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Ep. 3071b – Obama Panicking, FISA Is The Start, It Is Time For Accountability, Justice

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Ep. 3071b – Obama Panicking, FISA Is The Start, It Is Time For Accountability, Justice

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 The [DS] is panicking, Obama is panicking, FISA was the start. Obama is now making the rounds trying to complete the 16 year plan, it is failing, the [DS] has lost control of the narrative from the fake news and the people are not giving up their weapons. They will push but the people are awake. The people are angry, they seem the criminal syndicate, they want accountability, they want justice. The people are going to see that justice cannot come from the DOJ or the FBI it will need to be done from an outside organization, the clock is ticking down.

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  1. White Hats and Grey Hats – A Critical Review of White Hats and the Plan…

    Greetings from Germany…

    we are in a Horror Show and it’s time to take off the rose-colored Glasses, because there is more and more Criticism of the White Hats Plan…

    And here is a Summary of what Many may already Think, notice, feel and criticize in the Truth Movement…

    Criticism of the White Hats or a different Opinion must also be allowed, because if these is suppressed, we find ourselves in the very situation of Censorship that we are all would like to get rid of…

    In the article you will find out the following:

    1.) Why it’s boiling under the Truthers, Patriots, White Hats and the Truth-Movement?

    2.) Time to get started because the longer the White Hats wait, the Greyer and Darker they become…

    3.) Why the White Hats risk losing the Base and the Propaganda War/Info War?

    4.) Take out the Popcorn because we’re going to see a Movie and everything is going as planned…

    5.) The White Hats have caused some collateral Damage by choosing the “Wrong Path” for over 1 year…

    6.) Why some White Hats staff Officers think, that it was the People who got us all into this Position? (And who really put us in this position?)

    7.) Does the Purpose justify the Means? (Any Means will be employed.
    Win by any Means necessary.)

    8.) Secrecy and Censorship – Some must remain secret, for Mankind?

    9.) Why does it look more and more like the White Hats are currently abandoning many of their digital Soldiers / the Resistance?

    10.) The Military are impatient, waiting for the green Light – White Hats Feud over Sluggishness of Deep State Arrests…

    11.) Why the White Hats may soon reach the Point of no Return?

    12.) Few select and very good Opinions and Critics of the White Hat Plan…

    For example:

    – Understanding the “Sleeper” – (Dr. Richard Prytula Psychiatrist/Psychoanalyst)

    – Do Demos, Protests, Walks, Elections, Petitions, etc. still make Sense?

    – Navy Seal Michael Jaco: It’s Time For The White Hats To Go! The Longer They Wait The Grayer & Darker They Become Now!

    – Enough is Enough – Let’s Go (Simon Parkes)

    – Is it really about human Awakening?

    – Letter To Juan O Savin and the White Hats… (Kerry Cassidy)

    – And much more…

    13.) Further information on some of the information mentioned in the article…

    – Especially for the spiritual Readers or for those who are open minded
    and want to go much deeper down the Rabbit hole…

    –> Download PDF Article:

    1. NICE TRY “GERMANY”! Just another “Anonymous” Shill poster spreading BS “Disinformation” to try and cause Disharmony and further Divide and Conquer GOD’s Q Army of Believing Patriots and to Stir the Pot and Confuse New God Fearing Believers in GOD’s PLAN to finally eliminate Evil on Earth and Deliver Us Chosen “Body of Christ” Q Army of Patriots the Promised 1,000 Years of Peace! Anyone who is too Chicken to show their Identity and ANONYMOUSLY Post BS like this crap needs to Give IT UP! YOU LOST and GOD WON! Get over yourself!!! God Bless you anyway since that is what God wants us to do. HE is the one who decides and Divides the Wheat from The Chafe, not Man! https://operationdisclosureofficial.com/2023/04/26/reader-truthseeker-a-critical-review-of-white-hats-and-the-plan/

    1. I don’t have any issues sharing X22 Dave’s Reports on FB as long as I share the direct link from Rumble or Bitchute, just NOT from HERE, a TrustTheQ Post. God Bless! LM

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