of peace and stability in Europe that will expand trade and investment with our largest trading partners…Over time, it will allow the United States to supplant Russia as the primary energy supplier to Europe…The financial benefits to Americans will be enormous”.

Following the fake news socialist Western media falsely reporting that the UAE was leaving OPEC, this report concludes, the UAE retaliated by withdrawing from the American-led naval coalition, delivering a blow to US military prestige—and was a blow against fake news leftist Western media propagandists joined by the news: “The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has refused to invite reporters from Bloomberg News and Reuters to a scheduled event in Austria later this week…Correspondents from the Wall Street Journal were also snubbed”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

Harnwell: Gamechanger! UK Times reports that *Ukraine* sabotaged Nord Stream gas pipelines

Bannons War Room
3 minutes ago

Harnwell: Gamechanger! UK Times reports that *Ukraine* sabotaged Nord Stream gas pipelines

The German FBI has been investigating last September‘s Nord Stream sabotage — and the evidence now strongly suggests the culprit was…Ukraine!

With a re-energised Alternative für Deutschland now level in the polls with German chancellor Olaf Scholz — this could be a game changer…

Source (the Times of London):


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Rochelle Walensky Hanged

Rochelle Walensky Hanged


Prisoner Rochelle Walensky was hanged to death at Camp Blaz Wednesday morning before a cadre of military brass and a House Representative who had flown in just to watch the fiend’s neck snap, a JAG source told Real Raw News. We were not given a name, but I guess he could have been Jim Jordan, whom White Hats regard as a true patriot and a constitutional adherent.

As reported previously, JAG and the Office of Military Commissions convicted Walensky of treason on May 24 but postponed her execution due to an approaching Typhoon Mawar, which caused moderate damage to all U.S. installations in Guam.

Walensky, our source said, had been a vile prisoner, constantly deriding staff for refusing to allow her to telephone her self-perceived savior, Joseph R. Biden, and for serving meals she called pig slop.

Camp Blaz prisoners eat the same food as staff, and the condemned are given carte blanche in deciding their final repast, which Walensky refused.

She bewailed her imprisonment and blamed President Trump. She had spent countless hours screaming for freedom, then lapsed into lethargy.

One MP reportedly said, “I can’t take this bitch anymore. They better hang her soon.”

On Wednesday morning, military police escorted Walensky to the gallows, erected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after Typhoon Mawar passed over the island, as the storm had wrecked the previously built framework.

Once atop the platform, an unidentified soldier, the hangman, slipped the noose around her neck and removed the gag from her mouth. Below them, Vice Adm. Crandall & company stood in a semicircle, awaiting the hangman to signal he was ready to flip the switch that would put Walensky out of her misery.

“Rochelle Walensky, you’ve been found guilty of treason and sentenced to hang for your crimes. If you’ve any final words or wish to express remorse, this is the time,” Adm. Crandall said.

“My only remorse is I won’t be alive to see you and Donald Trump hang soon,” Walensky said, spitting on the hangman’s boots.

“Execute,” Adm. Crandall said, and the hangman flipped a lever that opened a door beneath Walensky’s feet.

The rope became rigid, and the force of the noose broke Walensky’s neck, snapping her upper cervical spine. In a few seconds, she was dead.

A U.S. Navy physician recorded the time and date of death, 10:15 a.m., May 31, 2023.

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Special Forces Kill Former Regime Cloning Scientist

Special Forces Kill Former Regime Cloning Scientist


United States Special Forces on Thursday killed a former regime cloning scientist during a mission to apprehend him at his residence in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Dr. Eric Lander served as Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy under the criminal Joseph R. Biden between June 2, 2021 – February 18, 2022. During his career, Lander worked on human genetic variation, genome evolution, and, according to White Hats, solving physical and psychological disparities between human clones and their hosts. He had also taught at Harvard and MIT.

He purportedly resigned in February 2022 after allegations surfaced that he had engaged in bullying and abusive conduct directed against his subordinates and other regime officials. White Hats, however, said the Deep State had grown frustrated with Lander’s “malingering” and canned him from their cloning endeavors.

Our source said Lander’s name appeared in documents Special Forces obtained through earlier raids on cloning laboratories in Missouri and Alaska.

In one document that reads like a diary entry, Lander laments being forced to work 14-hour days as he tries to solve what he describes as an insurmountable task: prolonging a maturated clone’s lifespan beyond three years. His scientific jargon is outside the scope of this website, but his writings paint an image of a mad scientist pushed to the point of exhaustion. He discusses an inability to correct his predecessor’s, and his predecessor’s predecessor, sloppy work, recommending taking the entire cloning operation back to “Stage One.” His final entry is a maniacal screed lambasting his handlers: “They want results overnight; that’s not how science works. Let’s see them do what I do. Compared to me, they’re moronic, shortsighted morons whose hubris and predilection for immediacy will hurt them. Why don’t they listen to me? Why can’t they see you can’t undo decades of piss-poor work in days, weeks, or months? No, that’s not how this works. They won’t even send more help. I need help, real help.”

White Hats believed that Lander could have helped find other cloning scientists and other cloning labs in the United States.

On Tuesday, May 30, Gen. Smith and 5th Special Forces Group commander Col. Brent Lindemen put surveillance on Lander’s home after learning that his spouse, Lori, would be away at an art exhibit in Chicago for several days.

Early Thursday morning, Special Forces breached the home and found Lander sitting at a desk typing away on a laptop. He grabbed what looked like a key fob and said it was a detonator that would blow the house (and them) to smithereens if he triggered it. He thought the Deep State sent Special Forces to kill him.

“Who sent you? [Merrick] Garland? Obama?” he reportedly said.

Weapons raised, Special Forces assured him they were not Deep Staters but were there to apprehend him. They told Lander they wanted his cooperation and would protect him from the Deep State if he dropped the fob and surrendered.

A jittery Lander moved his thumb toward the button.

The Special Forces leader slipped his finger around the curved trigger of his M4A1 carbine and applied the 5.5 pounds of pressure needed to squeeze off a round. A single .556 bullet hit Lander center mass, and he dropped the fob. He collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath as blood pooled on his chest. Special Forces put combat gauze on the sucking chest wound, but their efforts to save him were in vain. Lander expired minutes after being shot.

Special Forces found no explosives in the home. The fob was just a fob for Lander’s Lexus.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t get him alive,” our source said. “He seemed to despise and fear the Deep State, and we could’ve done a deal, something. Not all operations go as planned, even with the most skilled soldiers.”

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Donald Trump Speech at Team Trump Volunteer Leadership Training from Des Moines, IA – June 1, 2023

Donald Trump Speech at Team Trump Volunteer Leadership Training from Des Moines, IA – June 1, 2023

3 hours ago

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Cocaine, Porn, Evidence of Child Trafficking Found in Whitmer’s Car

Cocaine, Porn, Evidence of Child Trafficking Found in Whitmer’s Car


United States Marines forensically examined Gretchen Whitmer’s vehicle and found pornography, illegal narcotics, and an iPad holding a ledger of names and ages of children who appear on the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s private database, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

As reported previously, United States Marines apprehended Whitmer and seized her car while she was returning to Lansing from a holiday weekend on the shores of Lake Michigan. The vehicle was taken to an undisclosed place for inspection.


Upon inspecting the interior, the Marines found a Ziplock bag of white powder in the center console. The substance tested positive for cocaine and had traces of fentanyl. Our source said drug crimes—except for production of Adrenochrome–are outside White Hats’ purview, but the Marines tested the product to see if her covid-19 hypocrisy extended to illicit narcotics.

Although Whitmer supported legislation to decriminalize the use of recreational marijuana, she strengthened prison sentences on people convicted of unlawful possession of opioids and benzodiazepines and stimulants like cocaine.

Our source said Whitmer was clearly impaired at the time of the arrest. A rapid antibody test, taken when Marines moved her to a safehouse, confirmed she had not received vaccinations for Covid-19, affirming her double standards.


With General Smith’s consent, the Marines took a crack at hacking the passcode on an iPad found in Whitmer’s car. She refused to surrender the code willingly, our source said. It took them only 15 minutes to unlock the device after using Whitmer’s birth month and year as the password. The device reportedly held “thousands” of pornographic images and a bevy of “hardcore” videos.

Viewing adult content is no crime; if adults wish to partake in the devil’s playground, it’s their choice.

The Marines examining the iPad said it had mock, or role-play, rape sessions featuring Eastern European women and Black men, who appeared to be adults—no evidence of child pornography was found on the iPad.

Child Trafficking

But the same iPad had a spreadsheet listing the names and genders of 50 missing kids, all of whom were kidnapped or had vanished into thin air during Whitmer’s tenure as governor. None of them, however, were residents of the Great Lake State. Twelve had disappeared from national parks in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming while on family trips, and 14 others were kidnapped inside grocery stores and shopping malls. Our source did not disclose the disposition of the remainder, but he said all 50 were between 6-14 years old.

When asked to explain the database, Whitmer told the Marines she oversaw a government committee investigating missing children nationwide, although no record of such a group exists.

Our source said the iPad has been sent to Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command for a comprehensive inspection.

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