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Darryl John Kennedy Message to Americans on July 4, 2022

US Cultural Ambassador Darryl John Kennedy, speaks to the American people on July 4th, 2022, “Independence Day,” regarding current world events.
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  1. Hi Laura, thank you for posting my message. Would you be so kind as to correct the spelling of my name, so the search engines and your hashtag will find it? “Darryl” has two (r) thank you dear, much appreciated. Happy Fourth of July!

    1. Oh Darn! I noticed the error but forgot to fix. So sorry. ON IT NOW! Happy 4th Darryl! God Bless you!

  2. Did Darryl John Kennedy grow up in Massachusetts? He certainly speaks like a Massachusetts native. In fact, he sounds very much like President JFK. ThanQ for the message, Sir.

    1. It’s a mystery! He does sound exactly like JFK, and I’m sure he’s got to be a relative. I asked the “JFK Jr. is Alive” crowd and no one is providing me an answer! I guess now is not the time for us to know…Darryl? What say you? Inquiring Fans want to know…God Bless Dr. Bobbie Ann White!

  3. Hello Lauren, I feel honored that many people are inspired by my words. As I have lived and worked as a Cultural Ambassador for much of my life overseas in fifty countries, I am not well known to the American people, and therefore, am somewhat of a mystery. As I noted, my grandfather was from a Kennedy Clan in Ireland, and so there may be some distant relationship. Warmly, Darryl

    1. Hi Darryl! I was wondering what happened to you. The last piece you put out was too scary (the music) for me to share. I thought you might have been hacked since it was opposite of your normal Outstanding pieces. Hope all is well. I’ve taken a couple days off and am trying to get back up to speed. Thanks for stopping by and I will give your video a listen shortly. God Bless!

      1. Hi Laura, thank you for all your wonderful support. I don’t know which music you were referring to, except for the music score created for the Salvador’s Dali, Endless Enigma, which was composed to be dark, as it was meant to reflect the imagery of the painting, which reflects the chaotic times at present. I’ve been busy traveling. I hope that my latest speech will be more inspiring dear 🙂
        Warm regards, Darryl

        1. Yes, it was very dark and I didn’t understand what it was, just not what I was expecting from The Darryl John Kennedy! I will listen shortly. Thank you and God Bless!

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