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Field McConnell visits ALGN Chat for Q & A – July 5, 2023

Patriot Field McConnell used to have a Podcast among the Truther Community (ABLE DANGER), divulging long held Hidden from the Public, Military and Political Secrets back in the early 2000’s after 9/11, that was very controversial for the Non-Truther, Non-Curious, Ignorant Community.

He was wrongfully rounded up by His Criminal Sister’s Gang of Thugs and separated from his dearly beloved Wife from the UK, who passed away during his fraudulent Detainment in a corrupt Florida Jail (He relays who was in Collusion (a FL Gov. you just might know 🙂 ) with his State Governor to get him Extradited ILLEGALLY to Florida, and a lot more info of which I wasn’t even aware!!
And guess who introduced us to the famous Juan O Savin? Yep, Field McConnel himself!!

Please listen to his Awesome Q & A for some Real Truth and Enjoy!

Thank you Field for your so important Info Sharing through the years and WELCOME BACK HERO! ❤ LM

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