DeepState Hits Just Keep on Coming! Maddog Mattis goes Rogue!

The rats are turning on each other, as usually happens when built upon lies, deception and obfuscation. We are also being shown that the 15 minutes of fame rule still applies. The act of speaking out in opposition to President Trump when the nation is facing so much manufactured turmoil being orchestrated by those who wish to redirect media attention away from the real organized crime and criminals who profited from said crimes. Now Retired General Mattis joins the ranks of the attention seekers and misdirection agents being deployed, some in active duty and some retired, by news organizations that want this domestic chaos to continue.

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James Gauss
A thorough and precise researcher, and someone who’s worked in vegetable crop research for Ohio State University; as the lead horticulturist for the Chicago Botanic Garden. James began using his ability to research to write his first book which was published in 1998. Since then he has written and published over 20 books, the vast majority on Christian themes and spiritual insights. Throughout his varied career he has been a featured guest on many regional radio and television programs, including satellite TV on a wide range of topics. Dr. Gauss’ first book on Islam, Islam & Christianity: A Revealing Contrast, was published in 2009 after several years of research and personal experience. His most recent effort, Understanding Islam in the Light of Christianity is the result of years of dedicated research and a strong desire to educate the Christian community. The end product reveals insightful comparisons of Islam and Christianity not found in similar works and is a Compendium of the Messenger, Message and Mission of the Qur’an and the Bible. It is also available as an abridged version and as a Student Edition for upper high school and college students. In 2020, Dr. Gauss is working on another book, Embracing the Anti-Christ: The Heresy of Interfaith Dialogue, which he expects to be available by the end of June.


Miles Rahimi
An America-First Conservative who was raised in Oklahoma before shipping out with the Navy to serve his country. After eight years of service, he has returned home with his wife to continue to fight for our country on another front: the US Congress.
Miles is a Pro-Life, Pro-2nd Amendment Conservative who will fight against illegal immigration, un-American trade deals, and worker visa giveaways that undercut Americans’ jobs at home. He’s not afraid to stand up to multi-national corporations and left-wing special interests on behalf of Oklahoma’s families and their values.






Ann Vandersteel


https://www.linkedin.com/in/annvandersteel/ (currently removed by LinkedIn and libeled “dangerous”)

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