Fake Evidence Used to Prove Microchip/Dreamcatcher Are QAnon (Unirock Clips, WeAreChange)

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Jack Posobiec, and more recently, Jason Bermas of WeAreChange have interviewed individuals who claim to be the original persons who posted as QAnon on 4Chan. These individuals, Microchip and DreamCatcher (James Brower), have provided video of their DIscord log to prove their claim.

Unirock exposed this Discord evidence as having been tampered with. Accordingly, Unirock concludes that there is yet no evidence that Microchip and Dreamcatcher were the original QAnon posters.

This is not to say that QAnon is what it claims to be, but it is highly likely the Microchip and Dreamcather story is a misidirection from the real truth of QAnon’s origins.

Unirock original video

Jason Bermas original video

Jack Posobiec original video

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  1. I'm getting to the point where I'm believing less from even the "debunkers" because you all seem to be fighting often. It's literally all a circus. Love ya Roose and I'm not like mad but sick of this whole F'd up thing.

  2. This is becoming a game of who is second. It is ridiculous at this point and I think honestly it is time to move on, and let them do what they are going to do. It is not changing peoples minds it is just making the true believers believe even more.. I know I am over it all and really don't care who is Q who started Q or who is not.. This is filled with so much deception and disinfo it is starting to look like 9/11 truth.. Thanks for all you do roose, much love buddy

  3. yea too freaking bad the date on the "phone" on the discord logs dont match up with the date he put them out.. it took him months to release it, yet he had them the whole time?? i dont believe him. hes a troll just like the rest

  4. Great job Roose! I don't know if you saw Dreamcatcher's periscope response, he was kinda nice about it and said Uni did a great job. He also said they would supply more evidence "when Microchip gets back from Israel" (not even joking) …lol they're probs furiously creating "evidence" as we speak:)

  5. I lost ALOT of.respect.for unirock.in the past.week or so…..found out he's.a.thomas.schoenberger puppet and then tried to talk.shit about preying medic asking for donations but then he himself turned around and asks for.donations himself…….nothing worse than a hypocrite…

  6. Microchip is my homie. He is Q but not creator. He is not top Q either. He is Global Agent of Transition and not in this country. Further, when playing a psyop you must play a psyop. So yes, a psyop…emphasis on the op. Emphasis on the OP. Sorry if you’re offended by our methods. A necessary evil sans the evil.

  7. my thoughts. it Q were a larp… why so much trouble from so many different sides trying to prove it is fake? entire twitter accounts devoted to nothing other than trolling qanon. i have never seen such a campaign executed to make everyone know something is fake. if it is fake, let it be. the fact that the media tries so hard to make maga and q look so bad, and use terrible tactics and edited videos to make anyone who wears a maga hat or says they believe in Q look bad tells me there is more to this than meets the eye.

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