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Derek Johnson – Real Cool Kinda Hot (Official Video) [HD]

He Doesn’t Always Yell…Most of the Time He is Singing, and I would bet He Would Rather be Singing, Right Derek? Got to Love Him. He is a Bonafide, Honorable Military Veteran Who Loves and Served This Country to Help Keep Us Safe! Truly, Thank You for Your Service and All of this Valuable Education, Sir! – Laura Mae

Derek Johnson – Real Cool Kinda Hot (Official Video) [HD]

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  1. Derek, Im a driver. Think Jason, except I look. Anyway, if Ya’ll need a driver let me know. Code protects Orders and Law. Sidebar: What is unique about American Military is we do not rule, we protect and serve a constitution called The United States Constitution.

    1. Not sure Derek will see your Awesome Offer from here at TTQ, Wayne, but it needs to be posted directly on his Rumble or Bitchute Page in the Comment Section. Thank you Patriot!! WWG1WGA!! God Bless!

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