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False Flag Warning Issued—“Cletus” Bomber Then Tells Biden: “You Go Home I’ll Go To Federal Prison”

August 20, 2021

False Flag Warning Issued—“Cletus” Bomber Then Tells Biden: “You Go Home I’ll Go To Federal Prison

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An illuminating new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin meeting this morning for the last time with German Chancellor Angela Merkel as she prepares to leave office, at which he stated to her: “I would like to note that Germany remains one of the main partners for us, both in Europe and in the world as a whole…It is, among other things, due to your efforts during the previous 16 years as Chancellor…In terms of countries, Germany is our second trading and economic partner after China”, says joining Chancellor Merkel in dispelling the American lies about Russia is Czech President Milos Zeman, who slammed NATO for failing dramatically in Afghanistan saying the legitimacy of the bloc’s existence is now in question, then truthfully declared: “The enemy of NATO is not Russia”.

This report notes Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is also awakening to the American lies about Russia after leftist tech giant Twitter unjustly labeled as “state-affiliated” a dozen Serbian media outlets to censor them—a censorship of truth telling independent media outlets Serbia’s top newspaper fought back against with the thundering headline “Twitter is a propaganda machine of war”—then saw President Vucic defiantly declaring: “We don’t even fund most of these outlets, as a state…But they fund Voice of America and the BBC, and they are not labeled state media…Which leads me to wonder who is doing the censorship here…I can’t wait for them to ban my account, so I can be another Trump in the world”.

Security Council Members in this transcript note that of top mainstream news outlets left in America bothering with the truth anymore is the Wall Street Journal—a fact based on their main readership being those involved in global finance that rely on verifiable truthful news—which is why before they published their article “Putin Rejected Role for U.S. Forces Near Afghanistan at Summit With Biden” yesterday based on leaked information, they sought official comments from both the United States and Russia—which Russia only responded to, and saw Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stating to this “newspaper of record” in an email: “We do not see how any form of U.S. military presence in Central Asia might enhance the security of the countries involved and/or of their neighbors…It would definitely NOT be in the interests of Russia…This position has not changed against the backdrop of what is transpiring in Afghanistan these days”.

Of those understanding the full implications of the stunning speed at which the United States’ humiliating defeat in Afghanistan has destabilized the current global order, this transcript sees Security Council Members noting one of most insightful of them is top Ukraine government official Alexey Arestovich, a senior advisor to Andrey Yermak, the chief of staff to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who said that the recent events in Afghanistan are the collapse of liberal democracy, a political system he says can “destroy people” – just like in totalitarian regimes—sees him stating that “the failure of the US-led West shows that similar attempts in Ukraine are entirely pointless”—saw him explaining: “As it turned out, the real world is ill-adapted to idealistic experiments of unifying everyone under a single ideal concept…First, the USSR was convinced of this, and now the US is – at the head of the collective West”—then saw him bashing the West for trying to promote a world where everyone has “Netflix and LGBT marches”, and accusing it of “trying to impose its ideas of liberal democracy around the world while attacking everyone who dares to doubt the doctrine”—then saw him asking: “How soon, and at what cost, will the West realize its systematic misconceptions on this subject?”.

Unlike the American people who no longer remember history, Security Council Members in this transcript agree that those like Ukrainian political leader Arestovich gained their insight from living under the tyrannical rule of the former Soviet Union that collapsed shortly after its humiliating defeat in Afghanistan—a collapse caused by the Soviet Union being ruled over by elderly senile socialist idiots, three of whom died in office in less than three years—and whose exact American counterpart today is Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden, who this week gave what’s described as a “car crash interview” about the events Afghanistan to ABC News—an interview so distorted from reality and truth it saw ABC News cutting out over 900-words of what Biden said to keep the American people from seeing it—in this deranged and demented interview saw Biden forcefully declaring that no US troops are in Syria, but the facts show the US has approximately 900 US troops stationed in Syria—then most dangerously saw Biden effectively declaring war on nuclear armed China—after which the White House “went into damage control mode” by placing Biden into seclusion—and today sees articles flooding America like “Joe Biden Plans Exit for Vacation in Delaware After Speech on Afghanistan Disaster”,  “Back to the Bunker: Joe Biden Hides from the Public Again as Afghanistan Spirals into Chaos”, “Something Is Very Wrong Here With Latest News About Biden” and “What’s Wrong With Joe? Biden Calls a Lid on Public Appearances—Indefinitely”.

Since seizing power seven months ago, this report details, socialist leader Biden has followed the handbook written by Soviet Union leaders to use the propaganda media to blame all failures on previous officials, while at the same time inventing new enemies and events for people to fear—a socialist tactic of diversion that is now failing Biden—as evidenced by new polls showing the American people blame him for the debacle in Afghanistan, not President Trump—further evidenced by new polls showing Biden’s approval rating has plummeted to 46%, and only  a quarter of Americans believe the country is heading in the right direction—also sees new polls showing 55% of Americans saying socialist leader Kamala Harris isn’t qualified to lead their country—which explains why Harris, who’s been AWOL for the past week, just announced she’s leaving the United States and going to Vietnam.

With all of Washington being on edge as feared US Attorney John Durham prepares indictments, this transcript sees Security Council Members noting that Texas is preparing to pass new voting laws after socialist Democrats folded while watching their stunt to leave the State to stop its passage go down in flames—which comes at the same time the federal Election Assistance Commission beyond shockingly revealed 16-million mystery ballots upended the 2020 election—that was followed by stunning evidence being revealed that Biden’s win was mathematically impossible—all of which is critical to take notice of because of what happened his week during the election held in the wealthy leftist controlled suburban 36th State Senate District in Connecticut—a district where Biden won by 25% in the 2020 election—but with every eye in America watching out for another stolen election, this one saw Republican Party candidate Ryan Fazio winning and flipping this seat away from the Democrats.

Security Council Members in this transcript note that the leftist media has suppressed the shocking news that the Republicans defeated socialist Democrats in this elite wealthy suburban stronghold—are suppressing the news that a US Federal Appeals Court just sided with the Second Amendment in and important gun rights case—are suppressing the news that a Trump-appointed US Federal judge ruled against a Covid vaccine mandate at the Louisiana Medical School—and are suppressing the news that another US Federal Appeals Court upheld the ban Texas placed on the demonic practice of “dismemberment abortions” that take apart piece-by-piece babies in their mothers wombs—a ruling against baby murder that igniting the full fury of Biden’s socialist forces, who, while demanding everyone be forced to take experimental Covid vaccines, beyond all belief hypocritically screamed such things like “In no other area of medicine would politicians consider preventing doctors from using a standard procedures…it should never be a crime for doctors to use their best medical judgment and follow the most current science” and  “Bans like these create a world where your ability to control your life depends on who you are and how much money you earn”.

With Biden and his godless socialist Democrats now discovering that “defunding the police” means “slaughter on the streets”, and voters are furious, this report continues, these American voters were further appalled this week when they learned that a shadowy bureaucracy of “race czars” is now deciding who’s black enough to get government perks—which explains why Republican Party House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said this week that an impeachment of Biden is on the table when the Republicans take back control of the US Congress next year—when it happens, sees top Trump-advisor Steve Bannon saying the Republicans should pick President Trump to be the Speaker of the House—which if occurring, would see a spectacle for the ages of President Trump presiding over the impeachment of socialist leader Biden.

Security Council Members in this transcript agree that Biden and his socialist Democrat Party forces are using tactics employed by Soviet Union to create false enemies to deflect from their growing mountain of failures, that are becoming so huge even the leftist propaganda media can’t hide it anymore—a socialist tactic meant to divide the American people from on another, and sees the 6 January protests at the US Capitol being exploited to accomplish this goal—a vile socialist tactic that sees the leftist media hushing up the report showing how deeply involved the FBI was in creating the 6 January chaos—this past week saw the FBI raiding the home of one these protesters and holding an 11-year-old girl child at gunpoint in front of her horrified parents—for those arrested sees them having been kept in solitary confinement for over 6-months, after which they’re released with time served sentences, as opposed to Antifa terrorists like Dane Powell, who was sentenced to only 4-months for bashing policemen with concrete blocks—in the past few hours, sees Reuters news service reporting that the FBI found ‘scant’ evidence that the Capitol Hill riot was an organized attempt to overthrow the election, and who quoted one top FBI official stating: “Ninety to ninety-five percent of these are one-off cases…Then you have five percent, maybe, of these militia groups that were more closely organized…But there was no grand scheme with Roger Stone and Alex Jones and all of these people to storm the Capitol and take hostages”.

This transcript sees Security Council Members noting that the lying socialist manipulation of the 6 January protest was to create a narrative—best exampled by them using photos of bearded 6 January protesters so they could compare these Trump supporters to the Taliban—a lying narrative exploited by CBS late night host Stephen Colbert this week when he compared the Taliban to the Americans involved in the 6 January protest, and stated: “Why should our soldiers be fighting radicals in a civil war in Afghanistan?…We’ve got our own on Capitol Hill”—though in using this lying narrative Colbert forgot that socialist tactics like this eventually implode when exposed to truth—which more than explains why Fox News host Greg Gutfeld has just been crowned the “King of Late Night” after his barely 4-month old show toppled from the ratings not only Colbert, but every other leftist late night programme.

Security Council Members in this transcript note that this vile socialist tactic is known by former top US intelligence officer General Michael Flynn, who yesterday, while watching this lying narrative implode, issued a warning to the American people telling them to expect a false flag attack—a false flag warning followed two hours later by what’s being described as “Cletus Truck Bomber” attack—is called a “Cletus” because this word describes someone clearly lacking educational testing, utility, or sense—which aptly describes Floyd Ray Roseberry, who yesterday parked his unlicensed pickup truck in Washington D.C. threatening to denote a bomb while ranting live on Facebook for over 30-minutes—saw him ranting such things like “The South is coming for you Joe…You Go Home…I’ll Go To Federal Prison”—after which he surrendered, and hopefully will receive either the deprogramming or mental health services he obviously needs—but most critical to notice, saw not one leftist propaganda media outlet using this bomb threat to further their lying narrative—as they all know the American people would have laughed right in their faces for even attempting a false flag attack so stupid and childish.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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