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Darryl John Kennedy – Message to Americans – July 4th, 2023

Darryl John Kennedy – Message to Americans
2 hours ago

Darryl John Kennedy – Message to Americans – July 4th, 2023

US Cultural Ambassador Darryl John Kennedy speaks to the American people, regarding current world events, – “Independence Day” July 4th, 2023

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    1. My pleasure Darryl! You are receiving comments, so please check back to read them. How about this round as VP? I could definitely go for that option this round! God Bless! LM

      1. Dear Laura,
        your thoughts are most kind. I shall offer to serve in whatever capacity fate moves me toward; and should that be at the request of Trump or RFK, I would proudly accept to serve as well. I pray deeply for your daughters healthy recovery.
        She is precious.
        God Bless.

        1. Thank you Darryl for your well wishes for my Daughter. Its been a tough road so far being injured and not being able to work and bring in an income. She’s healing at least, but not having a vehicle to get her, the baby, and her son to doctors appointments has been mission impossible! We keep Praying that something good will happen soon! And, God knows what part you shall play going forward. You shall be Divinely selected for your next role in God’s Plan for the Freeing of Humanity. He doesn’t make mistakes! God Bless! Laura Mae

  1. The only person that is strong enough to destroy the cabal is President Donald J Trump as he continues to restore our country and hasn’t stopped, even behind the scenes. He is the only president that has fought for our country so hard and has been succeeding in exposing and destroying the elite evil men that have destroyed what America is all about. He is the biggest threat to the cabal, illuminati, deep state, to name a few of their references. President Trump is like Mosses of his time. He could only do this with God’s blessings and help. Everything happening today is written in the Bible. Learn the truth and God shall give you ears to hear and eye to see.

    1. President Trump is like a sun light, it penetrates deep into the dark places where all the dangerous creatures of the swamp are. But Darryl can be like a moon light, it shines on our hearts and mind to give us a warm feeling to help us recover, after those dangerous and painful moments of the day are over.

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