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Biden “Magical Thinking” Causes CBS News “Bloodbath” To Hide Truth From Americans

February 14, 2024

Biden “Magical Thinking” Causes CBS News “Bloodbath” To Hide Truth From Americans

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An extremely concerning new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov grimly assessing to the State Duma this morning: “Creating instability in region after region, the Americans want, so to speak, controlled chaos…However, I actually don’t think they know what they are doing…President Putin said at a plenary session of the World Russian People’s Council last November: “The dictatorship of the lone hegemon is on the decline and it’s simply dangerous for everyone around”…Every day, we see more confirmation of this assessment”, says this grim assessment was joined by Security Council Deputy Secretary Mikhail Popov most gravely warning: “In the overall difficult and nervous internal political situation in the United States that has emerged recently, the price of a management mistake, committed by the national leaders, either deliberately or involuntarily, has increased significantly…And there won’t be much distance to a global catastrophe…In this regard, in mid-1970s, Major Harold Hering was discharged from the US Air Force after asking if there is any way for him to make sure that a potential nuclear missile launch order comes from a sane president…Now, 50 years later, this question sounds even louder and more relevant…Especially so after the recent publication of the report by Special Counsel Robert Hur, who was appointed to investigate the case of classified documents that Joe Biden and his entourage took out of the White House…The only person in the US, who can issue a nuclear weapons launch order, is currently the US President, whom Counsel Hur characterized as an elderly man with poor memory, who can hardly remember main facts and details in many cases”.

In a bid to support deranged and officially declared feeble minded Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden, this report notes, leftist media outlet Reuters released its fake news article “Exclusive: Putin’s Suggestion Of Ukraine Ceasefire Rejected By United States, Sources Say” devoid of facts yesterday—in quick response, top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov factually declared: “A media report suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin reached out to the US with an offer to freeze the Ukraine conflict is false”—and Foreign Minister Lavrov truthfully observed: “The West does not want to take into account Russia’s geopolitical interests, so at the moment there are no options for reaching an agreement on Ukraine at the negotiating table…In the absence of serious proposals from those who declared war on us and taking into account their unwillingness to take into account either our interests or the realities on the ground, it is not yet be possible to speak at the negotiating table…Such options are not visible”.

In what is described as a “major blow” to Socialist Leader Biden, this report continues, House Speaker Mike Johnson yesterday declared that the House of Representatives “certainly will not vote” on the bill warmongering neocons in the United States Senate passed giving more billions-of-dollars to the corrupt puppet state Ukraine—a declaration followed by the House impeaching top socialist Biden Regime official Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his crimes against the American peoples—is the first impeachment of a White House cabinet official in 150 years joined by the beyond shocking news: “On Monday Judicial Watch released evidence through a FOIA request that DHS Secretary Mayorkas personally declined Robert Kennedy, Jr. with Secret Service protection”, who is the son of assassinated Senator Robert Kennedy Sr. and nephew of assassinated President John Kennedy, but who dared to run against Biden for the Democrat Party presidential nomination.

While Socialist Leader Biden was suffering a “major blow” to funnel more money to his corrupt puppet state Ukraine, this report details, newly appointed Ukrainian Commander-In-Chief General Aleksandr Syrsky declared to the German TV channel ZDF: “The war is entering a new stage…We have transitioned from offensive actions to conducting a defensive operation in order to exhaust the enemy and inflict maximum losses on them, using our fortifications, our technical advantages, unmanned aerial vehicles, electronic warfare systems, and prepared defense lines…I’d rather leave a position, but I won’t allow the loss of personnel”–a declaration that followed Politico revealing: “Ukraine’s new armed forces chief, General Aleksandr Syrsky, is deeply unpopular among the rank and file of the Ukrainian military, who view him as a “butcher” willing to sacrifice waves of troops”—a revelation followed by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announcing that Russian military forces killed 1,065 Ukrainian soldiers during the past 24 hoursall of which was joined by the Business Insider article “Things Are Going Badly For Ukraine — Really Badly”, and the Wall Street Journal, in its just released article “On Ukraine’s Front Line, Soldiers Are Forced To Tune In To Washington Politics”, revealed: “Ukraine’s struggles in battles at hot spots such as the besieged city of Avdiivka near here show why the loss of U.S. funds, almost half of all foreign military aid, would be a massive blow…Forces here are already running low on artillery and other ammunition…Ukraine is fighting an adversary with much deeper reserves of manpower and ammunition, leaving Kyiv reliant on Western help”.

Along with socialist Western colonial indoctrination and leftist media brainwashing having deluded Ukrainians into believing they could win a conflict against Russia, this report notes, these same vile propaganda tactics have convinced masses of Americans into believing the greatest military threats to them are Russia and China—in factual reality, however, the British think tank International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), the world’s acknowledged expert on global military spending since its founding 1958, just released its 65th annual report Military Balance 2024, wherein it revealed global military spending hit a record $2.2 trillion last yeara record not set by Russia or China, who combined account for only 14.8% of global military spendingbut causing this record was the United States and its socialist Western colonial NATO allies, who combined account for 57.8% of global military spending.

Among those who’ve warned for decades about socialist Western colonial warmongering, this report continues, is world-renowned CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge, a Canadian born Harvard and Columbia University educated journalist who began her multiple award winning career as the London-based international correspondent for ABC News, then joined Fox News when it was first founded—at Foxshe covered Hillary Clinton almost exclusively, then joined CBS News in 2019Herridge is currently facing contempt charges and potential jail time for refusing to disclose the identity of her confidential source that exposed Chinese links to Socialist Leader Bidenfor the 2024 presidential election cycle, Herridge began investigating troubling information contained in reports like “Do All Democrats Take Inappropriate Nude Sexual Showers With Their Daughters Or Just Joe Biden?”—then yesterday, fearless journalist Herridge was abruptly fired, as documented in articles like “Bloodbath At Paramount Claims 800 Jobs Including CBS News Journalists Embroiled In Controversy”.

Equally as fearless like now fired for knowing too much CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge, this report concludes, is world-renowned geopolitical intelligence analyst retired United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D., who, in her just released open letter “Magical Thinking”, warningly observed:

In 2005, Joan Didion published “The Year of Magical Thinking” about grieving the loss of her husband, the unavoidable instant reduction of a rich marriage to aimless solitude.

Beyond the obvious arena of modern imperial foreign policy, magical thinking is a well-known psychological concept.   It is “the belief that wishes can impose their own order on the material world”.  It is driven by human goals of fulfillment “without consideration of the constraints of the external world”.

We’ve been reminded of this concept in many different ways over the past few weeks.

The befuddled fumbling old man in the White House insulting reporters who ask him about his memory lapses, then demonstrating his disability several times later in the press conference.

He wishes to remain President, yet he is incapable of being President.   He wants that particular fulfillment regardless of its fundamental impossibility.

We see magical thinking in Kiev, but somehow I suspect Ukrainians have a far better understanding of reality than do Zelensky’s American and British advisors – who seem permanently afflicted with lies becoming truth if only we all wished for it hard enough.

The best example of this is our puppet in Kiev who insists on no negotiations with Russia until the popular and extremely rational “history buff” President Putin, steps down to face the Ukrainian music for his war crimes.

Yet when Tucker Carlson asked Putin what it was all about – we found simply that the protection of Russia and Russian people are a cause for which Putin is willing to fight.   It is a concept that shocks the Western empire circa 2024.

We also learned that years of western actions, like withdrawing from nuclear treaties and pursuing first strike capabilities, drove Russian development of hypersonic missiles and a whole range of capabilities to survive and defeat such extreme threats coming from an increasingly unpredictable West.

Meanwhile, US and NATO naval capability is underwhelming, recruitment abysmal, technology plateaued and inappropriate for offense or defense, and funds are dwindling.

We learned that while politicians and academics continue to push for ever more massive sanctions against Russia – new markets materialized and Russia’s economy adapted and thrived, as the economy of the western allies shrank and struggled.

We learned that western cultural fetishes of magic energy replacing hydrocarbons, 72 genders, modern monetary theory and unlimited immigration without cultural integration have all been rejected – rationally and straightforwardly – by Russia.

The former Communist empire has become a sanctuary for Orthodox Christianity, while the West bans and abandons Christian churches and principles in Ukraine, in Gaza, in Europe and in America.

It sounds unbelievable, unpredictable, a rabbit from a hat and a lady cut in half all in one show  – but it’s true.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]



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Breaking Financial & Iraq News w/Patriot Rod Steel & Dr. Kia Pruitt

Western Military Leader Warns About Russia “It’s Not A Joke—We’re In Deep Shit”

February 13, 2024

Western Military Leader Warns About Russia “It’s Not A Joke—We’re In Deep Shit

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A thought-provoking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first notes Director Sergey Naryshkin of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) revealed the socialist Western colonial power’s master plan for its corrupt Ukraine Nazi Regime puppet state: “The West continues to strengthen the mechanisms of direct external management of Kiev-controlled territory…According to the obtained information, the US and the UK try to convince other G7 states to establish the office of a special representative for Ukraine…It is expected that this person will have constant access to President Zelensky and know about all his plans…The special representative will also have to block Ukrainian leadership’s steps that were not negotiated with Washington and London, instead proposing solutions that are considered correct from the Anglo-Saxons standpoint…Whomever may assume this office, the Western special envoy is unlikely to remain afloat in the Kiev swamp of mutual hatred, scheming, lies, flattery and betrayal for long. Submerging to the bottom, they will find themselves in a warm company of G7 envoys to Ukraine, who, as it is now apparent, failed the role of a collective viceroy on Ukrainian land”.

The concept of appointing a “viceroy” to despotically rule over a foreign nation and its peoples, this report notes, is a long-established Western colonial tradition best exampled by the former British Empire appointing its Viceroy and Governor-General of India to brutally rule over and subjugate the peoples of India—to fund the new Ukrainian “viceroy”, this morning it saw warmongering neocon lawmakers in the United States Senate using the pre-dawn hours to pass a $60 billion funding bill for Ukraine—and about which was revealed: “A Ukraine aid supplemental negotiated by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate GOP leadership includes a provision setting the stage for a potential third impeachment of Donald Trump”.

At the World Government Summit 2024 in Dubai yesterday, this report continues, America’s most trusted and popular newsman Tucker Carlson warned global leaders about his historic President Putin interview: “Putin wants to get out of this war…He’s not going to become more open to negotiation the longer this goes on…The West needs to keep in mind that Russia’s industrial capacity is a lot more profound than we thought it was, and that Moscow is having a far easier time manufacturing weapons and ammunition than NATO countries that have been supplying Ukraine”—a warning quickly followed by top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov assessing: “The US authorities know our position very well, they are perfectly aware of all of Putin’s main points…However, the American leadership apparently lacks the political will for negotiations…This is not an issue of knowledge, but an issue of desire…The desire to do something to get on to the track of negotiations…We have not yet seen such a desire or the political will for this in the United States”.

Following his warning to global leaders at the World Government Summit 2024, this report details, Tucker Carlson gravely assessed to United States Senator J.D. Vance during an interview: “Pushing for more funding is insane, cruel and morally indefensible…Ukraine doesn’t have the industrial capacity – neither does NATO or the United States…And it doesn’t have the people – Russia has 100 million more in population than Ukraine does…And that means that further support from the West for the Ukrainian military only means more dead Ukrainians and a further degraded Western economy”—a grave assessment Senator Vance responded to with the grim observation about his warmongering neocon United States Senate colleagues: “They say effectively that they want to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian drop of blood…I think if you really ask these guys, they’d recognize that this is not in the best interest of Ukraine…This is fundamentally in the interests of military contractors and people who think that America’s most pressing challenge is to defeat the Russians”.

After his interview with Tucker Carlson, this report notes, Senator Vance joined United States Senator Mike LeeUnited States Senator Ron JohnsonPresident Donald Trump campaign ally Vivek Ramaswamy and the world’s richest person Elon Musk in an over one hour X Space round table discussion, wherein it saw:

Senator Vance warned about the neocon war bill: “It funds Ukraine to the tune of another $61 billion…It does not actually articulate or force the articulation of a strategy for how to end the conflict to begin with…So you basically have a blank check — or a near blank check — for a strategy that’s completely gone off the rails”.

Senator Mike Lee warned about the Ukraine Nazi Regime leadership: “These are not choir boys…These are not Boy Scouts…These are not Girl Scouts…These are people who have really set world records for corruption…It’s an art form over there”.

Vivek Ramaswamy warningly observed: “Americans see daily strengthening of the military alliance between Russia and China, which, when combined, is the single greatest increase for the risk of World War III that we’ve seen in the post-World War II era”.

Elon Musk assessed: “Ukraine is losing people every day…And if you’re going to spend lives, it must be for a purpose…There is no way in hell that Putin is going to lose”.


Senator Ron Johnson most factually proclaimed: “We all have to understand that Vladimir Putin will not lose this war…Losing to Vladimir Putin is existential to Vladimir Putin…Russia has four times the population and a much larger industrial base…The average age of a Ukrainian soldier right now is 43 years old…Russia can produce 4.5 million artillery shells per year…We’re not even up to 1 million per year”.

In the hours prior to United States Senate neocons passing their war bill, this report continues, Axios revealed: “House Speaker Mike Johnson on Monday warned that the House is unlikely to take up the national security bill set to pass the Senate…It’s a massive blow to what some lawmakers view as their last shot at passing a comprehensive package this year that includes aid to Ukraine”—as to what a real “massive blow” is, however, it’s documented today in articles like “AVDIIVKA MEATGRINDER: Kiev Reportedly Sent Elite Reserve Reinforcements as Russians Split the City in Half – Will ‘Butcher’ Syrsky Again Sacrifice Troops in Vain?”—and are articles documenting the needless human suffering caused by demonic socialist Western colonial neocon warmongers joined by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announcing this morning: “Ukraine has lost up to 325 soldiers in the Donetsk region over the past 24 hours…Ukraine has also lost up to 310 soldiers in Krasny Liman, up to 250 soldiers south of Donetsk, and up to 180 soldiers around Kupyansk”.

When watching as the demonic socialist Biden Regime was preparing to ignite a proxy war between the socialist Western colonial powers and Russia, this report conclude, socialist European Union and NATO member military leader Supreme Commander of the German Army Lieutenant-General Alfons Mais warned: “Russian resources, like the resources of the Russian army, are practically inexhaustible…Many underestimate the Russian Armed Forces…This cannot be done”—and because this warning wasn’t heeded, Politico this morning revealed recently retired world-renowned tactical military legend Belgium Deputy Chief Of Defense Lieutenant General Marc Thys fearfully proclaiming about Europe’s arms production: “It’s not a joke, we’re in deep shit…The industrial fabric in Europe isn’t strong enough to support Ukraine”.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]



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