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Gen. Berger to White Hats: “Stand Down!”

Gen. Berger to White Hats: “Stand Down!”

Real Raw News has received more information on the final minutes of a White Hat convocation that took place in General David H. Berger’s office Friday morning. As reported yesterday, White Hats favoring a ‘let’s wait and see’ approach in matters involving sweeping Deep State arrests have quibbled with those preferring an immediate takedown of roughly 75% of Congress. The 12 officers tasked with deciding whom to arrest and when, 11 of whom Gen. Berger personally handpicked, are split down the middle on either side of the argument, according to a source in Gen. Berger’s office.

The 12th officer, Gen. Berger himself, was handpicked by President Trump to lead the White Hats to victory over the Deep State—a fact Gen. Berger reminded them of near the conclusion of Friday’s meeting.

“This isn’t a democracy,” Gen. Berger told the council. “The military doesn’t work on democracy—we work on a unified chain-of-command. Some of you have forgotten that principle. President Trump assigned me this responsibility. You advise; I make final decisions. If any one of you want my job, you have two options: go ask Trump, or pick up a pugil stick.”

Pugil sticks are padded poles the military uses for martial training.

“Without President Trump, we wouldn’t have the authority to make any arrests. We owe him trust, and our patience. If he feels public arrests should wait until the midterm results are in, I side with him, regardless of our empowerment,” Gen. Berger continued.

He was apparently addressing Major Gen. Richard E. Angle and Col. J.D. Keirsey, both of whom have made cacophonous outcries for broad and immediate war against the Deep State. Others on the council, our source said, share their opinion but have been less vocal.

“I appreciate your input, gentlemen, but you will stand down. Our job is capturing traitors, not having them among us,” Gen. Berger said.

He went on to say that 60 years of Deep State damage could not be undone overnight—or in week, month, or year. The Deep State had become so enmeshed in the political arena that determining where the corruption began and ended was an intractable dilemma, he added, and endorsed methodic, systematic engagement over rash action.

“The Deep State phalanx will fall. It’s only a matter of time,” Gen. Berger said.

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  1. Bravo, General Berger! God is leading our president and that says it all! This is a complicated situation and needs some genius plays on the chess board. I am in full trust of the outcome, as I am of full trust in God! Our prayers are daily with the military and with our president, for the wisdom and faith they need to accomplish the goal: no one can be left behind who could stop our forward march to peace. the old saying “haste makes waste” is at play here. We will bear the sacrifices. The Team has borne them for us from the beginning. Grace will come. God’s will. so let it be done!

    1. Well said and thank you for spreading the Faith that all is proceeding according to God’s Word and timing! Humanity shall soon be Free. God bless and thanks for the smart, positive comment. It is very much appreciated. WWG1WGA!

  2. I love our president Trump deeply and unequivocally. The whole problem with waiting is that the deep states claws get deeper and deeper into our lives and ability to rebound and overcome. They now have a wrap on the food system in this country and for normal folks to understand the damages it brings to your health are almost irreversible. They are buying land to shut down farming so food thats modified can be grown indoors with a fake organic emblem which in fact is to help destroy your immune system. They can start grow and put on a shelf in less than ten days. That can only be genetically modified and bio-engineered. They need to take control now and stop the destruction of mankind before there’s not enough of us left to help them defend our country and lives.

    1. They are waiting to get more people on board to avoid mass casulties from a Civil War. Fear does you way more harm and no good from what I see. A little Birdie told me that some bad dudes were using an Egg Farm for nefarious purposes and some things just have to go up in flames. Those plots against the people are being foiled on a daily basis. All is not what it seems. We don’t know what we don’t know, so just try and help wake up the sleepers to why we fight. Everyone that cares love all children. I have 5 grandkids and that is what keeps me in the fight. I’d hate for God to lose a Soul that could have been reached. Gotta keep trying since I’m not dead yet. Hopefully, the good times will have been rolling for a while before I leave this world, even for just a day. It will have been worth it. God bless.

      1. FYI my Friends, I do not do FEAR Posts, nor am I going to waste my time on those who do. This whoeveritis “celebratenazrecoveryyahoocom” wanted to argue and try to stir the Pot at TTQ. Not happening on my watch, and my Watch Duty Hours are 24/7. Play nice or don’t play at all and please just scroll on by. Thanks Patriots.

        1. I always check for the latest posts from TTQ. It’s most informative and LM always give the information/news so that we can check for ourselves. As to the effects of the news on us, we should consider them for ourselves rather than ‘blame’ it on the messenger. Towards the messenger, we always feel so thankful.
          When listening to some ‘disagreements’ among the Patriots, of course it could make us feel a little bit ‘unsettled’, but greater unity can come from open discussion and disagreement – rather than from suppression – which is the method the ‘other side’ always want to use.
          Human proposes but God disposes. Therefore, after listening to all the discussions or disagreements, we also listen to all the prophets, e.g. on ElijahStream, so that we can listen to God’s messengers to keep our faith, and also pray for those who are currently making great sacrifices for the future victory. I only wish that there would be more News and Prophetic messages about other countries (such as Australia/NZ/Canada, etc.) as well as the US.

          1. Thank you TT for visiting TTQ daily. I try to share the positive side of what is happening in this world, or what feels true to me. My goal is not to censor anyone who seriously wants to hear what’s being said in circles I follow. Not everyone will agree with me and that is normal and expected. It’s the ones who seem to want to keep everyone in fear and off balance that urges me to remove their Fear Porn. And, this isn’t my first rodeo dealing with Pot Stirrers. I don’t want people, after they read my posts and the comments on TTQ, to think that the World is ending when in actuality, it is just OUR Beginning. God bless and have a great day!

  3. I never try to argue with anyone’s opinion to me either there uninformed about certain things or situations. If one decides to leave there opinion it’s always good I think. Ms Laura May gives her opinion and I agree with some of it some not. I give my opinions always on what I research. We all need to keep each other informed for sure. I will always have disagreements with my posts and I’m fine with that so should everyone else. We all have opinions and all have different ways of finding out intel. May everyone be blessed with truth and wisdom from our creator and share that wisdom. In my opinion the sooner we take back our country the less the children will be trafficked the less drugs will infest our streets killing our people the less the politicians will be robbing from the American tax payer and the less evil will be abound. Waiting only harms society further. We all know who’s evil and letting them run rampid and continue there evil destruction makes absolutely no sense to me. Sorry that’s my opinion and if you can find a reasonable purpose to continue as we are please offer it up I’m very happy to hear it. Waiting to get other’s on board isn’t conceivable when children are being trafficked by the thousands everyday. I’m sorry I just can’t find justification in that at all.

    1. Who can find justification in that? None of us should! Please stop sounding like the FAKE NEWS and all the Naysayers. That’s not what we do here. Please stop assuming nothing is being accomplished behind the scenes! Who are you anyway? Are you privy to what President Trump, Q, and the Alliance have been doing to rid this world of these Groomers, Pedophiles, Slave Traders, Organ Harvesters, and Satan Worshippers? You don’t know, I guarantee it! I don’t know either, but I can tell you this. What you dwell on, you get more of. We Trust that God has this covered and has already WON this War! It’s called Faith in our merciful Creator. You obviously have NOT been following the Plan for the past 5 years, so please keep your ignorant negativity off my Page! You aren’t trying to have a conversation. You want to gaslight and I can get enough of that on the Lamestream News!

  4. This is old news from a couple of months back. It’s disinformation deluxe designed to “confuse” (the first phase of the Alliance take-over) – you’ll soon discover the truth. God Bless America and the 22 Nation Military Alliance.

  5. Follow the plan, God’s plan, and the people working for that plan. We will keep our faith, and wait however long it takes, for the plan, to work as it must. God bless President Trump, and all those working with him, for us. United We Stand, Divided We Fall, WWG1WGA God Bless America, and All Americans.

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