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Devolution – Part 17 From Ukraine With Love

Devolution – Part 17

From Ukraine With Love

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We’re all trying to make sense of the madness in Ukraine right now. It’s nearly impossible to do so without a free and fair press as well as a legitimate administration calling the shots. One thing we do know for certain, is that Ukraine is the epicenter of decades-long political corruption.

Trump entered office knowing Ukraine would be a major battleground in his war against the Deep State. As he did many times before, he made the proper moves and implemented the executive order necessary to dismantle the corrupt network. In this article, I will give you a clear idea of how Trump defeated all this fraud and corruption.

First, a recap.

Bidens and Burisma

Before I really dig in, let’s get a refresher on Hunter Biden/Burisma situation because it provides crucial context to the story. On September 23rd, 2020, the Senate Homeland Security and Finance Committees released a report on their joint investigation into Hunter Biden’s role on the board of Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings. Let’s examine part of the executive summary:

Remember the timeline surrounding Ukraine that I discussed in Devolution – Part 14:

The EU spent the better part of a decade trying to lure Ukraine into a free-trade pact but instead they decided to make a deal with Putin and Russia. So, what did the EU do? They used their playbook, implemented a color-revolution, and installed a leader – Poroshenko – who would play ball. Shortly after the regime change, Biden became the public face of the Obama administration’s handling of Ukraine, and his son Hunter joined the board of Burisma.

Let’s look a little closer at what exactly happened surrounding the investigation into Burisma holdings. Here is a brief summary from clintonfoundationtimeline.com that provides the sources to back up the story:

Hunter and Joe Biden were leveraged to prevent Viktor Shokin from digging into the corruption unfolding at Burisma:

So again, this shouldn’t be new information to any of us. We have been talking about Joe Biden’s conflict of interest regarding Hunter’s shady ties to Burisma for multiple years now. But there is much more to the story.

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Ihor Kolomoisky

Before we get into the really juicy stuff, let’s familiarize ourselves with Ihor Kolomoisky. Look at this twitter thread recently posted by @DawsonSField regarding a story published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

From 2006 – 2015, Ihor Kolomoisky stole $4.45 Billion dollars from PrivatBank (A bank he owned) and laundered it through the United States through purchasing mass amounts of real estate. What Dawson is referring to by “banks looked the other way as Ukraine was looted while US taxpayers bailed them out” was the money given to Ukraine through the IMF.

A gentleman named John Helmer has done extensive research on this topic and has multiple articles you can find at his site with sourced information. Here is a pretty good synopsis from one of those articles:

This is merely the tip of the iceberg, but it has led me to believe there is a much larger connection being glossed over surrounding the 2014 regime change in Ukraine and the Biden Family.

That connection is this: is it possible that Kolomoisky’s money laundering is the real reason for the Bidens getting involved in Ukraine?

It is rumored that Privatbank (and therefore Kolomoisky) are the actual owners of Burisma.

Here are some screenshots from a PJ Media article dated March 21, 2018:

So it’s rumored that Kolomoisky (Through PrivatBank and PrivatGroup) is the actual owner of Burisma. How much circumstantial evidence can we find that lends to that conclusion?

As mentioned in the Dawson Field thread earlier, Ihor Kolomoisky is under investigation here in the United States. The US DOJ currently has two complaints opened against him: “Louisville Properties Complaint” and “Dallas Properties Complaint”. These complaints provide us with some great insight into how Kolomoisky has been operating his money laundering schemes. Here is a snippet contained verbatim in both complaints:

I highlighted that address because it happens to be the same address listed as the registered office for a business we are very familiar with. Here is a screenshot from the Cyprus Organization Registry Website:

This is more interesting than it is damning. As stated in the US DOJ complaints, that address is used for numerous shell companies involved in fraud and embezzlement. It doesn’t necessarily tie Kolomoisky or PrivatBank to Burisma, but it is one of a series of pieces of evidence that, together, appear to do so.

While still on the Cyprus Organization Registry website, you can look at the Directors and Secretaries for Burisma:

This name is actually used on many shell companies connected to Kolomoisky. Here is the English translation of the name:

Christina Sofocleous works at her father’s law firm “Andreas M. Sofocleous & Co LLC”.

We know that Christina is Andreas’ daughter based on an interview transcript posted on the sofocleousfoundation.org website:

The “Andreas M. Sofocleous & Co LLC” law firm also shares that same address carried by the registered office for Burisma as well as all the shell companies listed in the “Complaints” referenced earlier.

So how is Andreas Sofocleous connected to Ihor Kolomoisky? Based on PrivatBank’s own Annual Reports from 2014 and 2016, both Andreas and Ihor are listed as shareholders of PrivatBank.

So let’s catch our breath.

  • Burisma is registered in the Cyprus Registry database to the same address as multiple Shell companies used by Kolomoisky referenced in two US DOJ complaints
  • Christina Sofocleous is the “Director” of Burisma as listed on the Cyprus Registry database
  • Christina Sofocleous works for her father Andreas at the “Andreas M. Sofocleous & Co LLC”
  • Andreas is one of the owners/shareholders of PrivatBank, just like Kolomoisky

So far we have some interesting connections but haven’t really made anything definitive. After spending nearly two weeks trying to find something concrete, this was the best I was able to do. I stumbled across a reference to Kolomoisky owning Burisma on a website that had an article called “Kings of Ukrainian Gas”. When I clicked on the link, it had been deleted and no longer existed:

Luckily, somebody was wise enough to archive the link. I’m going to provide screenshots from the end of the article, but the entire thing is worth the read.

From a deleted article written in August of 2012, it is reported from “first-hand sources” that Ihor Kolomoisky, through his controlling stake in Privat Group, owns Burisma. I can’t show you purchase agreements for the transfer of ownership but there are 3 interesting connections now (including the “first-hand source”) linking Kolomoisky to Burisma.

Doesn’t this make a little bit more sense of the Ukrainian situation we’ve seen unfold since 2014?

Clinton Scandals

As I said earlier, this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding corruption in Ukraine and the United States government. Viktor Pinchuk and George Soros are known to be involved with the political establishment as well.

Trump told us he was going to “drain the swamp”. Part of that would involve cleaning up the corruption in Ukraine as well. That is why he brought up two different scandals in the July 2019 phone call that led to his impeachment.

The first scandal he brought up was Spygate by mentioning Crowdstrike and the DNC server:

The second scandal Trump mentioned was the firing of the prosecutor looking into Bursima:

Now let’s look at this interesting timeline surrounding the Durham investigation:

The day after it’s reported that Durham assumed parts of the Huber investigation into the Clinton Foundation, we get confirmation that Durham is also “exploring the extent to which a number of countries, including Ukraine, played a role in the counterintelligence investigation directed at the Trump campaign.” Given what we know about the Ukrainians and the Clinton Foundation, the timing of these revelations is interesting.

Ukraine is clearly one of the primary battlegrounds in Trump’s war against the Deep State. How does he intend to defeat his enemies?

Executive Order 13818

Executive Order 13818: Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption is similar in structure to one of the other most important Executive Orders we will see put to use in the future – Executive Order 13848: Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. Both are wide in their scope and both will be used to dismantle the Deep State and all its accomplices.

Let’s dig in.

What this Executive Order does and to whom it applies:

So the first two subsets of individuals this EO affects are those listed in the Annex and then those specific foreign individuals (keyword: foreign) “who the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General” have determined to have perpetrated the actions described above.

So far, this executive order applies only to foreign individuals. That is where this third subset comes in and this executive order gets really good.

In this third subset of individuals, the word “foreign” is left off. So this could pertain to anybody at home or abroad.

This third section applies to both foreign and domestic individuals and deems anybody who assists or partakes in any corruption, in any way, or even attempts to do so, can have their assets frozen and potentially seized.

The EO continues to ensnare the corrupt political establishment and their funding of NGOs:

Hypothetical: Let’s pretend somebody steals taxpayer dollars and launders it through the United States, then goes on to hire a politician’s son through a corrupt company, and then that politician gets the prosecutor investigating it all fired by withholding $1 Billion.

Executive order 13818 would come in to play against (not exhaustive, just spitballing):

  • The one stealing and laundering the money
  • The politician
  • The politician’s son
  • Any and everybody who was aware of the scheme
  • Anybody who benefitted from any of the money that was stolen or paid to the politicians

Executive order 13818 is truly a catch-all for corruption and its perpetrators. The last key section here is the one that preserves the element of surprise in apprehending the criminals:

This executive order could easily take down the entire corrupt political establishment if and when it is properly used, but there is one aspect to this that needs to be addressed.


Just like all Executive Orders, 13818 draws upon specific authorities to allow the President to put it into effect. Here are the authorities Trump used in the issuance of executive order 13818.

The one we need to look closer at is the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act. Here is some background from the Congressional Research Service:

Here is where it gets concerning. The Act was implemented through the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2017, and it was issued with a “Sunset”. This means the authority to use this Act and therefore, to use executive order 13818 would terminate “6 years after the date of enactment of this act”.

Here is the intro to the NDAA for 2017 and the effective date is highlighted at the bottom.

This means 6 years from December 23, 2016, the authority for the Act and executive order 13818 would terminate. That sunset date is December 23, 2022. Here is confirmation from the Congressional Research Service of the Sunset date:

Now this is concerning. One of the broadest executive orders Trump implemented to take down the corrupt political establishment has a looming sunset date attached to it. Not only that, but Biden would need to re-authorize the executive order as well to make sure it remains in play. How do we know this will continue to be in effect when we need it?

Remember how it made no sense that he extended EO 13848 – A “president” who won an election using foreign interference extends the Executive Order that directly affects him? Biden did the exact same thing with executive order 13818, even though it’s obvious to everybody with a pulse (no offense Biden voters) that what he and his family have done falls within the scope of the order.

This still doesn’t help us with the looming Sunset but there have been some other developments here that are worth looking at.

There was a Senate bill introduced on 1/28/2021 by Senator Benjamin Cardin (D-MD): S.93 – Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Reauthorization ActUnfortunately, this bill has yet even to pass the Senate, let alone to become a law. Indeed, govtrack.us gives it only a 4% chance of doing so.

Then there is our National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Every year, Congress “works together” to pass the coming year’s NDAA and appropriations bill. The process behind this is pretty interesting, especially when you look at what was included related to the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act. Here is how the NDAA process works:

This process is relevant because the initial NDAA that passed the house (H.R. 4350) included a repeal of the Global Magnitsky sunset:

This means the original NDAA formulated by our DOD included the sunset repeal. When it went to the Senate, however, they removed that section from the bill and S. 1605 – National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 passed and was signed into law leaving the sunset in place.


What Trump did with executive order 13818 was brilliant. It’s another example of Trump and his team issuing a tool that will be used to dismantle the corrupt political establishment. The sheer scope of this executive order explains exactly why they were so desperate to get Trump out of office by any means necessary.

I’m looking at the sunset attached to the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act rather optimistically. It’s logical to think that the Deep State would want this executive order to go away. So why did Biden re-authorize it in the first place? Just like executive order 13848, it made no sense for him to do so.

We know the mainstream media turns a blind eye to the corruption of the political establishment. We also know they have turned a blind eye to the election theft of 2020. You could easily go as far as to say they are complicit in the cover up of both. That doesn’t mean the corruption doesn’t exist, and it doesn’t mean the election theft didn’t happen. Both are genuine realities.

Here’s another genuine reality: Joe Biden isn’t the one running the country. His handlers are calling the shots. He is just the dementia-laden face of the Deep State. Even so, it makes absolutely zero sense for two of the most impactful executive orders Trump issued to still be in play. Executive orders 13818 & 13848 are all Trump needs to destroy his enemies and get America back on the path of greatness.

And this is the only conclusion I can draw from the re-authorization of these two powerful executive orders: the handlers aren’t running the country, either. How could they be?

To me, this is powerful circumstantial evidence that devolution is happening, and somebody is forcing their hand. Nothing else explains it.

That is why I’m not concerned with the sunset attached to the GMHRAA. For all we know, Trump could have issued a PEAD to continue the GMHRAA authorization regardless of congressional approval. The PEADs give Trump nearly limitless power so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. I’m already of the opinion that Trump will be back before the midterms, so maybe the sunset date is irrelevant.

However this unfolds, you can rest assured that Trump was well aware of the corruption that was enriching the political establishment, so he took the steps to rid us of it.


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