Fact Checking the Qanon "Fact Checkers"

Debunking the MSM’s Qanon Conspiracy Theories.
From Purposefully Inaccurate Stories to Obscured Truths I take an in-depth look at
1: HOW they Censor
2: WHY they Censor. (What Secrets are they Desperately Trying to Hide From The Public…)

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30:43 This picture from Monsters Inc. was added and isnt in the film
30:47 This is from the The Little Mermaid not Beauty and the Beast

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  1. Isn’t it convenient that after the impeachment hearing did not go well for the Dems we see a school shooting that takes attention away from that debacle ??

  2. That Little Mermaid image was the cover of the original VHS release. The one from Beauty and the Beast with the priest getting an erection is also from The Little Mermaid.

  3. CEO of YouTube is an undercover government agent. She works for the poisonous long lived liberal elites. Deep state. You think her personal beliefs dictate the outcomes of us who support Trump? We are ousted from visible space pure and simple. It will all come out one day.

  4. Hehe, if only the banks would have to deposit 10% to leverage up on. In fact, as admitted by the Bank of England (google: “bank of england quarterly bulleting Q1 2014”) in fine detail, there is NO deposit going on and the entire “loan” is being fabricated out of thin air. Makes one think hard when sending the next monthly loan “RE”-payment in. What and Who are we repaying?

  5. Maybe already someone said this, 9, 13, 17, 21, I M Q I take the 21, add it is 3 C see I M Q see , either way, I think you are right, 2020 gonna be the year we all be on one side or other, tippy top, be ready,it ain't a joke, it's world wide , it's winner take all.

  6. @Where We Go 1 We Go All:
    I decoded this whole "EIMQ"-Thing while the Rally was still running & broke it down into Text-Code along 3 Graphics that should drive the Point across – Several People used it and/or rt'ed (Alongside 3Days3Nights/Martin Geddes/M3thods…)
    The E & U,are separate and have another meaning
    Broke it down using various methods we are used to,Q-Clock,Gematria,Fibonacci,Reduction(Purple Math) etc etc…
    I am sure you will like it (a LOT)

    (THEY) also did the "Hoax" thing on my post & highly shadowed it…
    Actually went to that exact Hoax-Site & called the Author out openly & reposted my decode on there as well (as much as we can do atm)

    If you ever do a follow-up video,feel free to use the Graphics/decode of mine (All OC ,done by me,People can tell what Graphics are mine at this Point,you won't find this anywhere else in this depth 😉

    Love your Videos,keep em coming – We are winning!


  7. i wanted to watch this but you need to condense it to like 10 minutes max, less than 5 would be even better.
    waaaaaaay to long at almost an hour.

  8. President Trump's words are beautiful, so why does he allow GMO foods which are designed to sterilize, sicken and kill us with cancer? Why does he promote 5G which is a military weapon which is designed to control us while it kills us and our families?

  9. Utsava YT channel started the whole JFKjr alive nonsense. He is gone just like his father but they still work in the afterlife for America and do tremendous good.

  10. Run rats Run. We are coming for you and we will stand together and stand firm. We will continue to advance as we grow in number. The snowball has become an avalanche now and you are out of time. You will be scared of and run from your own shadow!

  11. I have no respect for that news lady. She was more upset that her story got spiked and she had to sit on it and now others are breaking the story. She only cares about herself, and knew children were being harmed in horrific ways and she DID NOTHING! It sickened me even more to hear Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity call her a hero. SHE DID NOTHING!

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