Epstein, Microchips, Qanon, Animal-human Hybrid DNA, Comey, HRC, UFO Fleet – Edge of Wonder Live #19

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Show Notes:
Punchin’ Reptilians:
FBI Document:
Epstein seeding human race:
Brian Cates Tweet:
Microchip Tracking:
UFO Sighting:
Great Awakening Rally:
FB Shadowbanning: eceti qanon conference qanon updates

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  1. Edge of Wonder 3 years ago

    2:57 Conspiracy theorists are terrorists according to FBI
    9:15 Epstein distractions
    15:57 Latest Q drops
    24:05 Baltimore, A$AP Rocky
    28:58 Music Industry Promo
    31:10 Microchip tracking
    34:17 Japan Mixes Human DNA with rat
    36:37: Scientists attempt to open portal
    38:42 UFO and Alien News
    43:10 Great Awakening Rally on 9/11
    47:24 Facebook shadow banning
    48:53 Apple contractors hear confidential info in Siri recordings
    52:15 9/11 investigation: pre-planted explosives?
    54:58 Hillary is a nightmare to work with
    57:51 James Comey
    1:03:01 Peter Slattery Promo
    1:04:47 Hosting at Dimensions of Disclosure
    1:07:30 Q and A

  2. HAUGHTYHAUTE 3 years ago

    With genetic engineering who knows if the creatures don’t embody a soul, human or animal? This is beyond acceptable. Why is this allowed?

  3. Subtlemeetstyle 3 years ago

    The portal thing sounds like stranger things! No good can come from that. Who’s paying for it? Which country is this in? Who’s allowing it? Madness

  4. Sean Sanders 3 years ago

    Umm….Both Trump and Clinton were Epstein's pals. Are we forgetting something?

  5. C. L. Sherman 3 years ago

    We now have a subscription to the Epoch Times – very well researched articles that aren’t fake news backed by the artificial fascist/socialist narrative like CNN/NBC/ABC/CBS/PBS/FOX – owned by Cabal money.

  6. Abundantly Yours 3 years ago

    We live in MD and only go to Baltimore if we ABSOLUTELY have to. It is a very dangerous place!

  7. Abundantly Yours 3 years ago

    OMG I just love you guys! Seriously, could you come live with us for a month and red pill all of our adult children? That might be a great business idea – Red Pill Retreats to awaken loved ones…. think about it.

  8. Andrew Tattooske 3 years ago

    Even with his mic on.
    I always have trouble hearing Ben.

  9. David Freeland 3 years ago

    The popular app “Blinkist” which summarizes books must be a tool of someone trying vouch for Comey and others. I wonder if they’ll start making other more enlightening “woke” books available.

  10. reddit IP banned me. I tried posting an article in The_Donald. I go to New posts in the Donald and its not there. I log out. Still not there. I logged in with an old user name that had only a couple non-controversial posts. Submitted the article again and it wasn't there. Then I created a new User Name and verified it with a new email, posted the article and it still would not show up in the New Posts section of the_donald.

    People can see and are responding to my comments, but not my posts, someone else told me my comment was shadow banned.

    Reddit is full blown stasi communist.

  11. I remember when Alex Jones tried to steer us away from Q by saying he had his own Q intel agent. Nice Try Mossad!

  12. mariv Al 3 years ago

    Mixing dna with rat is in my mind since 2014 since i got a chance to pet hamster. rodents family are really the kind of pet you cant control. When i lost one of them. My most favorite. I used all my energy for a week seeking him. But i never seen him again. So i said to myself. In the future where ill be able to change their destiny. I will put them mind of awareness . So they wont be the subject of expirement anymore.

  13. robert sherman 3 years ago

    I'm a little late playing catch up enjoy life and it's a wild ride you got to hold on with both hands maybe you guys should get them cheap little pocket pens that record audio and video these things might be necessary if restraining orders must be filed I'm from their violations can be addressed as such and I all honesty I think of you guys you know I just told Ben I won't let anybody hurt you and I'm going to make sure that get a pen that records video show that to the administration and apply restraining orders if necessary

  14. Love the Debbie Gibson nod!

  15. Wild Thing 3 years ago

    I prefer the 30 minute format. I always have that much time.

  16. Maly Dao 3 years ago

    Flat earth

  17. Marie lakins 3 years ago

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bTWdELA7Zo 1555 what did you hear? don't let a Q bad actors

  18. Shaun Tilley 3 years ago

    both headphones in ok

  19. Shaun Tilley 3 years ago

    This bone was on, whats up in the sky 37, about 4 years ago check it out

  20. Leessa Lui 3 years ago

    VIP Anon

  21. Al Smith 3 years ago

    I miss the old formats 🙁

  22. 1 611 3 years ago

    Japan allowing the mixing of human / animal DNA is designed around getting ahead of the disclosure that they, China , and many other secret governments industries have been involved in this for quite some time now! Hint: Adam Schift!

  23. Gretchen 3 years ago

    Rusty Shackleford is the guy doing the drone videos of pedo island.

  24. LYLE PARKER 3 years ago

    Don’t hate the THC!

  25. Ronan Halliday 3 years ago

    To all you followers of Q. I implore you to be critical with your thinking! Do more research into who brings forth the Q and Cosmic Disclosure/new age narratives. I'm not going to tell you that Q is a PSYOP but please do more research! this is no different to being spoonfed information from the mainstream media. Realize you can't stop waking up and you are never fully woke. I fell into this trap and got lazy in hope Q was our saviour but it is leading us into a maze and is distracting us. Psychological Warfare is stronger than ever and the shadow government/archons are masters of deception! look at how this is dividing the UFO community, this is exactly what they want! keep finding new sources of truth and never stop! only we can save ourselves from this spiritual war, not Q.

  26. amy trumbull 3 years ago

    As of Saturday, August 10, Epstein is supposedly dead by suicide….while on a suicide watch. Can't wait to hear what you guys have to say about it. I call bullshit

  27. Neil Herceg 3 years ago

    Have you guys ever done a renovation project on your home and used the sledge of wonder?

  28. Neil Herceg 3 years ago

    Have you guys asked David Icke for an interview?

  29. ron marie 3 years ago

    the FBI also thinks any young girl raped grows up to be overly promiscuous and prostitues…..they also have been known to lie and steal and make up bs to so I really dont think they should even be part of the government anymore, they are a waste of money, conspircys are not issues > they are people trying to find answers which is healthy. The government is more terroristic than the people, they cause the negative narrative to blossom and they do it on purpose to fake a need for More Control they never should have.

  30. Adrian Ornelas 3 years ago

    Guys, please don't eat on the show…. it's disgusting listening to you guys swallowing. It's a real turn off!!!!

  31. Yosiah C 3 years ago

    They need USA US WORLD too get back in line Shut up and take the blue sleep pill again DAMIT SHEEP NO MORE !!!

  32. Yosiah C 3 years ago

    Commy howdy duty boy fan of bufflo bob .Neck DEEP S in blood and muddy wicked ACTIVITIES . Thats where the PAIN will be APPLIED

  33. Energy and Light 3 years ago

    I don't trust Billy Carson he has sanpaku eyes lol

  34. Travis Reich 3 years ago

    I went to Baltimore and I didn’t die

  35. carol utley 3 years ago

    You are a front for Mulan Gong….your a front. You've been exposed.

  36. Dream Weaver 3 years ago

    the world needs more edge of wonder please keep telling us the truth will donate after rent clears .

  37. Ben we gotta get you a new microphone buddy.

  38. Speaking on China stealing our technologies… let's not forget the Clinton's sold state secrets to China.

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