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OLDIE BUT GOODIE AND WORTH A LISTEN! ORIGINAL PUBLISHED DATE AUGUST 15, 2019…OPEN YOUR MIND…CHEERS!!  Is Qanon Real or Fake? Join the Couch with special guest Graham Elwood to discuss the Great awakening… #wwg1wga #qanon #4chan

📺 Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/theconvocouch

🍝Craig “Pasta” Jardula

💃Fiorella Isabel:

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  1. Harriet Gar 2 years ago

    Anything MSM is against we better look at it twice. Funny thing Q said they were pedophiles and kooky kooky Clinton is deeply involved in the kiddy fucking. Sick deviant bastards. Need to be exposed and taken down.REVOLUTION time to Storm the Castle send up the balloon. Take to the streets and take our country back & give it to the people. Tulsi Bernie 3rd Party Now

  2. enoel rink 2 years ago

    Brutal, but crucial fact. QAnon is a tool to help the general public come to terms with the fact that many of our political and financial leaders, as well as many of the well-known entertainers and public figures are members of a satanic club that tortures and kills children for longevity of life and rituals.

  3. Audrey Ryan 2 years ago

    Q Level security clearance. Plan in the works since assaxxination of JFK. Check out his grave site & Ellis Island 1999 refurbish when JR killed. In the grass next to Espt temple is a Q.
    3:50 minute mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KR70BT285s

  4. thundarr isaboss 2 years ago

    came here for Epstein stuff, then subscribed. just realized this show isnt on the trump train, so i'm now UNSUBSCRIBED. everyone knows trump is the good guy. bushes, clintons, mccains, gores, romneys etc are ALL globalist agents, trump ISNT.

  5. Karrin Bryan 2 years ago

    Trump is a great chess player, get educated
    Also, Q is real, hard working Patriots. I've been involved for 2 years, there are some shills but most of us have done some great digging. Make your own educated decisions.

  6. Angelo Jamaica 2 years ago

    To You at Convo Couch, Welcome to the Awakening!
    As long as one is eating up brain cells, Since when is a corporation called the Government,
    If it is a corporation then it cannot govern the people, It has a board of governors that control them, not the people who elected them! Is that why a corporation can subcontract its production of fiat currency, for the constitution states differently.
    the Popcorn is to your left.

  7. Heritage Karma 2 years ago

    I am Q

  8. 27 Sparkle 2 years ago

    If Q is a larp why do they worry so much that’s what I would want to know

  9. Elayne Shanahan 2 years ago

    That is fake news, FBI did not put that out, FBI won’t confirm or deny that that was put out by them you can’t find it anywhere on any of their websites. That is fake news put out by the fake news media

  10. We are not crazy we are truthers, WWG1WGA.

  11. Q drops are in Question form as not to break any laws. The Q drops have information for starting points for personal research.

  12. Q is very real, they're the real news now, weather you like it or not.

  13. mark d 2 years ago

    What is Qanon position on DMT?

  14. mark d 2 years ago

    Eddie Bravo: :Look into It

  15. Dennise Hentrich 2 years ago

    Qanon.pub has all past present and future posts/predictions/players and check out the prayer wall.

  16. pworldthug 69 2 years ago

    Anons expose and seek truth and end up being shut down, mislabeled… what does that say about the people trying to shut them down? What does that say about the anons?

    Is it wrong to bring truth to light?

    Seems wrong to want to smear anyone trying to do the right thing. But Anons are not trippin because God Wins.

  17. yes 2 years ago

    the most important thing to remember is dis-info is necessary. Also just like everything else , there are infiltrators on the boards. If Q were not true , wouldnt the news ask Trump in front of everyone to make him a delusional fool? Yet they sit on the sidelines trying to make q followers look crazy. Again all the side attention the media gives , all for a larp? They know it true.

  18. Jeff Menard 2 years ago

    Yes yes yes! Thanks for keeping an open mind guys and leading the charge for truth on the left. I really think getting some common ground between progressives & libertarians is the only way to beat the establishment/deep state. I am supporting Tulsi 100% as she is the most awoke (re: anti- deep state) candidate around (Bernie next on the list but this is one of his weakest areas). Having said that, if Biden,Booty judge, Warren or Kamala get anointed by DNC I couldnt vote for any of them…. it's like HRC 2.0! I see Jamarl Thomas, Aaron Mate. Michael Tracey and Jimmy D starting to be convinced that deep staters are not anyone's friends except themselves. And yes, I try to convince the Q youtube hosts to consider that progressives are not the same animal as establishment MSM & neo-libs!

  19. Meg 2 years ago

    Q is a half-truther, all hung up on HRC, and defending Trump. just a half-truther
    Q isnt telling you how it is. Eurotrash plants… Affiliated with the OL rOOP MURDOCH Clan, a big reality tv show, and Q is along for the ride, throwing the east-coast society boys under the bus for their secret naughty times. BUT – oops – its blowing up on Q, because Trump is implicated, and most people are realizing HRC is one small lady in a HUGE KETTLE OF DEBAUCHED ILLUMIANtED ASSHATS. BOTH sides, Left Right, Coulters Conways Clintons. ALL Of em, folks. The 1% have gone Caligula and Louis XVI.. this shit is old. Its history, folks. We have been living under fascism since Ronnie Reagan brought us Reaganomics. And the elite have taken to referring to us as livestock and passing our children around as sex favors over on Little Saint James Island.

    Pizzagate – is real, but what it is, is the Alefantis DC night-life scene. In the suburbs, things get – weird. Especially amongst the thelemite trust fund babies of the establishment types… Alefantis provides services over there.. his pizza restaurant is a front…
    Heard much from the Podestas and that idiot Brock lately..? Biden knows ALL about the DC nightlife.. a real creeper.

    Lissen, folks – suck on the red pill.
    Q gave you half-truths, HRC no great kingpin, just another idjit caught up in secret society and secret deals, dragged along with Slick Willie.

    You wanna know who the Creepers are, take a look at the Crowns of England. Especially Ol leader of the Freemasons, Duke of Kent. Prince Andrew cavorted on that black and white tiled shore-floor with stepped altar at one side, over on LITTLE SAINT JAMES ISLAND.

    WANNA SEE..?
    go take a peek at the Freemasons Black and white ritual tiled floor – a whole extravagant shore's worth of tiles (hastily removed with that tile extractor in last couple of years, but forever remembered by GOOGLE MAPS. satellite photo coverage on, Little Saint James Island, VI, zooooom in on that south shore, and see.

    suk on the red-pill
    freemason temples gotta be closed down….

    The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings.

    John F. Kennedy, 1961

    the asshats shot him in '63
    and his brother and MLK jr. in 68.

  20. Q never once said
    JFK Jr was alive
    In fact when asked if JFK jr
    was still alive Q said no

  21. Jay Smith 2 years ago

    wait, wait, wait…Qanon is a terrorist group as far as FBI is concerned and ANTIFA isn't? wtf? I have never heard of Qanon people being violent at all!

  22. Jay Smith 2 years ago

    what deliberately racist things did Trump tweet?

  23. bipola telly 2 years ago

    HuffPost says it's a "conspiracy theory"…..
    ….. that means "over the target"!

  24. bipola telly 2 years ago

    (1 functioning mind outa 3… ain't that bad….)
    Qanon is obviously connected to the T administration.
    How else is the duly elected POTUS meant to get the message out?
    Unlike you people, Qanon has no "ideology".
    It's a conduit for information.
    (The flat-earthers are a psy-op, of course. They popup anywhere that people are talking the truth…. ie " I'm anti-vax AND the Earth is flat.)

  25. Mandalay Moore 2 years ago

    I have been following the whole Q phenomenon since the beginning. I watched it morph into a cult with the same tendencies by the Q followers characteristics that Qultists emit. After reading and researching a lot of it myself as well as listening to Q followers as well as independent observers and analysts of the Q movement for almost 2 years, I have come to the conclusion that the Q movement was/is a mixture of Mossad (Unit 8200) and NSA as well as SOME AI. Q has never ONCE addressed the Zionist agenda in ANY of their posts and the group (because it is more than just one indvidual) have never even mentioned Israel's interference with US politics which is a HUGE red flag for ANYone delving into the shadowy interactions and pulling of triggers from behind the scenes when it comes to the US political theatre. Failing to address the proverbial elephant in the room is like like pretending Trump isn't screwing over his voters while making them beLIEve he's on their side.

    Q is a military intelligence psyops to steer their followers in a very specific direction and AWAY from the real issues, while omitting and covering up more probing questions other than what the Q group WANTS their followers to dig into. Since August 1st, Q hasn't posted and in the meantime 8chan, the main platform used by the Q team as well as their followers to keep the narrative alive and going. 8chan, shortly after the FBI memo highlighting the Q Anon conspiracy as a potential terrorist threat, has been taken down and the owner of the site has been subpeonaed to testify as to the Q movement's instigation of what is referred to as extreme reactionary members of the 8chan forum associated WITH the Q psyops. 8chan was instrumental in collating ALL the Q research by their followers and was used as a base by the Q team to exchange themselves with their fan base. The whole thing with Q is that it was a set up to paint Trump in the most glorious colours and driven by an agenda of obfuscating ALL the nefarious goings-ons on BOTH sides of the political divide, only (or, primarily) emphasising the democratic skullduggery and while some of the drops were considered worth exploring, in the end it was based on one-sided biased research driving the Q agenda forward.

    What made THIS psyops different was its distinctely religious angle and calling on their followers to see Trump as a kind saviour, a messiah/2nd coming of JC which is why the overtones with cult characteristics cannot and ought not be dismissed lightly. Q followers (via the 8 chan board) have cut ties with their own family members and friends which is representative of individuals being brainwashed and their memes were like mantras. Q will most likely not return since the 8chan board is no longer in operation.

  26. You guys are thinking too superficially, Qanon knew the stuff you know now 2 years ago.

  27. debbie stephens 2 years ago

    Go look up operation paperclip and operation mockingbird Trump had nothing to do with that he’s trying to save the children and that the fact is we will be in slaved no more

  28. Eddie Muisenga 2 years ago

    Conrad Black is Qanon

  29. MyMeditrax 2 years ago


  30. Red Pill 2 years ago

    If MSM is against it…that says something.

  31. joe mac 2 years ago

    Q has called a lot of events! The MSM not so much!

  32. Steve Wilcox 2 years ago

    Not sure what to think about the whole Q thing at my age I am too cynical I have seen too many news stories since the Nixon day it's hard to trust anything anymore just out the gate watch and listen can't really take the side because I am not part of the club! Usually it gets our attention out the gate the falls aside the in the future it leads to some law or tax we hate and wonder why and how we got here. I have been paying attention to it I don't get any news from the lame stream. Don't know if its real don't know if trusting the plan means sitting on my ass and waiting for brown shirts to kick in my door and drag me off to camp. Seems to me enough evidence has been gathered from enough people to start having hangings for treason right now. I am not a fan of the waiting game. I guess it's somewhat prudent to pay attention to it. However not really many heads on platters yet. Democrats seem to operate as though everything is normal just keep hating Americans and America only thing is they do seem to be doing so with wreck less abandon now. It has turned up a few notches!

  33. Michelle S 2 years ago

    Well, here is the deal. These 3 people do not know Qanon. So, their opinion of Q is based on lack of knowledge. LEARN. Qanon is much more than they know. Some say it is psyop. Some say Larp. I say the whole thing is Spiritual. 100%. No one knows who Q is. We all have guesses. The thing I know for sure is that Q has lead an entire movement around the world of people to come together and research. We began digging up dead and buried bones of corruption. So many things we have been taught throughout our lives, we discover are fantasy. We have been fed these lies beginning with Fake News Propaganda Machine.

    So, Q started a movement and organically people began to follow. I believe there is a Supernatural element. YES. A gathering. A gathering? A remnant? Yes. Supernatural plus man have united to go to war against this Santanic Beast System. One day, everyone will see because the veil is being lifted.

  34. Angelo Jamaica 2 years ago

    While the people are all busy with these stories, QUICK lets pass the NSA for this year and make it permanently while no one is watching. Interesting.

  35. Blackie Greene 2 years ago

    I don't agree with Trump as active player. All this deep state conspiracy stuff…has been out for decades. It's gaining traction NOW bc of critical mass. But the process building up is more than decades old…Way before "q" was a thought.

  36. diogenesin 2 years ago

    I am copy/pasting this comment I left on Grahams video because I'm lazy. haha Enjoyed the show. Pasta lost all credibility for me when he was talking about Qanon. I've followed that movement from the beginning. They are dangerous and if you look at Voat, Gab and when 8chan was still active you would see what I mean. Listen to the Qanon Anonymous podcast. Similar to your work, but more into extreme right wing conspiracies. And one very heartbreaking thing is the number of families it has destroyed, I've read so many stories. Those people are rabid and should not be given any credibility. Hard to follow Convo Couch knowing they haven't really done any research on this.

  37. Roobah 2 years ago

    QAnon as a terrorist group is a fake FBI document alleged to have been produced by an Arizona FBI office. Formatting is wrong, and FBI HQ has no record of this document. QAnon is often attributed to have said things that QAnon never said, like the JFK Jr stuff. QAnon has been light years ahead of the facts, and one is crazy to not have this info as at least one arrow in your quiver of breaking news info. WWG1WGA makes winners through solidarity.

  38. Colin pierce 2 years ago

    When so much time and energy is put into making Q anon a terrorist threat, and people who speak about it are being shut down. I lean towards what is being said by Q, someone doesn't want us to hear..

  39. Robert Trump 2 years ago

    There's Qanon and Q my oppion is Qanon just jumped on the bandwagon to compete with Q .
    Everyone is entitled to their opinions . However not in the Eyes of the Democrats

  40. Louis Cammarata 2 years ago

    You are one dumb bitch. Trump is a Tesla time traveler. You need to dig deep.

  41. rpsyco 2 years ago

    QUanon is the new Scientology. Change my mind.

  42. Pallas Ferrante 2 years ago

    I wouldn't underestimate DJT … If Trump were involved with Epstein the news would be all over the place by now. Some big things are about to happen.

  43. Ryan Ellsworth 2 years ago

    Q is an entity who appeared on anonymous chat rooms 4ch and 8ch in Oct 2017 claiming to have presidential (Q level) top secret clearance. Due to non-disclosure laws he could not tell what he knew but could ask questions and link to public documents and news articles and let the people who had nothing better to do chase the leads. Then he could say hotter or colder as they post their ideas. At first he was just a curiosity until he predicted the arrest of the 50 Saudi Princes in Nov 2017. Since then he has predicted the death of McCain 30 days to the minute prior to it happening, the Senate mid-term result 8 weeks before the election, the appointments of Whittaker and Barr, the removal of Dan Coats, McCabe, Brennan Clapper etc. The release of the Mueller report, the release to the public, Barr's endorsement of Trump's boarder wall and several other events. Most importantly though, the arrest of Epstein and the massive ripple effect it will have once his accomplices are named. Now there is always disinformation mixed in. For example, last year the anons (people on the channels who do the research on Q's posts) were going crazy thinking the events were going to happen by the end of 2018. Then they realized that the timeline only worked if it was offset by one year. (This was done on purpose to make the other side, who monitor Q's posts panic.) So far the timeline is on track, but a lot of people had ruffled feathers. So anything time related needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Things are always changing, so patience is a big virtue if you want to follow the Q saga.

    Generally the purpose of Q is to make the public aware of what is going on. The investigations and what to expect. So when it happens they will remain calm, they can answer the questions of others and keep others calm when the facts come out and prominent people are being arrested on crimes against humanity and treason. They call this The Great Awakening. It is not a cult and does not push a specific political agenda, even though it is predominantly followed by conservatives. It's only concern is awareness and public safety. Even if you do not believe in what Q is saying, as long as you are aware of the issues and can help others find the answers when the time comes, that is a win. In the mean-time, we wait for the DOJ to do their job. We trust the system and we learn and pass on what we learn to others and always emphasize lawful, peaceful actions and always verify your facts. Q currently has over 60 million followers world-wide and is being translated into multiple languages.

    If you want to see what these people are talking about go to qmap.pub/videos and select any of the intro videos. Darkness to Light is a great one that gives context to the insanity you see in the world. The main page has all Q posts from Oct 2017 you can go through and see the articles and evidence Q has given us. It is important to separate what the conspiracy theorists in the group of anons are throwing out versus what Q himself is saying. That is the down side of relying on anonymous conspiracy theorists to share the knowledge. They often put their own 2 cents in. That is where you get the flat earth and aliens spins. While I generally disregard most of these theories, I keep an open mind just in case ET is real.

    I am a statistician, (professional skeptic) for me let the numbers (evidence) do the talking and the more data points the better. So when I was introduced to Q (July 2018) I was skeptical but most of what Q was saying matched what I had already observed for myself in the news and news articles I had been searching for 18 months prior. Initially I rejected the claim of Satanism and child sacrifices on Epstein's island and the global pedo ring claims etc., but the political and economic corruption gave context to my own questions perfectly. e.g. why Jeff Sessions and was is Sessions acting the way he is? What's with Huber? etc. It also completely changed my understanding of Trump's tweets. For me the tweets were like one side of a phone conversation where you kind of get the gist but the person sounds rather crazy. In pairing them with the hundreds of Q posts that were posted at the same time with the same topics they make much more sense. I have followed Q for a year and do believe that he is in the White House or at least military intelligence. The accuracy of his posts are just too good to be coincidence. Now that Epstein and other evidence which backs up Q's claims is going public, a lot of the ideas I had initially rejected are becoming more plausible.

    The claim that Trump is Q is false. But there is a lot of evidence that he is an entity called Q+ who posts from time to time and is more of a cheer leader. Doesn't say anything useful, but rallies the troops. Trump has been promoting Q behind the scenes by changing Air Force One's radar sign to Q0 mid-flight (0 and + being the same key on a phone pad). He had bakers create a ginger bread fireplace in an elevator in one of his buildings last Christmas that had T and Q stockings hanging from it and a picture of Santa signed QA. And many more like the Q baby and doing air Qs or pointing to people with Q on their shirts and giving the thumbs up.

    What we can look forward to moving forward is further slow rollout of evidence for the next few months gradually gaining momentum. This gives the public time to digest and come to terms with the new reality and gives the Senate time to finish confirming all the federal judges they need to try the cases once the indictments are made. It also allows Barr, Huber, Durham and Horowitz to wrap up their investigations that started back in Oct 2017 when Huber and Durham were first initiated. At some point this year the public outcry for arrests will get to a level where the DOJ can safely start arresting people. This will be quick and will be international. Depending on how much blow back there is, the military has been drilling for martial law as needed. Once the corrupt politicians have been replaced in the government and as they are being tried by military tribunals and in federal courts, the new law makers will fix many of our broken laws and will begin the mass exodus of illegals while working with their governments to destroy mafias and restore peace to their countries as well. They will also address the corruption of the Federal Reserve and the Central Banks and the national debt. The economy may crash but plans for moving back to a gold based system with a valued dollar is already in place. Whether that will happen prior to the 2020 elections or post is anyone's guess. Following all that, new foreign trade deals will be announced, real humanitarian aid and global social/political reform will be announced and technologies that have been stemmed by big money for decades will be rolled out providing free 0 point energy, medical breakthroughs… By 2024 we should be out of debt, all Americans should be able to earn a living wage, we will be moving away from fossil fuels and traditional moral/family values will be restored. That is the plan as far as I have pieced it together. We'll see how it plays out. God bless.

  44. raul morales 2 years ago

    Q for me is an psy-op, i tryed talking to a q supporter a number of times……. i just can't they ignore facts

  45. Hayden Tibbotts 2 years ago

    Im from nz started watchin q from Q post 130s' and man yr missing out ive seen it for myself , the corrupts behaviour is exposed and clear 2 c, at home here down under its so clear 2 see the plan

  46. Jj 555 2 years ago

    Disinformation is needed. Q never said JFKjr was alive. Never said he would be at 4th July

  47. Douglas Tibbitts 2 years ago

    Wow, q on point !
    You think the gitmo trails ( of political figures),
    clones ,
    Gov. Shutdown to " fire " deepstate…and even more were on point ?
    You sir are an idiot !
    Pizzagate? Show me the basement !
    Did you even look into this ?
    You promote your own stupidity.

  48. C Cordero 2 years ago

    You need to read sll the posts and proofs. Its a game he needs to play

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