Farthead Adam Schiff Nancy Pelosi Boomerang Attack on President Trump QANON 3603 U1

Todays Impeachment hearing Farts Once CIA Always CIA Shadow Banned Failed POLITICAL HIT JOB Impeachment Hoax Royal Prince Jeffrey Epstein Island Hillary Clinton Barack Obama #coup Adam Schiff Nancy Pelosi Boomerang Impeachment Effect Attack on President Trump #rebellion #impeachment #FISA #hoax
New QANON Post 3603
Glenn Beck Reveals Bombshell Audio from Ukraine that Repudiates Impeachment Narrative
19 Nov 2019 – 9:42:46 AM

Phones were present.
FISA goes both ways.
Information warfare.
How the left is trashing the Constitution to fight Trump :

Tom Fitton on YouTube Censoring JW Video About Whistleblower: “OUR RIGHTS ARE BEING THREATENED!
The coup-like impeachment hearings could be setting a dangerous precedent. With Schiff’s grotesque subversion of the Constitutional process and the media’s partisan censorship of the whistle-blower’s name, your rights are are being threatened in what has become the greatest censorship scandal in U.S. History.
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Swalwell impeachment hearing – ALL FARTS

Adam Schiff Nancy Pelosi Boomerang Attack on President Trump

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