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CNN: Donald Trump Interview on Larry King Live – October 8, 1999

A Viewer recently asked about whether or not I felt John F. Kennedy Jr. was still alive and I immediately thought of this Interesting clip from the Donald J. Trump Interview with Larry King in October 1999, 3 months after Kennedy’s ALLEGED Plane Crash. If it wasn’t for this letter and a few other tidbits uncovered along this journey, I probably would have brushed it off as a hoax or just a Conspiracy as we’ve been indoctrinated to think when incidents in our daily lifeĀ  just don’t logically add up. This video clip of interest starts at about 37:00…Pay very close attention when Larry says the date of the Letter twice wrong, but says it correctly the third try: July 19th, 1999…July 19th??? The plane with the 3 passengers is believed to have crashed 3 DAYS EARLIER on July 16th!! Either John John got the date wrong when he composed the Letter, or he wrote his Dear Friend Donald Trump from his Heavenly New Home…Watch Donald’s reaction as Larry stumbles over saying the Date…Things that make a lot of us go “WTH?” Enjoy!

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  1. JFK Jnr is well and very much alive God bless him and the President and his entire family . The future is looking brighter by the day as the evil ones are removed. These 2 men will go down in history along with 8000 in Miltary Intelligence for saving our World and putting God back where HE belongs

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