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FOC Show: LIVE with Juan O Savin | Who BOMBED Nord Stream 1&2? What’s Next? How does it affect you?

**going LIVE early at 5:45pm CST

Juan O Savin
WEBSITE: https://107daily.com/



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  1. Denmark just opened,, on the same day as the Nord Stream explosion, a new pipeline from Norway to Poland. COINCIDENCE IS AMAZING: NORWAY-POLAND BALTIC PIPELINE OPENS STRAIGHT AFTER NORD STREAM IS SABOTAGED” https://www.bitchute.com/video/2oYacENpCu2Z/
    Actually, this is the Danish company benefiting https://en.energinet.dk/About-us/Organisation/Executive-board
    well there were NATO/US training exercises in proximity of explosion NATO/US Military trained near the Nordstrom explosion https://twitter.com/ClimateAud….it/status/1575114216
    Couldn’t be more obvious. Poland/Denmark needs to be taken to court. Actually, this is the Danish company benefiting https://en.energinet.dk/About-us/Organisation/Executive-board
    However, Alex Christoforou said that the Baltic Pipeline is only supplying a very small amount of gas, so “it is a joke”. And the real motive is for NATO to go in and protect the Ukrainian (Biden) gas companies. NATO leverages Nord Stream crisis. UK, remote control sabotage. EU sanctions Dugin. Update 1 https://rumble.com/v1m0bx2-nato-leverages-nord-stream-crisis.-uk-remote-control-sabotage.-eu-sanctions.html

    1. You ROCK Dr. White! Thanks for sharing here on TTQ. I wish I had more time to follow you on WEGO! The Plan is moving along quite nicely. Before the end, the only thing the People who are THICK will have left of their sanity is to start Praying to God, and VOILA”. Our 1,000 years of Peace commences in the Blink of an Eye! God Bless you!

  2. STOP ✋️ saying WE, the United States did this or that ! The New World Order Deep State Shadow Government Banker’s controlling EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE are the ones doing it ! WE ARE THE ONES TAKING THE BLAME ! ! ! That’s what they want ! PUT THE BLAME WHERE IT TRUELY BELONGS , ON THOSE IN CONTROL OF THE ACTIONS … ! WE are not in CONTROL .

    1. This is exactly why we are fighting, to take our Country back and restoring our Humanitarian-Loving US of A the way it was meant to be before the People were hypnotizied, indoctrinated, blinded and abused. The DS did a real good job of destroying America’s Patriotic Reputation and WE are taking it back and restoring Old Glory into what God meant it to be. A Free World for every last one of his creations! We will have our 1,000 years of Peace and it starts in the Blink of an Eye! Thank you and God Bless Thomas for your comment!

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