~ DECEPTION ~ Be Careful Who You Follow #Qanon #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸 🔔

~ DECEPTION ~ Be Careful Who You Follow #Qanon #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸 🔔

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  1. Ok The Antichrist. Most people know him as Obama. Why did he chose That Name? What does Burak Ubama mean in Hebrew? Clue Jesus said it. The guy we call Obama did a Satanic ritual in the 90s calling for Satan to incarnate. So the answer to your question… Obama also known as Bathhouse Barry. And yes a Camel can go through the Eye of the Needle…

  2. Hello Beautiful Lady. I knew they lied when I was very young. I knew they had a series of teachings that restricted the power of individuals to get to know the real power of God. I knew they promoted a code of superficial behaviors and social rules too. I know they messed with the Bible, but still, I saw something alive in there and I wanted it. I couldn't tell them about the ways God spoke to me inside, how Jesus appeared to me in dreams, how the Holy Spirit filled me like an infusion of warm honey flowing from my crown. I cultivated this secret relationship; calling it "A vertical relationship with God." Calling it "The Gracious Pathway." Describing it as the most thrilling part of my life, rivaling love, sex, and holding my newborn babies. A man of the cloth who's ministry taught me boldness, fell into sexual sin and was shamed. I was devastated… and then… I knew that the work done in me via his teaching was still valid. So…..while I appreciate the structure and connections that organized church offers as we grow… when the magnetic pull to conform starts in, what I have done is to move on. Move to different pastures, churches… to feed… and if the same bull-shit starts up, I "go to the woods" for a while to contemplate… "What am I to learn from this?" LOL That question asked fervently, has brought me one heck of an exciting spiritual life. I've run a lot, sometimes to avoid hurting others with my taking a firm stand based on my own judgement. I prefer to do silent battle in prayer and contemplation; in scouring my own soul. I've seen some great results and enjoy letting the loved ones think they made the right choices all on their own. I have been wronged by close loved ones. I called them on it. I forgave them. When the games continued, I informed them I love them, but they were making me sick. Then I moved across the country. God brings lovely people into my life who help me continue to learn, to love, to speak out more openly than I did with those I feared would stop loving me. LOL… Much love to you.

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