SteelTruth and Conservative Choice Campaign Present two candidates for Congress and US Senate!

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Kathy Barnette for Congress PA-4.
Kathy Barnette is a conservative, Black, mother, and wife. She is a veteran, a former adjunct Professor of Corporate Finance, a conference speaker, and a Conservative political commentator. She served her country proudly for ten years in the Armed Forces Reserves, where she was accepted into Officer Candidacy School. Her corporate career includes working with two major financial institutions and in corporate America. Kathy sat on the Board of a pregnancy crisis center for five years.

Tricia Flanagan Republican for US Senate from NJ
As a mother, an entrepreneur, and an impassioned citizen, Tricia sees how critically important innovative thinking is to helping NJ walk into the bright new day of opportunity waiting ahead.
Her experience in the space where healthcare policy meets healthcare reality has put her squarely within New Jersey’s increasing need to develop unique solutions to expanding needs.
Tricia will be the first woman in NJ’s history to hold a U.S. Senate seat from New Jersey!

Tricia Flanagan (R) Candidate from NJ for US Senate, running against Cory Booker.
Tricia Flanagan (R) for US Senate (NJ)

Kathy Barnette Congressional Candidate for PA-4

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Ann Vandersteel (currently removed by LinkedIn and libeled “dangerous”)

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