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Charlie Freak, Colleen & Justin LIVE with Negative48, Sabrinagal, Toronto & Brice



Charlie Freak, Colleen & Justin LIVE with Negative48, Sabrinagal, Toronto & Brice
Colleen, Justin and I are going LIVE tonight with another powerful and important Podcast that features our Special Guests, Negative48, Sabrinagal, Toronto and Brice!
The overall focus to the Show will be on God’s Sacred Numerology, Symbology and Gematria…the Show will be left wide open for our Panel of Brilliant guests to share their wondrous Truths for all to hear…
Colleen, Justin and I are very, very excited to have such a Knowledgable and Goodly group with us, and are expecting a truly AMAZING show!
See you Tonight, 5pm PST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST, Midnight GMT, 1am UK Time, 2am SAST, 10am Sydney Australia, Noon Wellington NZ Also!
Please check out SabrinaGal and Negative 48’s new telegram channel “The Sacred Blue Tent Channel”
And please remember friends that Colleen and I take care of 61 Animals here at our Animal Rescue Sanctuary, if you can comfortably afford to donate a little towards the costs of caring for our precious Family, we would greatly appreciate it…if you cannot afford to help, you can help in other ways, including sending us your Intentions of Love, of Strength and of Wisdom…you can send a monetary donation to:
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  1. Awesome Awesome stuff guys n gals.I love listening and learning from you all.Ive come along way this year.Nobody believes a word i say.I learn for Me now.But thats ok.Keep Doing What Youall Do.God Bless..

    1. CONGRATS PATRIOT! If you stuck with us this far and have been disowned and villified by KARENS, friends and family, you PASSED our Graduation Day Celebration is just around the corner!!

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