extinction rebellion California Fire Blackout Qanon birth – Defango TV 10-10-2019

The world is on fire again, power is out in california and the extinction rebellion is in full swing. Then we talk about the birth of Qanon, with some materials. What now Microchip and JB?

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  1. nawfex 2 years ago

    Check out highimpactflix vid on the Cali fires. Explosions caught on satellite. Cah-ray-zee

  2. Allen sr Hargis 2 years ago

    Look into Greta's parents. Always look into people being pushed in mainstream narratives. It will explain a lot more.

  3. Captain Sensible 2 years ago

    Dun Dun Duuunnnn!!!
    Sounds ABOUT right to me. It's a controlled loop of characters that oppose each other with scripted nonsense, drama, etc. Could you be the black sheep planted in larger narrative to FEED the BEAST?? Maybe, but if I had listened, trusted you, and stayed loyal, I wouldn't have become a target of their faggy larp gang. It's BS in every direction for as far as the EYE can SEE.

  4. Grant Jarvis 2 years ago

    You were in a pit of vipers who'd have knocked over anyone else in the group for the fun of it Defango

  5. Itchy Ball 2 years ago

    Extinction Rebellion really is the college and university kids having a party, born from Festivals and Raves, they are annoying but harmless protestor

  6. laidout21 2 years ago

    I love October 10th…. 10/10… 1010 = 10, ish, makes me smile for some reason.

  7. fake name 2 years ago

    "The cicadas" lol.. The fake cicadas??

  8. T P 2 years ago

    Dude awesome video. I called lestat out from day 1 when he inherited the Abel Danger channel, these LARP trolls are getting EXPOSED
    thanks Defango.

    Keeping it Realz


  9. Deb Johnson 2 years ago

    Catching up on defango news

  10. Deb Johnson 2 years ago

    Shut off power but still fires happen, sort of trying to prove PGE not responsible for fires…perhaps.

  11. Deb Johnson 2 years ago

    Extinction Rebelliion started out of the Rising Up movement based on the FAQs section the site. The Rising Up movement sprung from the Occupy movement…just a lot of rebranding taking place and it is not a "non-profit" organization but a "movement" which is different. They attempt at being very transparent on the website but cloaked in some vagueness for sure. These appear to be very educated people running the movement. I wouldn't compare to the sloppiness of the Q-Anon game. Q was about grifting and getting money for personal gain. The Extinction Rebellion doesn't appear to be focused on merch or "profit" per se. I still don't understand how they plan to effect change in policy, because ultimately, that is what would be needed to address real environmental issues the planet faces. https://rebellion.earth/the-truth/faqs/

  12. Jet 2 years ago

    hahahaahaha LMAO – well played defango !!

  13. R. 2 years ago

    this extinction rebellion crap is so transparent….the founder himself said publicly that "this movement is not about the climate" its about
    destroying western civilization..smashing the patriarchy etc…which is literally started by the Rothschild and other banking families
    aiming to create a new fiat currency of "CARBON OFFSETS" /carbon taxes that they can manipulate…obviously to replace the fiat currencies which are currently
    on the verge of collapse…if only they were smart enough to find "activists" who could control their own urge for Macdonald's cheese burgers
    and Instagram trolling,while wearing petroleum clothing made in china…in their Uber home from their climate protest fueled by diesel generators
    where they carry signs made of unrecycled paper written in toxic ink….
    lecturing the boomer generation many of who grew up poor and grew their own food, for stealing their future
    WTF these people are clearly radical leftists,mostly over privileged brain washed cyber drug addicts,wacked out of their minds by fear mongering
    propaganda on social media…our Canadian leaders debate was completely riddled by this crap….and the only candidate who opposed it
    was completely mischaracterized by all the rest….and called a white supremacist….which is particularly pathetic given..THIS IS CANADA!!!
    does anyone remember THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD?….imagine if it actually led to a country full of white supremacists…WTF
    .sky news Australia's reporting on this is actually not bad….

  14. May I state I Use CICADA3301 as a fuck you to the assholes who maliciously fucked it up.. And You sir I have never accused of being anything but used by someone else to push cicada down the left hand path.
    Stay amazing and keep searching for Truth We know who is Larping and who was being used via false promises of money and help getting your channel bigger. All to hand a decent size account to a stuttering Chicano who is repeating anything they will pay him for. The only truth in anything is found in the Grey Matter.

  15. Glassback DIY 2 years ago

    Hey D, why don't you do a video laying out all your Q evidence in a timeline as a definitive reference to show the Qtards, you scattered so many breadcrumbs everywhere it's too much work to put it all together for them!! here's a peice in the origins of ER, definately establishment globalists and 'ex' spooks running the show – turkeys demanding christmas! https://nowhere.news/index.php/2019/04/01/dr-gail-marie-bradbrook-compassionate-revolutionary-for-hire/

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