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CIA Operative Who Posted “The Horror, The Horror” Warning Suicided By “Trump Destroyer”

August 18, 2022

CIA Operative Who Posted “The Horror, The Horror” Warning Suicided By “Trump Destroyer”

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An intriguing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first confirming Chinese troops will be among the foreign participants at a multilateral military exercise with Russian military forces called Vostok 2022 that will start in two weeks in eastern Russia, says quick to join this confirmation it saw Chinese Ambassador Zheng Zeguang urging London not to follow Washington’s lead on the Taiwan issue, and him bluntly declaring: “Taiwan independence means war and will lead to a dead end”, and as the increasingly unstable socialist Biden Regime pushes the world ever closer to a nuclear war apocalypse, it has just been met with the revelation: “The majority of Americans either strongly or somewhat oppose President Joe Biden’s foreign policy, according to the results of an Economist/YouGov poll released on Wednesday”.

With the “Special De-Nazification Operation” to liberate Ukraine having seen Russian military forces obliterate 24,795 Ukrainian nationalist troops since 11 July alone, this report notes, top American military analyst Michael Kofman told the German publication Der Spiegel that European backers may already have “given Ukraine most of the weapons they are ready to give”, and predicted: “The Ukrainians will likely go on a kind of ammunition diet”—a prediction now joined by the American publication Politico revealing: “The six largest European nations made no new promises of military assistance to Ukraine throughout July…It’s the first month that no such aid has been pledged since Russia sent troops into Ukraine in late February, which is a sign that military aid to Ukraine may be waning”.

As to why European support for the socialist Biden Regime controlled criminal Ukrainian Nazi government is suddenly “waning”, beyond gobsmacking clues about are contained this transcript that shows Security Council Members reviewing a classified at the highest level “Of Special Importance” document compiled by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR)—and is an SVR document whose main focus is on the Ministry of Defense (MoD) shocking revelation: “A biolab in Ukraine conducted unethical human experiments on behalf of the United States government…American scientists from the lab conducted a series of human experiments between 2019 and 2021, using patients at a psychiatric ward in Kharkov as subjects”.

In the very limited portions of this classified at the highest level SVR document permitted to be openly discussed among various ministries, it’s revealed that one of the American scientists conducting monstrous experiments on psychiatric ward patients was Ukrainian born infectious disease specialist Dr. Alena Rapoport, the wife of Latvian born Dan Rapoport, whose family emigrated to the United States after receiving political asylum 1980, and who graduated from the University of Houston in 1991.

Shortly after graduating, Dan Rapoport moved to Russia and became an investment banker-money launderer, shortly after which the Federal Security Service (FSB) designated him as a “known CIA operative”—in 2007, it saw Dan Rapoport opening the Soho Rooms club in Moscow with his partner Sergei Tkachenko, that the FSB designated a “CIA honey trap operation”—in March-2008, the Soho Rooms club was visited by CIA operative Roland Carnaby, whom the FSB designated as the “CIA handler” that trained Dan Rapoport in Houston-Texas—then upon returning to the United States in April-2008, it saw CIA operative Roland Carnaby mysteriously executed by Houston Police, in what was called “the stuff of political espionage”.

According to this SVR document, CIA operative Dan Rapoport returned to the United States in 2012, then announced he was moving to Ukraine in 2016, where he near immediately married infectious disease specialist Dr. Alena Rapoport, which made her an American citizen—in January-2017, it saw CIA operative Dan Rapoport’s partner Sergei Tkachenko in the Soho Rooms club mysteriously suicided—and quickly after the mysterious suicide of his partner, it saw CIA operative Dan Rapoport rushing from Ukraine back to the United States to rent a mysterious multi-million-dollar mansion he proportedly owned in Washington D.C. to Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, whose father and father-in-law President Donald Trump had just taken up residence in the White House.

In 2018, this SVR document reveals, the CIA and British intelligence funded publication Bellingcat openly attacked CIA operative Dan Rapoport in their article “The Curious Case of David Jewberg, The Fake Senior Pentagon Russia Analyst”, wherein it states: “David Jewberg is actually an imagined persona connected to a group of individuals inside the U.S. revolving around well-connected American financier Dan K. Rapoport, who was named as the person who wrote under this persona by well-known Russia expert David Satter and other sources in Washington who spoke to Bellingcat…A number of personal friends and professional connections connected to Rapoport helped to prop up this fake persona…Per legal experts consulted during this investigation, the person(s) who maintained the “David Jewberg” persona created false identification documents, impersonating a federal official with a Pentagon identification card…The U.S. Department of Defense and State Department have disavowed the existence of David Jewberg, stating that they have never employed a person by this name”.

SVR analysts in this document assert that CIA operative Dan Rapoport was disavowed after it was discovered that the mansion he had rented to the daughter of President Trump was “riddled with spying devices”—in a message posted on Facebook in April, it saw CIA operative Dan Rapoport writing to an unnamed friend: “I need a small favor…I just posted on FB about a Russian VC firm trying to screw me for $10k…I would really appreciate if you could like and/or comment on it…I don’t expect to get paid, but I want to maximize their public embarrassment”—a message SVR analysts in this document assert had nothing to do with Russia, but was a directed threat against the CIA—on 11 August, it saw CIA operative Dan Rapoport posting a photo of Marlon Brando as Colonel Kurtz in the Vietnam War epic film “Apocalypse Now” along with the chilling words: “The horror, the horror”—was an epic film about the CIA hunting down and executing Colonel Kurtz after he went rogue—then on 14 August, three days after posting his chilling message, CIA operative Don Rapoport filled his pockets with $2,620 in cash then supposedly walked out of his Washington D.C. luxury apartment and plunged to his death—a death that immediately without any investigation was “ruled a suicide”, but whose wife Dr. Alena Rapoport said “it isn’t true”, and stated: “We had plans to meet, he had appointments, he had plans”.

Joining the obvious suiciding of disavowed CIA operative Dan Rapoport and the execution of his handler CIA operative Roland Carnaby, this report concludes, it bears remembering that top socialist Democrat Party lawmaker Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer openly threatened President Trump for defending the American people against their corrupt intelligence agencies with the statement: “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you…So even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he’s being really dumb to do this”—a threat quickly followed by the entire American intelligence establishment unleashing an army of “Trump Destroyers” to bring President Trump down—the main one being CIA operative Peter Strzok, who still to this day is said to have been an FBI official, but whose true facts about reveal: “There is no evidence that Peter Strzok ever worked or served in any FBI field office…Nor is there any evidence that Strzok attended the FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia…There is no evidence Strzok ever graduated from Quantico…Strzok’s history shows that he left the Army and was immediately assigned to the White House to personally work for President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton”—and are facts known by President Trump, whose home was raided to seize the documents he had proving the truth about CIA operative Peter Strzok.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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