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Devolution – Part 21

2000 Mules

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Watching 2000 Mules was enlightening. Many of us knew the 2020 election was stolen but the scope of the actual operation as detailed by the movie was rather breathtaking. I believe we can look at 2000 mules to prove, once again, that devolution has been implemented.

Let’s remember what I said in “An Introduction To Devolution”:

Donald Trump knew the election was going to be stolen. He told us they were using Covid to implement mass mail-in voting. The scheme laid out in 2000 Mules is how they have stolen elections for years. They knew in 2020 they would need far more votes than ever before. They still fell short, maybe because they believed their own fake polls.

The movie goes over an organized criminal operation using “mules” to hit multiple drop boxes over a period of time. What is mind-blowing is that they were still far short of what they needed to steal the election. That’s why they had to literally stop counting on election night. They needed to bring in even more ballots and pull whatever they had under the tables and scan ballots multiple times. The shenanigans that took place the night of the election was in addition to the ballot trafficking scheme we saw in 2000 Mules.

Yes, the magnitude was that massive. They used ballot trafficking and mass dumps of ballots the night of, but it was even more than that. Don’t forget the circumstantial evidence of cyber interference and vote switching in the voting machines that took place which I have discussed extensively in this series already. Remember the tweet I showed in Devolution – Part 1:

Trump knew, and he was right about everything.

We are called crazy for knowing the reality of our elections but it’s really easy to pull off when you have the right people in the right positions in all the major cities running our elections and then the media, willing and complicit to cover it up completely.

The focus of this article is going to be mostly on ballot trafficking. Just like he knew in 2012 that the machines were compromised, Trump knew they were going to use ballot harvesting.

2016 Voter Fraud

Trump caused a media frenzy during his first Presidential run when he stated that he should have won the popular vote in 2016. A simple search around the time period of 2016 will show numerous headlines on the topic. Almost all of them are “debunking” his “unproven” claims:

Snopes has a pretty good summary of what Trump said:

Politifact was kind enough to cite 7 further examples of Trump claiming voter fraud surrounding the 2016 election alone:

Leading up to the 2020 election, with Covid-19 in full swing, Trump began specifically calling out ballot harvesting.

From Politifact:


One specific case of Trump calling out ballot harvesting and calling for an investigation came after Project Veritas released footage implicating Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar. From the NY Post:

So let me reiterate once more the main point here. Trump knew leading up to the 2020 election that they were going to steal it. Everybody knew they were going to steal it. He also knew exactly how they were going to steal it.

As I’ve laid out in the Devolution Series, Trump has always been making moves to counter the enemy, often times well beforehand. Let’s look at what he did showing us he was well aware of the ballot harvesting scheme.

Election Integrity

On May 11th, 2017, Donald Trump issued Executive Order 13799:

So the entire point of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity was to study the same types of schemes outlined in 2000 Mules. The Executive Order goes on to provide some definitions.

The commission Trump established in May of 2017 tells us he already knew how they were stealing elections. Unfortunately, although not surprisingly, the commission was met with backlash from the media and democrats:

Eventually, Trump ended up disbanding the commission:

And From US News:

What’s interesting is what Trump actually did when he disbanded the commission. Instead of completely ending the study, he handed it off to the Department of Homeland Security:

I wasn’t able to find anything (yet) regarding what happened once this was transferred to DHS and if any significant moves were made. The DHS would later establish election security with CISA, the group I discuss in Devolution – Part 5.

Regardless of what the DHS did with the review, the fact Trump started this commission, that the commission’s scope was spot-on with the scheme portrayed in 2000 Mules, and that the media and the left fought so hard against it, should tell you everything you need to know.

Trump had them caught.

So again, if we assume Trump knew exactly how they operate and also what they were doing by pushing mass mail-in voting due to Covid-19, it’s silly to think he didn’t do anything about it.


Another aspect that stuck out to me from the 2000 Mules documentary was when they tied many of the “mules” to antifa and the protests during the 2020 “summer of love.” True the Vote was able to purchase geodata and piece this all together. Imagine the capabilities of our military! I’ve already shown you that our military was monitoring and surveilling antifa starting in June of 2020. Here is a recap from Devolution – Part 6:

So if True the Vote was able to connect Antifa to the mules, don’t you think the military, already surveilling Antifa protesters would be able to make that connection too?

EO 13848

There were two individuals/entities stemming from 2000 Mules that stuck out to me because of the ties they have to foreign money, specifically George Soros, which would implicate them in EO 13848 – Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.

These are just two individuals/entities that specifically stemmed from the 2000 Mules documentary. How many other NGOs and individuals played roles in this massive and organized ballot trafficking scheme? How many can be tied to foreign donations?

This is the definition of “foreign interference” directly from Executive Order 13848:

“On behalf of a foreign government” is obviously the key phrase. Would using Soros’ money to fund the ballot harvesting operation fit this definition? Would using a massive ballot trafficking scheme in general to steal a Presidency for Joe Biden, a man with numerous known connections (and likely more unknown) to China and the CCP, be considered interfering on behalf of a foreign government?

The Chinese intelligence linked businessmen who have done deals with the Biden family.

I’d say it fits the definition but it’s not up to me.

Flight 1745

Richard the Saint’s latest article, “The Final Descent of Flight 1745” is a brilliant compilation of work showing almost certainly that there is a coordinated operation happening behind the scenes. I highly encourage you to either read or listen to the article:

I’m going to show a few screenshots that really stood out to me and add a few things that I believe are relevant.




The significance of Oracle to the Devolution story is becoming much more prominent, and Richard the Saint has been the driving force behind bringing that picture into focus. It appears as though True the Vote was able to “borrow” the supercomputer from Mississippi State University, and that supercomputer is directly tied to Oracle. Allow me to add to what Richard the Saint put together.

The supercomputer at Mississippi State University is a “Dell EMC” system:

Dell and Oracle have had long standing partnerships over the years:

From 2003:

From 2013:

Dell and Oracle even had a partnership with EMC specifically, when it was its own company:

In 2015, Dell purchased EMC and Larry Ellison considered it a “brilliant” move (Link behind paywall):

Then there is this “White Paper” from November of 2021 titled “Dell EMC PowerStore: Oracle Database Best Practices”:

It cannot be a coincidence that the supercomputer used by True the Vote is this well-connected to Oracle, a company coming more into focus as a player in Trump’s ongoing plan. Remember some of what we already know of Oracle and a member of the Devolution team:

Then there is this regarding the twitter situation we see unfolding?

Speculation alert – what this all leads me to believe is that the voting scheme outlined in 2000 Mules was investigated by True the Vote with the assistance of Oracle as part of the ongoing devolution operation. Whether they had all of this stuff discovered ahead of time is a question for somebody with more technical expertise. I’m confident if our military was watching for this activity, they would have the technical capabilities to capture the operation as well. This would be in addition to what they found in the cyber realm. Remember, the election was stolen using various methods:

  1. “Ballot Trafficking” as presented by 2000 Mules
  2. Vote switching through compromised machines
  3. Major vote dumping and duplicating of ballots – when they realized the machines and ballot trafficking wouldn’t be enough, they literally stopped counting on election night to mass-dump ballots and have workers such as Ruby Freeman scan the same ballots multiple times
  4. Cover-up by the Media and our local and federal government, most notably, the RINOs at the local level

After 2000 Mules, I would say numbers 1, 3, and 4 are extremely obvious, with more and more coming out daily. The one we are waiting for and possibly most important to the devolution theory, is number 2. Expect more bombshells to come out regarding all of these. Now do we know Trump and his team were monitoring the shenanigans the night of the election?

Election Night

Another topic touched on by Richard the Saint was the fact that the election was monitored from a SCIF:

Here is another definition of a SCIF:

I would first like to add proof that there is a SCIF inside the Eisenhower Building. In 2014, Singleton Electric Company completed a project which modernized the Eisenhower Executive Office Building:

The third paragraph here is really all you need to read:

Now why is this significant?

If Trump and his team were indeed watching the election unfold from a SCIF at the Eisenhauer building, it means whatever they were doing had an aspect likely related to national security.

Let’s do the math here.

  • Trump knew they were going to steal the election
  • Trump knew how they were going to steal the election
  • Trump knew who was going to be involved with stealing the election
  • The election was monitored from a SCIF

Knowing all the above, how could Trump not have done something about it? 2 + 2 = 4. The only logical conclusion is Trump did do something about it and we’re seeing it unfold now. True the Vote using a supercomputer related to Oracle is no coincidence. 2000 Mules is part of the rollout.


I’d like to end this article using Trump’s own words rather than my own. On November 27th, 2020, just 10 days before he issued Executive Order 13961, which implemented and executed a continuity of government plan, President Trump held a thanksgiving teleconference with members of the military. He concluded by taking questions from reporters.


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