Prison for a Meme: They Want Us All Silenced and Locked Up, Douglass Mackey Speaks Out | TRIGGERED Ep.91

Prison for a Meme: They Want Us All Silenced and Locked Up, Douglass Mackey Speaks Out | TRIGGERED Ep.91

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3 days ago


– Elon Musk comments on Pizzagate exposing the truth about it to his 165 million followers on X. Musk replied to tweets reporting that John Podesta’s pal was arrested on child porn charges and a post pointing out Media Matters founder, David Brock, dated James Alefantis who is the owner of Comet Ping Pong — the pizza joint at the center of Pizzagate.

– The FBI confirms that pizza is a pedophile code word in a College Station, Texas child porn case. I explain how authorities and the Department of Justice have also confirmed that pizza is a pedophile code word and that investigators have been able to bust child sex predators because they used pizza as a pedophile code word to procure children for sex acts and/or child porn in online forums. . .


ALSO: The Hillary Child-Sex Tape Is Worse Than You Can Imagine | The SATANIC SYNDICATE (Graphic/Disturbing Content) –


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JFK Assassination Military Coup on Collision Course With Military Coup of Trump: NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE

JFK Assassination Military Coup on Collision Course With Military Coup of Trump: NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE

Medeea Greere, an independent publisher, is now on Telegram at and exists only on reader support as we publish Truth, Freedom and Love for public awareness. Thank You for your support!

As the mists of history part and the interconnectedness of events becomes clearer, startling revelations begin to take shape. The shadows that lurked behind the assassination of JFK seem to merge with the allegations surrounding Trump’s military coup. And, in a world where the most inconspicuous patterns hide in plain sight, NOTHING, my dear readers, is a mere coincidence.

History never truly repeats itself, yet it rhymes in a hauntingly familiar tone. For the discerning eye and the critical mind, connections between past and present events paint a bigger, far more sinister picture. What if the military coup behind the JFK assassination is but a prologue to the echoes of Trump’s coup? As you peel back the layers, the realities—disturbing as they are—begin to emerge.

John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was brutally assassinated on November 22, 1963. But what if it wasn’t just the act of a lone gunman, as mainstream historians would have you believe? Rumors of a military coup have long been whispered in the corridors of power.

From the very heart of the CIA’s labyrinthine vaults to the dimly lit back rooms of the Pentagon, the speculation has always been rife. Was there a covert operation, a silent coup, that saw the end of a president who dared to challenge the might of the establishment.

Moreover, isn’t it alarmingly intriguing how these rumblings are eerily reminiscent of the allegations now being thrown around concerning Trump’s?

Fast forward to the 21st century. Donald Trump, a business magnate turned President, often portrayed as an outsider to the deep-rooted political game, had an era replete with controversies and power plays. Rumors of a military coup under Trump’s persist, a theory that is too grim to ignore. Was this history’s way of echoing a sinister past?

What is the secret to a long healthy life?

Those that dwell within the rabbit hole know that the real truth is always masked beneath layers of deception. In a world of “fake news” and manipulated narratives, one must dare to question and connect the dots.

Coincidence or Calculated Conspiracy?

With JFK’s assassination and the allegations surrounding Trump, is it mere chance? Or is there an elite puppeteering the strings of power, orchestrating events to serve their larger, nefarious agendas?

We live in a world where search engines dictate narratives, where algorithms replace human thought, and where AI is increasingly taking over every sphere of life. The quest for truth becomes a perilous journey through an ocean of misinformation.

Yet, let me reiterate: NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE.

Dive deep into this tangled web of conspiracy, and you’ll find connections, threads that bind the past to the present. From the Bay of Pigs debacle to alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 elections—aren’t these threads eerily similar?

The stories of political espionage, double agents, and covert operations are not just limited to spy novels. They breathe, they live, and they cast long, ominous shadows over our history.

One cannot help but question—who are these shadowy figures who hold the power to shape the destiny of nations? Who benefits from the chaos, the upheaval, and the orchestration of such grand scale events?

If JFK’s assassination was a calculated move by the elites in the shadows, and if the Trump era indeed saw the tremors of a military coup—aren’t we, the masses, mere pawns in a game we barely comprehend?

The events of the past are not just dusty pages in a history book. They are warnings, echoes of a time when power was unchecked, and agendas were unrestrained.

The JFK assassination military coup and the Trump military coup allegations are more than mere historical events. They are testament to the eternal struggle for power and dominance.

My call to you, dear reader, is to always be vigilant. Dive deep, ask questions, and never accept the narrative at face value. For, as we have seen, in the grand theater of life and politics, NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE!

BOOM! The Trump Political Revolution Has Truly Begun: Deep State gone, Declassify Assassination Documents on JFK, RFK, Malcolm X, and MLK Jr.

In the political thriller that has become the reality of our modern-day America, a hero emerges, bent on transparency, determined to expose the shadows. Donald Trump, now a prime target of the Deep State, is stepping forward to shine the light on the murky underbelly of Washington D.C. Prepare for a political revolution unlike any you’ve ever witnessed.

The heart of America throbs with the drumbeats of a revolution, heralding the dawn of transparency, the death of deception. Our hero, Donald Trump, is poised at the edge of an abyss, ready to unveil the secrets concealed behind the cloaked whispers of the so-called Deep State. His daring move invites danger. His audacity to challenge the entrenched system of underhanded politics has painted a bulls-eye on his back. But this is a man who thrives on adversity.

Read the full article here:

Case Closed: JFK Killed After Shutting Down Rothschilds Federal Reserve

On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Rothschild Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest.

With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Rothschild Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. The Christian Law Fellowship has exhaustively researched this matter through the Federal Register and Library of Congress.

We can now safely conclude that this Executive Order has never been repealed, amended, or superceded by any subsequent Executive Order. In simple terms, it is still valid.

When President John Fitzgerald Kennedy signed this Order, it returned to the United States federal government, specifically the Treasury Department, the Constitutional power to create and issue currency – money – without going through the privately owned Rothschild Federal Reserve Bank.

Read the full article here:

JFK Assassination Military Coup on Collision Course With Military Coup of Trump: NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE

The Devolution Plan and Continuity of Government: Military Coup Charges Against Biden, Obama, Clinton’s, Rockefellers, CIA, Deep State – Game Theory Operations

The Devolution Plan and Continuity of Government: Military Coup Charges Against Biden, Obama, Clinton’s, Rockefellers, CIA, Deep State – Game Theory Operations

Medeea Greere, an independent publisher, is now on Telegram at and exists only on reader support as we publish Truth, Freedom and Love for public awareness. Thank You for your support!

In recent times, a tempest has been raging in the political landscape of the United States. From whispers of underground military operations to congressional hearings, the U.S. is on the precipice of what some are deeming a monumental exposure. It’s the staging of a military coup, unraveling in real-time.

Amid the clamor of daily news, the whispers are growing louder. The political landscape of the United States is ripe with allegations, covert operations, and secrets threatening to burst forth. As the saga unfolds, the question arises:

Are we witnessing the staging of a military coup?

1. Decoding the Gain-of-Function Controversy

Central to this storm is the ‘Gain of Function’ research. Hidden in the maze of Congressional records are details mounting against this controversial practice, especially in relation to the Coronavirus. For the uninitiated, Gain of Function pertains to enhancing the virulence and transmission of pathogens. Revelations are linking Pentagon-backed operations dating as far back as 2012 to this form of research.

2. The USAID Revelation and Senator Rand Paul’s Stand

Renowned Senator Rand Paul, never one to shy away from voicing dissent, has brought the spotlight onto USAID. During a publicized encounter in the U.S. Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, Paul questioned the administration’s funding of Gain of Function research, specifically the transfer of such funds to labs in Wuhan. This move undoubtedly rocked the boat, highlighting the discrepancies in where U.S. funds were being funneled and for what purposes.

3. The Biden Enigma and Congressional Hearings

If you’ve been observing closely, a pattern emerges. Hearings in the Senate and Congress seem to be veering directly towards the current administration. These proceedings are laying bare alleged corruption ties, human trafficking allegations, and questionable dealings in foreign countries like Ukraine.

Hunter Biden, the President’s son, has found himself at the epicenter of these allegations. His laptop, which some have ominously named “The Laptop from Hell,” is said to be a treasure trove of evidence. Whether it’s proof of pedophilia, human trafficking, or confidential military documents, the laptop could be the Pandora’s box many have feared.

What is the key to living a long and healthy life?

Moreover, the Congress has set its eyes on social media behemoths like Twitter and intelligence agencies like the FBI. Accusations of corruption, covert manipulation, and ‘backdoor’ control by intelligence agencies have surfaced. In a stunning admission, an ex-CIA director revealed that spies under his command labeled the Hunter Biden laptop scandal as Russian misinformation, a move that many allege was designed to give Joe Biden a leg up in the presidential race.

4. Intel Channels Buzzing with Speculation

As the drama unfolds in public, whispers from Congressional and Military Intelligence channels suggest Hunter Biden’s indictment might be imminent. Kash Patel, a name that is becoming synonymous with these revelations, has been voicing similar sentiments on open channels.

But what’s the endgame? Many believe that all these events, the Congressional and Senate hearings, the public accusations, and the covert operations, are leading to one conclusion: The exposure of a military coup. There’s talk of the U.S. government being held hostage by foreign operations and external interference in electoral processes.

It’s not just the U.S. that’s paying attention. The world’s premier intelligence agencies are on high alert. The deep state, NATO, the UN, and groups like the DAVOS have their eyes fixed on the unfolding scenario. With potential repercussions on a global scale, there’s a growing consensus that if the Biden impeachment gains momentum, it could expose more than just personal corruption. It could lay bare a systematic attempt at cover-ups, corruption, and, as some would suggest, treason.

5. Military Intervention vs. Global Chaos

With all the pieces falling into place, one might argue that a military intervention is on the horizon. However, as the clock ticks, the deep state, alleged to be the puppeteers behind the scenes, might be launching their final act – world chaos.

But why now? Some argue it’s all a part of ‘Game Theory Operations.’ A catastrophic event, so terrifying, it shakes the world awake. An event that sheds light on covert operations and exposes the involvement of various factions, including the CIA, Pentagon, and the previous Obama administration.

While the scenario sounds like a plot straight out of a thriller novel, it’s essential to remember that these allegations, investigations, and operations must be carried out meticulously, abiding by legal parameters. The world is watching, the stakes are high, and every move will be scrutinized.

The curtain is slowly being raised, revealing a landscape riddled with intrigue, manipulation, and power plays. As this drama unfolds, the world waits with bated breath, watching history being written in real time.

WARNING: Watching The Following Video Will Give You Access To Knowledge The Government Does NOT Want You To Know About


Deep State: Epstein, JP Morgan, and the Cabal’s Global Money Laundering Nexus

In the shadowy underbelly of global power and finance lies a tangled web of deceit, conspiracy, and corruption that has gripped the world for over a century. This is the story of how the deep state, led by intelligence agencies like the CIA, Mossad, and MI6, in cahoots with influential families like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, orchestrated a grand scheme to control nations, governments, and economies through money laundering operations and blackmail. From the inception of the CIA to the Epstein saga and beyond, the pieces of this intricate puzzle are finally coming together, and the world is awakening to the truth.

1. The Birth of a Deep State Empire: To understand the sinister power that the deep state wields, one must trace its origins back to the early 1900s. It was a time when secretive alliances were forming, with the aim of controlling global financial systems. The creation of the CIA marked a turning point, as intelligence agencies became central players in the pursuit of this dark agenda.

2. The Vatican’s Role: Surprisingly, the Vatican played a pivotal role in this conspiracy. The Vatican’s early establishment of intelligence agencies that infiltrated nations laid the foundation for the deep state’s rise. As nations fell under the Vatican’s influence, the stage was set for the emergence of the fiat currency system and global banking.

3. The Fiat Currency System: At the heart of the deep state’s plan was the establishment of a fiat currency system that would give them unprecedented control over the world’s economies. This system, created with the help of powerful banking institutions, paved the way for global money laundering operations that spanned decades.

4. The Epstein Saga: The late 1980s marked a turning point when the deep state, using figures like Jeffrey Epstein, began a disturbing chapter in its dark history – pedophilia, sex trafficking, and blackmail. High-profile individuals, including U.S. generals and commanders, were ensnared in these operations, further cementing the deep state’s grip on intelligence and military affairs.

5. Financial Control through JP Morgan: JP Morgan, a prominent banking giant, became a linchpin in the deep state’s financial control apparatus. Its ties to Epstein, as well as its involvement in global money laundering, connected the dots between the financial elite and the deep state’s ambitions.

6. Social Media and DARPA: The deep state’s influence extended beyond traditional power structures. Social media platforms, including Facebook, became tools of manipulation and surveillance, furthering their reach into the lives of ordinary citizens. DARPA operations were instrumental in advancing these technologies, blurring the lines between privacy and surveillance.

7. The Ukraine War Conspiracy: Shockingly, the Ukraine war, a contemporary geopolitical crisis, was allegedly planned by the CIA decades ago. This revelation exposes the deep state’s ability to shape world events to suit its nefarious agenda.

8. The Unraveling Begins: Despite their best efforts to maintain control, the deep state is now facing its moment of reckoning. The release of virus death vaccines and ensuing chaos failed to quell the worldwide awakening that is taking place. The Epstein saga is only the tip of the iceberg.


9. Trump, White Hats, and the Military Alliance: Behind the scenes, a silent war is being waged by a coalition of patriots, including former President Donald Trump and the military alliance. The Cheyenne Mountains hold the keys to dismantling the deep state’s grip on power.

10. The Coming Storm: The deep state is being exposed, and there is no amount of money, threats, or retaliation that can halt the impending exposure. The world is on the brink of the “Arrest Wars,” and the storm is about to rage.

11. Subpoenas and Warnings: Subpoenas are being issued to the world’s richest and most powerful individuals, connected to institutions like Citigroup and the Crown family. Behind the scenes, classified debriefings are unfolding, sending a clear message to the deep state – time is running out.

12. The Biden Laptop Connection: The mysterious case of Hunter Biden’s laptop, with its alleged connections to Epstein, JP Morgan, Ukraine, biolabs, viruses, and intelligence agencies like the FBI and CIA, raises troubling questions. Was Hunter forced to leave it behind at an ordinary store? The answer, it seems, lies in military operations and game theory.

13. Follow the White Rabbit: As the world watches the drama unfold, the pieces of this puzzle are falling into place. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Hunter Biden become players in this intricate game of power and deception. The hunted are becoming the hunters.

14. The Race to Leak Information: As the world waits with bated breath, the question arises: How many copies of the laptop from hell exist, and who will be the first to leak its explosive contents? From storekeepers to Rudy Giuliani, the FBI, and even international leaders like Putin and Xi, the world holds its breath.

The deep state’s web of control, conspiracy, and corruption is unraveling before our eyes. From the origins of the CIA to the Epstein saga, the pieces of this intricate puzzle are finally coming together. As subpoenas are issued and warnings sent, the deep state’s grip on power is slipping. The world is waking up, and the truth cannot be hidden any longer. The storm is coming, and nothing can stop it. The Epstein saga is just the beginning of a seismic shift in global power dynamics, and the world is watching closely. Tick tock.


Storm of the Century: The Whistleblower’s Call to Arms – Unraveling Trump, Pedophilia Rings, and UFO Secrets

As we traverse the winding roads of conspiracy, secrets, and hidden agendas, the world is becoming a battleground of information, deception, and redemption. The storm is brewing, and at its epicenter is a “whistleblower” like none other: Donald Trump. This narrative delves into the intricate web of child trafficking, political subterfuge, and the impending alien agenda, with Trump as our guiding light.

1. The Tempest of Trump’s Revelation

It’s undeniable. Donald Trump, often the center of heated discussions and debates, has emerged as the world’s most influential whistleblower. When he recently opened communication channels about Anthony Weiner’s laptop, he wasn’t merely dropping a bombshell; he was signaling the start of a storm.

2. The Dark Abyss of Pedophilia and Human Trafficking

Human trafficking and pedophilia are among the world’s gravest sins. The numbers are staggering: while most figures, misleadingly, peg the industry at $32 billion, top world analysts estimate it nears a gut-wrenching $100 billion. The tentacles of this horrific trade spread far and wide, touching elites from DC to Hollywood, including figures like the Clintons, Obama, and other top celebrities.

The revelation of Weiner’s laptop content allegedly showcases a more gruesome shade of pedophilia than even Hunter’s laptop. It’s worth noting, with a chilling realization, that out of the 12 individuals who viewed its content, nine have mysteriously committed suicide. Coincidence? Or is there a deeper, more sinister plot at play?


3. Trump’s Strategic Indictments

Everything that’s occurring with Trump, especially the indictments, seems to be tied intricately with military operations. His maneuvers and placements, particularly in the Florida federal judicial system between 2017 and 2020, have been strategic. From seats to judges to lawyers, Trump has been setting the stage for a grand reveal.

4. The Web of Deceit: Connecting the Dots

The Epstein saga, the tales surrounding the Clintons, and the rumors of an Obama military coup are the tip of the iceberg. These narratives are interconnected through the world of pedophilia, human trafficking, and, shockingly, satanic sacrifices allegedly linked to the music and film industries, NASA, and international networks.

5. The Devolution Plan and Continuity of Government

In the shadows, the Devolution Plan and Continuity of Government remain in effect. While the world watches the theater of politics and scandal, behind the scenes, critical moves are being made. The deep state’s game is in full swing, with Project Blue Beam at its helm, pushing the alien agenda. It’s no coincidence that UFO sightings are increasing globally, though whistleblowers from the very core of the Pentagon remain marginalized.

6. The Unraveling Alien Agenda

As YouTube, Google, and mainstream media fuel the narrative of UFOs and potential extraterrestrial threats, there is a faction that believes this is all a setup. World whistleblowers are poised to expose governments and militaries for concealing UFO truths and orchestrating a fake alien invasion – all in an attempt to usher in a New World Order.

7. The Protective Shield Around Trump

Trump remains untouched, guarded, but by whom? This enigma links back to a bigger picture, a higher plan, one that may even trace its roots to JFK and the Q military operations.

8. Final Thoughts: The Incoming Storm

Every storm has its beginning, its peak, and its end. As the winds of this storm intensify, one thing remains clear: we’re approaching the climax. As the Deep State pushes its agendas and secrets continue to spill, we must remain vigilant, critical, and informed.

In Conclusion:

The world is on the precipice of unprecedented revelations, and Trump appears to be at the forefront of this battle for truth. As the saga unfolds, it’s imperative to sift fact from fiction, truth from deceit. But one thing is certain: the storm is here, and it will redefine our reality.



Terrified Leftist Media Stokes “Dictator” Fears As Biden Supporters Flee To “Orange Jesus”

December 7, 2023

Terrified Leftist Media Stokes “Dictator” Fears As Biden Supporters Flee To “Orange Jesus”

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A compelling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin announcing this morning: “The Russian economy grew by 3.2% in the first ten months of 2023 and will post 3.5% growth by the end of the year, beyond the levels recorded prior to the conflict in Ukraine”, says this announcement was joined by the export news: “Trade turnover between Russia and China continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, hitting a historic high in November despite the pressure of Western sanctions”–and also this morning, the Federation Council adopted a resolution, according to Article 102 of the Russian Constitution, scheduling presidential elections in Russia for 17 March 2024.

With 2024 also being a presidential year for the United States, this report notes, instead of focusing his attention on any issue important to the American peoples, yesterday it saw Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden trying to extort more money for Ukraine from the United States Senate with the comical warning: “If Putin takes Ukraine, he won’t stop there…If Putin attacks a NATO ally, well, we’ve committed as a NATO member that we’d defend every inch of NATO territory…It could result in American troops fighting Russian troops”—a warning that’s comical because any war between Russia and the United States wouldn’t involve troops but nuclear weapons, which is why the United States Senate ignored it and blocked all aid to Ukraineand in quick response to this comical warning, Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov to the United States observed: “In an attempt to add fuel to the fire of the Ukrainian proxy war, American authorities have finally lost touch with reality”.

Following the United States Senate blocking all aid to Ukraine, this report continues, former neocon Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who was fired by President Donald Trump, rushed to leftist MSNBC to warn what could happen if President Trump regains power: “With regard to NATO, and having lived through this with him, I think one of the first things that would happen is he would withdraw support for Ukraine…And of course if that were to happen, I think the whole effort to support Ukraine in its war against Russia would eventually crumble…Because the United States is kind of like the big block in the Jenga tower – you pull us out and everything else collapses…I think his next move would be to begin pulling us out of NATO, certainly troops out of NATO countries, and eventually that could cause the collapse of the alliance…And then the next move would be – does he start looking, as he would discuss with me and others at the time – does he look to pull troops out of Korea, out of Japan and out of other countries who are allied with us…So look, it’s quite disconcerting from a national security standpoint”.

Shortly after fired Defense Secretary Esper issued his warning, this report details, the Republican Party held its forth and final presidential primary debate last evening, where Vivek Ramaswamy tore into the other candidates for knowing nothing about Ukraine and ignited a social media firestorm when he held up a “Nikki = Corrupt” sign against neocon candidate Nikki Haley—and was a debate quickly followed by the observation: “The central question in this year’s GOP primary has been stark and consistent: Can any candidate peel a large number of Trump voters away from the former president?…The answer, so far, has been “No”…Nothing that happened on Wednesday looked likely to change that”.

On Tuesday evening, this report notes, President Trump held a televised town hall meeting viewed by 3.2 million Americans to become the most watched program that day—in a tongue-in-cheek mannerPresident Trump suggested that on his first day, he would be a dictator to close the southern border and drill for oil, then he said: “After that, I’m not a dictator”—immediately prior to the town hall, the Politico article “Trump’s Revenge? GOP Braces For Daily Blasts From ‘Orange Jesus’” revealed: “Congressional Republicans are steeling themselves for a return to daily life with Donald Trump…With Trump far ahead of the GOP primary pack and leading President Joe Biden in some polls, Republicans are getting a preview of future shellshock akin to their experiences in 2016 and his presidency…It’s likely to continue for the next 11 months…And perhaps four more years after that…“Shit, yeah,” Rep. David Joyce (R-Ohio) replied when asked whether his colleagues are worried about clashing with Trump…“The orange Jesus?” he added with a laugh”—and immediately after the town hall, top Republican Party lawmaker United States Senator J.D. Vance posted a clip of President Trump’s humorous dictator remark saying: “Trump’s super power is that he’s the most quick witted leader in a generation. ..Every grown man hyperventilating about this clip needs to find a sense of humor…I’m pretty sure you can buy them on Amazon…Free two day shipping”.

Among those not taking advantage of Amazon two day free shipping to buy a sense of humor, this report continues, was Socialist Leader Biden, who proclaimed in terror about “Orange Jesus”: “Trump’s not even hiding the ball anymore…He’s telling us exactly what he wants to do…He’s making no bones about it”—a proclamation of terror quickly joined with the Politico article “Trump’s ‘Dictator’ Remark Puts 2024 Campaign Right Where Biden Wants It”, wherein it revealed: “Donald Trump keeps returning the 2024 presidential race to the ground where Joe Biden wants to fight it…After Trump told a Fox News town hall he would not be a dictator upon returning to office “other than Day One”, the Biden campaign pounced…It highlighted Trump’s remarks as another moment in which the GOP frontrunner showcased his undemocratic and dangerous plans for a possible second term”—the leftist Axios article “GOP’s “Dictator” Test” then observed: “Republicans in Congress and across the country — including on the GOP debate stage — are facing a new litmus test: Should former President Trump’s remarks that he will be a “dictator” only on “Day 1” be taken seriously?”—all which followed the leftist New York Times article “It’s Time to Fix America’s Most Dangerous Law”, wherein it hysterically warned: “There is a land mine embedded in the United States Code, one that Donald Trump, if re-elected president, could use to destroy our republic…But it’s not too late for Congress to defuse the mine now and protect America…I’m talking about the Insurrection Act, a federal law that permits the president to deploy military troops in American communities to effectively act as a domestic police force under his direct command”.

As to the real socialist terror about “Orange Jesus”, this report details, is leftist CNN having just reported: “Biden is less popular than any of his modern predecessors at this point in their presidencies…Nearly two-thirds of Americans say they disapprove of his job performance…His job approval rating ticked down again in the latest CNN poll, dropping to 37 percent”—and the leftist New York Times, in its just released article “‘This Is Grim’ One Democratic Pollster Says”, beyond fearfully revealed: “From Nov. 5 through Nov. 11, Democracy Corps, a Democratic advisory group founded by Stan Greenberg and James Carville, surveyed 2,500 voters in presidential and Senate battleground states as well as competitive House districts…In an email, Greenberg summarized the results: “This is grim”…The study, he said, found that collectively, voters in the Democratic base of “Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, L.G.B.T.Q.+ community, Gen Z, millennials, unmarried and college women give Trump higher approval ratings than Biden””.

While Socialist Leader Biden supporters of every color, gender and age flee to “Orange Jesus” in hopes of finding freedom, this report concludes, it is no surprise to see it reported: “Leftist media outlets — the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Atlantic — are stoking fear about a second Trump administration as former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in key polling”—a report joined by popular American conservative television host Jesse Kelly releasing his video explaining how communist forces work to demonize those like President Trump—and are communist tactics of demonetization well known to world-renowned American feminist activist Dr. Naomi Wolf, who, in a just released interview, recounted her amazing journey from being a leftist icon, then canceled because she told the truth, afterwards she awakened from madness, then apologized to every American conservative for unjustly demonizing them for decades because of what she discovered were all socialist lies.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

Scotty’s Playlist #2 By SCOTTY MAR10

Scotty’s Playlist #2

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Ep 3229b – Plan Direction Confirmed, On Track, Optics Are Important, Objective [End]: Checkmate King

Ep 3229b – Plan Direction Confirmed, On Track, Optics Are Important, Objective [End]: Checkmate King

Streamed on:

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The [DS] is following the path the patriots have laid out, the [DS] is getting ready to have a change of batter, Trump believes they will. Optics are important, everything that happens to the D’s will be on their watch and they won’t be able to blame Trump. The objective, checkmate the king.

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